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in steepshot •  last year

Yesterday at the Sum up: Steemians @Bucharest meetup #2 I heard for the first time about #steepshot and I decide to give it a try. :)

For this reason today I made around 3-5 posts using this new toy. And I really like it, it's really addictive I'm also Instagram user and I can say, the feeling it's similar. Of course the difference in app maturity it's huge, but I have good expectations.

But after some checks in I found this log when I post an article via steepshot:


What is different from usual article posted via is that the parameter: percent_steem_dollars is seted at 10,000 instead of 0. Also it has some data inside of extensions array , as you can see in the first image. And via this array is always empty, as you can see in the second image.

@steepshot or someone can explain us what this setup does it mean?

without steepshot.PNG


Enjoy Steeming!

I'm Ovidiu RUDI and I'm a traveller, software developer and IT Trainer and I write on Invatam Programare. I write about programming, how to learn programming and travelling. Here on Steemit you may stay updated by following me @djvidov.
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