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A very nice and clear click @abdullar.

Oh wow really nice...

Very nice and clean shot. I would try not to use the flash with flowers to retain their natural colors though.

I think, what you mean is nectar. bee eat nectar on produce honey bro.


I was wondering how long it would take someone to correct that statement. LOL


Haha, I suddenly laugh at your reply @basicsetoliving. Sometimes, we should read the sentence outside the box. Hehe

very nice photo great

Nice shot, you got the moment! :)

nice photography)

Morning glory~~!

앗!!! 찰나의 순간을 잘 잡으셨네요ㅎㅎㅎ

wonderful and nice look. awsome steepshot.

I am a lover of nature, our ancestors have taught us to love and respect everything that surrounds us, I am passionate about flowers, every time I can publish many flowers now we are conditioning our garden.
beautiful image dear friend @abdullar congratulations
Thank you very much for teaching us
I wish you a great day

awesome shot!!!

Amazing photo..

I think, what you mean is nectar. bee eat nectar on produce honey bro.

elegant shoot broo,

Very elegant. love it .Congratulations

Wow nice photpgraphy

its very beautiful click bro

Very nice photography. amazing shot of the Beauty of nature


Perfect shot! Simple and right on the sweet spot! Had to resteem, it's just like ME the bee! Follow me too for abundance flow I am new! @originalworks

wonderful picture @abdullar

Very colorful, aesthetic. Upvoted and resteemed also followed ya.

@abdullar What a beautiful bee! Nature is unique!
regards. STEEM ON !.

wow , this is extra ordinary beautiful

I'll probably be scared with that bee. Good shot!

so preety ! Lovelyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

a beautiful flower will always need the bees, such is life @abdullar

Great shot.. Captured the moment!!!

Bunga yg bagus@abdullar