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RE: Why you should vote for sock puppet witnesses

in #steemy3 years ago

Your bad mood doesn't belong here

Mood is emotional state. Mood differs from emotions, moods and impressions in that they are less specific, less intense, and less likely to be triggered by a particular stimulus or event. Mood is usually described as either positive or negative. Read about yourself on Wikipedia

You should stop using the account and remove the image and name you are using.
Use the account you have before if you are trying to be funny, you know that many here will not tolerate this behavior.

I'm surprised they've given you upvote, this must be a mistake they made @threespeak @alamin33 @techken @ava77 @aissez-faire


Thank you for resteeming my post! Your support is truely appreciated!

You know why I re-steemed your post, think you understand it

You re-steemed to get this message out to the people.

yes, and you get more downvotes

Have you heard of the Streisand Effect?

Toolfag for SunGreatEmperorJustin

Do you like @justinsunsteem, or do you just want to fuck him?

You must like him, you resteemed his post.

Impeccable deduction lol.

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