SteemWorld ~ Weekly Support ~ #38

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This post is intended to cover the server costs for and to enable me to continue my development in the future.

In case you missed the first part:
SteemWorld ~ Weekly Support ~ #1


Dieser Post ist dafür gedacht die Serverkosten für zu decken und mir in Zukunft weitere Entwicklungen zu ermöglichen.

Falls du den ersten Teil verpasst haben solltest:
SteemWorld ~ Weekly Support ~ #1


Posts Overview

I'm still working on the new overview and I must say that the result begins to satisfy me. The new bar above the posts where we can choose the number of visible posts and later switch between different view styles (list, miniature view and maybe more) will be worked on next.

The tab Finished now contains different filter and sorting capabilities. When switching to this tab for the first time, the limit will be set to Last 100 and the last 100 posts will be loaded:

In this case only 97 are being displayed, because 3 of the last 100 are still active. I will fix that behaviour in the coming days.

Initial view:

When we click on Last 250, the additional (150) posts will be loaded:

And the filter form will be updated:

As we see, after loading more posts there are also more filter buttons available (for example Year 2018), because we went further back in time.

The account I'm showing here (@kadna) has created 391 root posts (which are more than 250), therefore there is an additional button to load the last 1000 posts:

By changing the Sort Order to Ascending all posts and also the groups will be sorted accordingly:

The Filter Mode defines how the filter groups should be build. When we chose the mode Tag, the posts will be grouped by its contained tags:

To be continued ;)

Have a nice week!

In the making

   ( A )

  • Different views in the Posts Overview
  • Responsive Design for mobile devices
  • Starting a witness node
  • Post Viewer and Editor
  • Theme Builder
  • Steem Data Service (SDS)

   ( B )

  • Account Operations without limits, custom date ranges and filters, jump to day x (requires SDS)
  • Exact (separated SP, STEEM and SBD) All Time Rewards in the Stats Section (requires SDS)
  • Rewards Overview Tool with searching capabilites (requires SDS)

   ( C )

  • RC costs calculation
  • More details in Coming Rewards (number of posts/comments, pie charts?, filters?)


Local (downloadable) SteemWorld Version

As I don't want SteemWorld's availability to be dependent on external providers decisions, I prepared a locally running version of the frontend that can be downloaded here from now on. I will keep that version up to date weekly, so that we always have a stable, local alternative available.

To run the local version, just download the zip file, extract it and double click on the 'steemworld.html' file. The site will as usual run in your browser, so it does not have access to your local machine (only to parts that your browser allows).

Of course, addons like KeyChain can also be used in there.
In order to use KeyChain in the local version there is currently no other way than hosting the site on a local HTTP server on port 1337.

EN  |  What is SteemWorld?
-> Welcome to!

DE  |  Was ist SteemWorld?
-> Willkommen auf!

My Mission

As I receive many requests for working on different other projects recently, I hereby want to make clear that I'm on a one-man-mission and I don't have time to work on any other things currently.

Thank you for supporting my work!

Positive thoughts create a positive world. It all begins with connecting our thoughts with emotions. What we focus on is what becomes powerful. We are the creators of our world.

Much love,


Vielen Dank dass Du immer weiter machst 👍

and I must say that the result begins to satisfy me.

Das kann es auch!
Habe bereits gestern mit großen Augen ein wenig ausprobiert - mehr als zufriedenstellend, not only in the beginning ;-)
Schönes Wochenende,
LG, Chriddi

Thank you so much! Danke dir für all deine Ideen und Umsetzungen. Steemworld wird immer komplexer und immer unentbehrlicher! Deine Seite ist immer offen bei mir ;-) Danke und lieben Gruß in das !One-man-office" Kadna

I said it before, but I have to say it again : I would have left steemit long time ago without your tool! Thanks for the great great and yes, great job you're doing!
(And I do appreciate the little 'dust-votes' filter! Unbelievable how fast you were to implement that!)

wow, die filter sehen spannend aus :)) , da freue ich mich schon auf die forschung. bin gespannt ob ich dann jetzt mal was finde.

großartig, wie immer :)))


Hello, I found a little glitch (if it can be called that way).
@likwid service always send a single transaction in which there are 2 transfers (1 for SBD and 1 for STEEM). However, in Steemworld it only shows the STEEM tx.


Only after clicking on the tx hash we can see that the transaction actually includes also SBD transfer.


I made a temporary fix on SteemWorld (which is not perfect and could lead to duplicate operations in some cases) by building the index myself, but it should definitely be solved in the node's logic...

@tarazkp: There we are again ;)

Hallo @steemchiller,
die Filterfunktion für ältere Posts ist toll geworden. Danke.
Ein weiteres Filter für Accounts wäre schick, aber es funktioniert mit ein paar clicks mehr, ja auch so.
Eine Posting Übersichtsliste wäre gut und ist wohl mit den vorhandenen Filterfunktionen relativ "einfach :-)" zu realisieren.
ALLE Posts zu einem Account als HTML linkliste aufgeführt, um diese dann in das eigene CMS oder einen Steem Editor zu kopieren.
Womit Autoren das ganze Potential archivierter Artikel präsentieren können.

So ähnlich wie das für die letzten RSS feeds macht.

Naja, vielleicht eine brauchbare Anregung. Arbeit hast Du ja genug.
Gruß von tiblog

Und für das immer tolle Steemworld ENGAGEMENT hier noch einen Orden :-)


Danke dir für deinen Support. Und du hattest Recht. :-) Es wird schwer mit mehr Followern. :-)
Guten Sommer wünsche ich dir und nicht zu viel Arbeiten. :-)

Hey, @steemchiller.

Just wanted to say the sorting of finished posts is great. This makes steemworld the only place that you can easily find all of your posts in one place. If there were nothing else going on steemworld, that feature in and of itself would be worth using the site. But since there's so much more to use, the site just keeps getting more and more comprehensive.

Keep up the one man mission. :)

Thanks again for all you do for Steemit. I used to track all of this activity (well, not ALL. But voting, peep activities, etc) by hand in pencil. This is SO much easier, and nicer. And I can actually READ it a day or two later. So nice. (DDS Chickenscratch and all being what it is...)
Thanks for the hard work and effort you put in, and keep up the good works. Cheers

Hi @steemchiller,
Everyday It's better using this tool and can't wait for the Next goals.
I had not enough time this passed week to test the local version, hope I can find some free time this weekend.
My support and best wishes for you, keep on that great job!

Wie immer TOP, das mit den Filtern ist ja der Hammer!!!!!!!!

Ich hab selbst auch noch ne kleine Idee?!?!?!

Bei Author- und Curation- Rewards
Eine Filter für heute und morgen??
Sodass man sehen kann was heute noch kommt bzw. morgen
Ja kann man auch so, aber man muss es zusammenzählen beim Scrollen HI

Oder anders gesagt, nicht eine Liste für 7 Tage,
sondern 7 Aufeinander folgenden Listen (in einer, KA) für je 24 Stunden
mit Endergebnis der jeweils 24 stunden??
Oben das gesamte Ergebnis aber lassen.

Die Idee kommt aus dem Grund heraus,
was kommt heute noch oder in kurzer Zeit, bevor ich im Market, SBD zu Steem wechsel, lohnt es sich zu warten oder lieber direkt.

LG Ennosan

Hach ich freu´mich so.
Danke, Danke, jetzt kann man alle seine alten Posts sehen und auch noch so komfortabel anwählen.
Klasse, super .

This is such a great helping tool @steemchiller! Thanks for all your hard work! Where it not for SteemWorld helping me with the overview of my activity here, it is entirely possible that I would just have given up posting here. So give yourself credit for keeping at least this one participant going here!


Thanks for improving Posts overview!

But man, when will you start your witness node?

I can't wait for proudly giving my vote to you! ;)

🤗 Cheers!🍻

Hello @steemchiller. Thanks for this wonderful tool.

It will be great if you can add Steem-Engine token support to

Yes, I'm already playing around with the Steem-Engine API. Need to change a few things in my existing code to get it working. I want to add a switch at the top of the page (maybe below the VP circle), so that we can easily switch between different tokens.

That's a good idea. Some people (including me ) have one alt account for each tribe. While thinking of a solution, you can also have that in mind and make it a bit flexible. 😊

I myself have the different accounts for the below tags:

AccountTagTribe link

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I upvote your post every so often... but have never commented. I wish to say that i use this tool always. It is seriously the best tool out there for so many steem realities. Thank you so much for this effort and singular dedication! I have sent a little gift to your wallet.

Hey Steemchiller!
Just put you on my monthly BAT rewards subscription. It's not much, but good on you for creating such a useful tool in SteemWorld.

I had about 15% more RC than needed for me to make a post. I tried and I was served a notice that I must buy more Steem as my RC is too low.

I used to find a post cost me about 23b RC units. Now it seems to be about 31.1b.

If this is not just peculiar to me and is a general change, with more fluctuations likely, is there somewhere you could show what a post currently costs?


I never imagined making the older posts would be such a complex job. You are a real star! Thanks.


If the Witness Details button is to stay for much longer, why not add (moved to Tools Section below). It took me a while to think of looking for it....

i liked this new sorting feature ;)
appreciate your efforts mate ;)

Thank you for your wonderful app, @steemchiller, you have my vote!
Do you plan to make the page with responsive web design? I checked it once when on the road and saw it is only desktop for the moment. Just a suggestion. 🍻

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Hi @steemchiller, great job!! you are my favorite developer :)
Have you consider, in a future to add some options related to the palnet platform, for example something related to the rewards? Because when I go on my palnet wallet I don't know the origin on that rewards. Are they coming from a post I did or from a post I voted, and which one?
I know you have a lot of work to do, but this should be very useful, like your whole AWESOME website :)

Thank you for your splendid work - it is very much appreciated!

I'm glad to know that you're feeling satisfied with your work.
I trust you and if it seems to you that it is improving then I feel good.

das gefällt mir sehr gut. filter sind sehr wichtig um effektiv arbeiten und suchen zu können. lg michael

never cease to amaze me, all the hardwork, always new exciting updates

when will your Witness server be up and running? a vote is waiting for you for sure :)

Thanks for all of your hard work! Steemworld is the best way to track everything that happens to my Steemit blog. Keep up the great work! 👋😀

Thank you 🙏 for your work. @SteemChiller
Honored to support your efforts.

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wouldn't know what to do without you...

I was going to come mention the Keychain error I am getting, but I see others have already told you.

Thanks for all you do!

Hi friend @steemchiller.

I was wondering if you can do a PalnetWorld to be a version for that platform.

Or to add a new dialog window where you can see the basics who voted what percentage and how much that vote represents in PAL

Greetings from Venezuela, a country that fights for its freedom-

Thank You.

Positive thoughts create a positive world

Making information easily accessible is always a step in the right direction.

Es wird immer schöner, besser, bunter. Und dafür sage ich Danke!!

upvote und resteem --> EH KLAR! ;-)

Danke, danke, danke. Ich hoffe das HF21 nicht wieder alles durcheinander bringt.

Really appreciating the way you make my steem process so much easier. Thank you from Thailand - hope to meet you at #SF4.

Great work @steemchiller. Congratulations

Steemit - thankyou U5dtq1a8QL4tDnQqpXQ7CXBYXRz46tm.giffor all your hard work @steemchiller.

YOU Rock!

Du hast ein 100 % Upvote von unserem Kuration, – Support Account erhalten. Dieser wurde per Hand erteilt und nicht von einem Bot. Bei uns werden die Beiträge gelesen (#deutsch) und dann wird von dem Kurator eigenverantwortlich entschieden ob und in welcher Stärke gevotet wird. Unser Upvote zieht ein Curation Trail von ca. 50 Follower hinter sich her!!!

Wir, die Mitglieder des German Steem Bootcamps möchten "DIE DEUTSCHE COMMUNITY" stärken und laden Dich ein Mitglied zu werden.

Discord Server an

Thank you!

Its very refreshing to know about steemworld, so many updates are including so that anyone can get information and using steem through this platform, thanks and have a nice day!

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upvoted and worth every bit I can support

Hello I want a couple bots of my own, can you supply or make them for me? Please contact me on telegram @alphaomegaenergy thanks. I'll pay you in Steem :D

Wieder mal eine großartige Verbesserung der SteemWorld, herzlichen Dank, @steemchiller! Wird nur der Haupt-Tag berücksichtigt oder alle, so dass ein Beitrag in bis zu 5 Selektionen aufscheint?

Thank you very much for your great work.

The number of posts was a win for me.

Congratulations! I just stopped by to say that your post has been selected as a daily Featured Post of my personal curation project! You can find the daily Featured Post HERE.
I upvoted your contribution and I put it on the list because to my mind your post is what I call a quality content!
I am @miti, a manual curator that shall make available all his Steem Power to authors deserving of support. Let's make STEEM great again!
Have a nice day and keep up the good work!

Thank you very much for your persistence and good effort!!

Here are your ENGAGE tokens!

To view or trade ENGAGE go to

Thank you for all your hard work

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