Collecting Boxes in Seoul! (Steepshot)

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I haven't had much of a chance to get out and about recently, so I've just been looking for photo opportunities close to my house (or in my way, whatever I am doing). The composition of this image stood out to me... It's a bit weird, but I liked it. The mirror pole in the centre divides the image in two, while the people attending the cart make up the two thirds.

I am not completely certain about this, but it is quite common for the homeless of Seoul to collect boxes as they get money for returning them to somewhere. I am pretty sure this is correct, but please let me know if I am wrong :)

Seoul has a great divide between the rich and the poor. Often you can see homeless people collecting cardboard in the same image that you can see skyscrapers in the background. My guess is that this could partly be due to the rabid development of Seoul and Korea as a whole.

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Korea's trash issue has always been kind of strange to me. No one bats an eye to littering, yet you get a penalty for not put your trash in the proper trash bag. And all day you see guys on motor scooters just throwing their business cards on the ground. Regarding the situation in the photo, I'm guessing that having too many trash trucks in the city would take up more room so they opt to just give work to the elderly. Daegu has a trash truck but I don't see if often

Yeah, it is definitely a bit of an odd situation. I have never actually heard of anyone getting a penalty (or myself, as when I first came to Korea I didn't know about recycling anything except cardboard and plastic) though, and I think it isn't actually enforced. But I have to agree about the business cards... It's pretty crazy how they allow that, but have such strict rubbish disposal rules. I agree about the trucks too, I guess it also gives something for the elderly and homeless to do, even if it is hard and low paying work.

Very nice composing!

Thank you for the comment, and thank you for the re-steem! :)

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