Didn't notice the beneficiary when I voted but turning this into a witness thing is also really uncalled for in my opinion.

Why? Aint we fighting against Justin Sun and the Socket puppets currently?
So upvote this content which gives Justin more steem to power up and therefore his socket puppets gain more MVests, how is that not a witnesses thing?

The witnesses feeds a troll with upvotes where the money/steem goes to who they are fighting. Thats not smart if you ask me.

As I said I didn't realize he was sending rewards to those accounts. Thought you were going with the narrative of xpiler that you don't understand what a parody account is and judge witnesses and how well they protect the chain based off of a few upvotes.

I do that this account is for fun, but I also think there is a place and time for everything. I believe this is not one of those times to make even more fun of Justin while we are trying to figure out a plan forward.
And then there is the people who gets the steem :)

Yeah you might be right, he's doing enough on his own for now. But yeh I can see this account aging quick.

What if Justin sun figures out that he gets steem from these posts and he then hits it with 100% before the payout time x)

Everything is possible in this current enviroment :p

hits it with 100% before the payout time x)

The payout will still have 12 hours of time for downvotes that gradually become more and more expensive the closer it gets to payout. I'm sure many would notice that quick. On that note of rewards don't forget his sockpuppets are draining a lot of witness rewards still.

Will it get more expensive to upvote/downvote the closer the post is to payout?

Satire has a place in this blockchain. Do we have to add censorship to the things Justin brought in here?
I don't particularly think this one is funny, but it shouldn't be censored. That's where I stand.

Okay no problem. You do know Justin is the benefitter right? :)

Anyways, thanks for the answer

I must say I didnt notice this, I guess its part of the joke. Whatever, is not going to make a difference.

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