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RE: Why you should vote for sock puppet witnesses

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I am not endorsing this post but I am upvoting it to counter the downvotes as I think satire (which it not only is, but is labeled as, so no issue of impersonation here) as a form of expression deserves to be protected whether you agree with it or not. If you don't agree, put out your own message.


one of the many things that doomed this platform was too many butthurt assholes flagging anything that offended them. otoh, gotta rofl @ ppl still clinging to a vision of a decentralized steemchain run by justin

but but but free speech is dangerous! wont anyone think of the children!?!?11

Highly rEsteemed for all of these reasons...


Hi @smooth

Well several major have given good upvote to @justinsunsteem for the post.
I assume you have also seen @justinsunsteem comments around now, there is a lot of shit. can't see it as humor. Did not think you were a fan of such things. This makes me wonder at this account @justinsunsteem that you know who it is and give votes on something that is not positive, but an attempt to spread the shit. Don't know you that way, what's going on here

I don't know who it is. I explained the reason for my upvote. Once again, agree or disagree, I am a strong supporter of freedom of expression, which is a large part of why I am here at all. I do think there are some limits to that freedom (threats, fraud, impersonation, etc.), but parody is not violating any of those limits. It has a long and essential role in the history of free expression and deserves to be protected.

If I see there is no danger of the post being buried by downvotes, I may remove my upvote.

Hi @smooth

read all his comments everywhere, would you think the same as you tell here and would you think this is fine

Looks like a parody account to me. Again, I don't have to agree with it or even like it, but I still accept it as an important form of free expression, even an art form.

Yes. Freedom of the arts, whether you like it or not, is always worth standing up for.

Relax, it's just satire. It's called freedom of expression.

You dont understand.... @smooth voted this post to keep the balance... You know.. like the Korean community is doing.

They be keeping the balance while Justin is buying more Steem. Smooth be keeping the balance of this post.

The payout from this post goes to the real Justin sun, so you are supporting him by upvoting this post :)

Really good observer, @Cwow2!!

Credits goes to @xpilar, not me :D

He has great eye!! Thanks for spread the info though!!

Yes :D

A parody account posting absolute garbage making ~$30 and a lot of actual quality content making close to nothing! Way to keep the balance!

Sometimes I don’t get these logics!

"Absolute garbage"

This tells me everything I need to know, seems you think absolute garbage is "quality content" and that quality content is .. Anyway, the only problem is that there's no cure for being retarded, but hey now you can have another inconsequential and completely meaningless thing to be outraged about. And yes, JustinSon of Faggot, Fag Himself, The 'Fag, Fag' hacking exchanges to take steem over to tron, absolutely reasonable and considerate, completely tip-top behavior. As for smooth, yeah, a total wad of scum, I mean who would support satire for the sake of satire.

Well of course, to a certain extent! Definitely not to the extent that this shitload of garbage makes $30, am I right?

What about all the talk of disagreement of rewards and keeping rewards to the level a post deserves and stuff like that?

You really want to have this conversation now??

Its like discussing how the wallpaper is an ugly color while the house is burning down.


that wallpaper is not good though...

Let me caption this: "Steem Blockchain After Hostile Takeover"

You wish, but I think sunFhaghat's and steemit's reputation after hacking exchanges and illegally locking up millions in customer funds rolls right off the tongue.

I did nothing wrong.

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