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The Album Design

As you all already know, Bondfire in collaboration with @SteemXP is doing a Christmas Charity Project. For those who don't yet know, you can read about it here. Or better yet, you can directly check it out on here. I hope we get to collect the fund needed in time to produce the album. If you love to support our cause, please do so by sending SBD or Steem to us with the memo of "Bondfire".

It's been a crazy week of executing all the paper works for the project. I have been drinking way too much coffee now, haha.. But it's okay, because I've given my promise to give my 100% to this project. A little behind the scene story, at the beginning of gathering artists to be featured on the album, I have made myself very clear that I would not be joining in the artists but to focus more on the ground work. All of a sudden, few of the artists can't commit due to busy schedule so at the very last minute, me and some of the team members stepped into writing songs and recording. Which at the end of the day, left many of my work hanging waiting to be completed.

So after finally done with everything, I am able to design the cover art for the album.

I present to you, "I Hear Sleigh Bells".

I Hear Sleigh Bells

The idea was to make it as minimal as possible. Let me know what you think of it? O yes, forgot to mention, I've been sharing my knowledge to one of my friend who was eager to do digital art. After lots of practice he can now be called, digital illustrator. haha! The kid holding the gift, was made by @v1tko. Future graphic designer!

Once again, do follow the tag #bondfire and support our cause. I believe that the Children deserves to have a good childhood so that they can create a better future.

I am,

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well done @v1tko ... salute