SteemWorld ~ Weekly Support ~ #26

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This post is intended to cover the server costs for and to enable me to continue my development in the future.

In case you missed the first part:
SteemWorld ~ Weekly Support ~ #1


Dieser Post ist dafür gedacht die Serverkosten für zu decken und mir in Zukunft weitere Entwicklungen zu ermöglichen.

Falls du den ersten Teil verpasst haben solltest:
SteemWorld ~ Weekly Support ~ #1


As I mentioned in my last post, my main goal currently is to implement an awesome Post Editor on SteemWorld and even if there isn't much to see yet, I've already made great progress with it in the past week. I hope that the first prototype will be ready to see the light within the next 10 days.

I was fighting with myself over how to solve the task of storing the private posting key in a secure way and I came to the conclusion that it makes not much of a difference if the key is being encrypted and cached locally or a derived secret is being sent to a server storage. I always prefer the local solution, because I don't like to see parts of my private key leaving my house, even not when it is being transferred in an encrypted state.

One could argue that the local storage could be accessed by a script (for example through XSS attacks), but the same is true for a server-side solution, because an intruder could just inject a logger into the DOM, so that the key would be read on user input, before it is being sent to the server. I think the most secure solution is to prevent any external scripts from running inside the DOM of the own page. That would imply to start videos not interactively/directly in a post and just open a new tab when a user clicks on the image (like it is the case for DTube on Steemit). I think that's the way I will go. In about a week I can tell you more.

I need to keep it really short this time, because I want to concentrate as much as possible on my coding. As you might be able to imagine, there is hell of a lot of work still to do for me...

Did you notice a performance difference on the page? I've optimized a few things and more is about to come soon ;)

Wishing you all a wonderful week!

Coming Open Source Steem Data Service (SDS)

  • Runs on Linux, Mac and Windows
  • Can be run locally or as public web service
  • Enables each of us to analyze and work with the Steem blockchain data in a simple and very efficient way (SQL and custom queries can be used too)
  • Syncing is possible via available public instances (very fast) or regular Steem nodes
  • Provides automatic downloading of already parsed data (no need to start from block 1)
  • No need to setup any database services (all file-based -> no layers in between -> lightning fast)
  • Offers configurable datasets (if you just need a DB with all transfers for example, you can run an instance with only the desired parser module 'transfers' enabled)
  • JS developers can easily implement own parser modules (just add a custom script in the modules path and the service will call the parseBlock, parseTransaction, parseOperation and parseVirtualOperation methods within your script for each block)
  • Also 'virtual operations' can be parsed (or downloaded from one of my servers that will provide all parsed datasets in nearly realtime)
  • Highly compressed data (some crazy stuff and a bit of magic involved here, more details on this soon)
  • Interfaces to other database systems planned
  • Completely free to use, will be released under MIT license

In the making

   ( A )

  • Post Viewer and Editor
  • SDS
  • More details in Coming Rewards (number of posts and comments, pie charts)
  • Improved Coming Curation Rewards
  • Thinking about if/when to start a witness node

   ( B )

  • Different views, no limit in the Posts Overview (requires SDS)
  • Account Operations without limits, custom date ranges and filters, jump to day x (requires SDS)
  • Exact (separated SP, STEEM and SBD) All Time Rewards in the Stats Section (requires SDS)
  • Rewards Overview Tool with searching capabilities (requires SDS)

   ( C )

  • RC costs calculation
  • New responsive SteemWorld that can be run locally (Open Source)


EN  |  What is SteemWorld?
-> Welcome to!

DE  |  Was ist SteemWorld?
-> Willkommen auf!

Thank you for supporting my work!

Positive thoughts create a positive world. It all begins with connecting our thoughts with emotions. What we focus on is what becomes powerful. We are the creators of our world.

Much love,

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Bug spotted.
When you type a password with special chars steemworld errors with non base58 characters


The question is, if that's a bug or a feature :) The message comes from the official Steem.js library and it just tells you that you entered non base58 characters. But of course, it would be better to check the input before calling a method from the lib, so I will fix that in the coming days ;)


I see.
is Steemjs an official library?

Seems like there are different inputs - where non base58 should not occur and where they may happen.

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I will add a private key validation as soon as I find time for this. The Steem.js lib offers a wifIsValid( privKey, pubKey ) method to check against a public key, so it's really easy to implement.

is Steemjs an official library?

Yes, it's being maintained by Steemit and the source can be found on GitHub. I think it is still the mostly used JavaScript library for accessing the Steem blockchain, but there are already better/newer alternatives available. (for example DSteem)

Hey @steemchiller,
regarding your post editor. Will it be a library you make public? Or will it be just for SteemWorld?


Hi @reggaemuffin! I've planned to make SteemWorld open source in future, but there is still much to do regarding to cleaning up and restructuring my code. Also my SDS needs to be finished before I can publish the whole thing.

I'm not sure, if it would be possible (without much additional work) to create a library, because there are many things which are connected to the SteemWorld base, settings etc. I will try to separate it as much as I can from the rest. In about a week or so I can tell you more ;)


Sounds good :)

I'll stay up to date on your progress then ;)


Really i am waiting for it.

Thank you 🙏 @SteemChiller for this update & all the work that you do.
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That's pretty funny that you're arguing with yourself over key storage, @steemchiller. :) We've all got to answer to someone at some point, including ourselves.

I have to agree, it probably doesn't make much of a difference—either way, an attack can happen. But, like you, I also prefer local storage, XSS attacks aside. It seems like though, a hacker would need to know that a user is accessing data using a locally stored key, or go straight to the server so the script can download from it? Just trying to walk through what would be more likely—finding out that I'm accessing my key locally from my end, or from the server I'm connecting to it with?

I'm glad to hear that your focus is now on the post editor. Really looking forward to see what you come up with.

Thanks, as always, for all you're doing with steemworld. :)

I do try to keep my comments upbeat, as I feel you are solving problems and making life on Steemit better for all of us. However, for 2 weeks now, I find that I cannot recover my delegation using your site. I enter what I want (a smaller delegation so as to recover some of it), I get asked whether I am sure, then I am told to wait...and then I'm at the first box again. I've tried going through the loop a few times, but it does not help. Is there somewhere I should enter a password? Cannot think of what else could be causing the problem (PS Used Edit / EXIT and Delegate buttons, but none work.)

Whenever you can take a look, I'd appreciate it (I hope I am not wasting your it crossed my mind that maybe the problem is not with your page, but with Steemit.)


Ok, let's try to solve that...

Does there any error message show up after the 'please wait' hint appears? If not, then there is definitely something going wrong. You could try to open the developer console (F12 on most browsers) and take a look at the logs in the 'console' tab. In case of an error, there should be something logged in red text color in the console.

Did you enter your private active key or do you use KeyChain? If you should be using KeyChain, please try to deactivate it in Settings.


Now I remember... The problem in your case was related to not having enough mana to delegate and the displayed available amount was negative, right? Does there still show up the same error message?


Sorry for taking so long to answer, but your question about password rang a bell...but I could not find out the truth directly, so I had to create a new OS. I've just come from there and there I see a box open asking for the Active Key.

It does not happen here anymore, so maybe it is a virus? I'll have to unistal and re-install Firefox, though I did reinstall, going 2 versions newer (can only use up to v49).

Re your edited comment: That problem went away and I was able to delegate...but now I am trying to reduce my delegation, so mana should not enter the equation - I think

An interesting fact I just saw: In my wallet, I check on SP. The box dropped, but it does not include an option for delegating!!

I cannot imagine what kind of fault or virus this could be - I have not seen any other complaints either.

I have to install a couple of programs on the new OS. If then I can delegate, I'll treat it as being just my problem and I'll re-install

I really appreciate your always being willing to help. I've just been asking for help on another matter for over a week (on steemit) but because I am an ignoramus (I presume) I did not even have one answer, so I know how special it makes you.

You are doing it really well @steemchiller in my humble opinion.
Yeah I’ve noticed some good changes on speed which is a difficult point to solve in any web project without investing huge sums of money.
Keep on the great work! and thanks so much for your efforts on building extremely useful tools for us.
My best wishes for your week too

I am back again, and happy to see the progress. Wish you all the best my friend @steemchiller

Thank you for keeping SteemWorld running for us, and I am waiting on that Post Editor! As a former professional copy editor, working in a platform that does not allow real time editing is the one thing that makes me nervous about Steemit! However, it is good to know the problem is already being solved!

Thanks for your many efforts and tireless creativity @steemchiller! I hope the slowly uptrending price in the Steem token is helping fund your work a little better... I know it must be a struggle for you to keep up with all this AND pay for "life."

Hey. I wanted to ask you if it would be possible for you to add stats of incoming/outgoing payments from various sources related to STEEM in the stat page.
Essentially what !bookkeeping is doing.
Im interested in the games SteemMonsters, Drugwars but you can add stuff like bots, delegator payments like with Steemhunt, actifit, wherein, etc.
Would that be difficult to do?


That's a great idea and I hope somebody will end all the comment spam soon simply by building a website for these @bookkeeping and @sbi stats. I don't have time for that currently, otherwise I would add such a feature directly on SteemWorld.

Some people already began to put the '!' commands into their default comment signature. If I would have enough power, I would flag them all to zero, because I think it's insane to store comments with daily stats in the blockchain. People didn't get that each comment adds to the overall server maintaining costs.

Thanks for your idea! Hopefully somebody will hear this :)


Please use one of the following keywords after !bookkeeping:

drugwars steemmonsters magicdice steemslotgames steembet moonsteem

Talking about security. What you can do from your side is making more secure your server, so that it protects users by not allowing some things.

Just check this site:

You do not have to get A grade, but B is secure and easy to implement.


Thanks for the hint! I made some adjustments:


Content-Security-Policy is very nasty one and some wrong move can make your site unusable. Firefox in console shows 2 blocked eval ("script-src") elements. But I do not see what is blocked.


Yes, I don't know either, but the site seems to work without any issues, so I will keep the strict rules active. I don't use any eval's and I already checked all included libraries. Looks like it's a Firefox bug, all other browsers I tested don't show that log.


Wow! You sure are fast at fixing things!

If you made a better editor than what is on Steemit, there may not be any reason to use steemit at all any more. If Steemworld is an indicator of your abilities, I have no doubt that the editor will be great.

I notice that it loads faster than before.
Thanks for the upgrade.
Your hard work is appreciated.

Thank you very much for your hard work and persistence on making the best solutions for your faithful followers.

Have a prosperous week!

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Thanks for your great work!!

Danke fuer alles was du machst!! Und ich hoffe dass dir viele eine Vote geben damit du auch ein bisschen essen kannst. Wie geht der Sprch wieder? Der mensch lebt nicht vom coding allein - oder so aehnlich 😂

Right said

Wherever our focus goes, our entire energy moves and we become that particular thing.

We must work hard and should change the world.

Keep up the great work and thanks for giving us a great product consistently!

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Unermüdlich... danke dir für deine Zeit und dein Können für die Community! Klasse! Lieben Gruß Kadna

Hi @steemchiller , upvote kommt gerne (schlechtes Gewissen) ich hoffe du bekommst die 1000 noch voll :-))

My best friend... i am now confused... as you know we love your way of solving problems to develop the steem world website but i am not a technical man nor IT but I know some math as well as many others are using your great webdit..but I have a question with comment and please forgive my ignorance...

First question described in many way ...
In the posts you have added "Beneficiaries... "
and what this is meaning? Who are they? Why they are not mentioned in steemit whit papers? Why they are taking steem and sbd from our reward..?

This will lead me to my comments
If you compare the reward in steemit platform to the reward in your website columns there are always missing one colum of "Beneficiaries" but you had shown the total value for all post in the top of that sectoon... so why not to add a small colum to show for each post...

Why i come to this. ..

I used @minnowbooster to upvote one of my posts... i spent 0.363 steem and the rewar in steemit is showin one value but the reward in your system is very less in the table and the difference after removing the 25% curation is coming from "Beneficiaries" at which it was not shown in the table...

I.hope you got my point... can you do something to fix it

Thank you


Beneficiaries can be set through a 'comment_options' operation by the platform/app you use to create your post. Many apps take a small percentage from their users to be able to pay for their servers/maintaining costs etc.

For example, when you create a post on, you will receive ~ 75% as author reward and ~ 25% will go to the curators, but there won't be any beneficiaries being set, because Steemit does not take a part of your author rewards (they pay for their own infrastructure with the help of other sources of income, ads for example).

Other platforms/apps may take a few percent of your rewards, so that they can continue their services. In your case, the account 'drugwars' always gets 20% and 'drugwars-dealer' gets 15%. I don't know how the 35% are exactly being used in the game, but I guess the details are mentioned somewhere on their website. The real percentage differs, because in case of 35% beneficiary rewards, it will be 35% of 75% (the author part) ~ 26%.

I don't know which post you are referring to, but I saw that the post is being shown with $0.23 on Steemit and $0.25 on SteemWorld. As total amount I use the exact value from the blockchain, so $0.25 seems to be correct here.

Do I understand you correctly, that you want to have an additional column next to the total payout amount, which shows the amount we will receive after subtracting the curation and beneficiaries part?


Wahnsinn, hast Du eigentlich einen Job? ;-)
Oder wo nimmst Du die Zeit her?

Danke für die Weiterentwicklung!!


Thank you for whatever you just said @steemchiller! Alright, I’m going back to steemworld now.

I think a comment editor is slightly more important. For my personally, I use SteemWorld to monitor the activity in regards to my account. Perhaps having a standard view and a raw view for comments, then a reply option.

I'm not really sure how often I would use posting of standard posts from SteemWorld. I guess that depends on how good the editor is.

But SteemWorld isn't currently a place you go to monitor your followed list. So it might not necessarily be where you are when you decide to make a post.


Ok, maybe I should explain my definition of a 'post editor' a bit more in detail :) From a developer's perspective a post can be a root post or a comment. Technically speaking the only difference is that a root post does not have a parent author/permlink. The blockchain only knows the 'comment' operation, which is also being used to broadcast a root post.

In short, it will be possible to write/edit comments with my Post Editor too and there will also come a feed view for navigating through different categories in the next few weeks ;)


It depends on how you do them. A comment editor doesn't necessarily have to be as advanced. You can start out with just a box and reply button. A post editor kinda has to have those quick links to make things bold and italic and such these days though. They are fundamentally the same in the back end, but one absolutely requires those annoying front end icon thingies and an image uploader, etc. A comment editor can likely be implemented first and then have features added to it.

Thank you!! You Da Best!!!

I'm new here and really appreciate your site and dedication.

I like steemworld website. It gives a good indication of my current state. Shows how I am progressing and expected rewards. Thanks for the work! Of course I am upvoting to support.

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Danke für deine tolle Arbeit!!!

Definitely start your own witness @steemchiller, we will all vote for you! (:

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I'm excited to see what this new post editor will look like. I'm always looking to find one that really fits my needs, I currently always seem to go back to the default one on Steemit.


I'm really fan of your, i use this apps more than any apps run for steemit block chain, because no one create like your apps informative for steemit and dtube user.
appreciation for your next work making open source steem data service, hope it will great for us.

Thank you for supporting us.

Your work is appreciated, thanks so much!

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You are doing a great job for this community. Thank you @steemchiller

Great job! :)

Good work. :-)

Yaaay for the witness node thingy!!

Thanks for your effort and your creativity, mate!

🐶 HARF HARF! 🐾 !sbi status


Hi @holydog!

  • you have 19 units and 0 bonus units
  • your rshares balance is 840619937755 or 0.641 $
  • as you did not write a post within the last 7 days, your comments will be upvoted.
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    Did you know Steem Basic Income has a Quality Policy?

Here just to say thank you :)

So, you're converting the tool into another Steem frontend? That's amazing!!! The more alternatives, the better!

Thanks for your excellent work!

Nice work. Congratulations.

Very interesting

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Muchos éxitos en el prototipo, si es verdad la descarga de la pagina es mas rápido. Suerte.

Thank you for saying

Great work! Thank you

Thanks for the work

I love all you are doing, mate: Thank you very much!

!sbi status


Hi @crmilazz!

  • you have 2 units and 0 bonus units
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    Did you know Steem Basic Income has a Quality Policy?

Just a thought:

When I seel my SBDs from within the Wallet page, I click on Market and go through the process.

If I see I am not getting a buyer/seller and I need to alter my expectations, I can click on Cancel and re-do, with a different price...

In SteemWorld, under Orders, there is no Cancel button....

Would it be more work than it is worth?


Should work with the button in then 'Open Orders' tab:


Thanks - and I can see what the problem effort stopped a step before this, because I was not asked for a password (same as my problem with the delegation).

Before I say anything more again...I am going to uninstall Firefox and re-install...that should, I hope, solve the problem. I had added SP3, hoping that would solve my problems, but it seems it did nothing for me.

I was thinking about you earlier today - you will never "arrive", for Steemit is not static and as others make changes, you will have to incorporate them....for instance, I'm curious to see how all these Steem based Tokens are going to affect you.


I can see what the problem is...

Don't you think that many problems in your virtual world only exist, because you are running an outdated OS, Arthur? You remind me of somebody I worked with in the past. Today's world is really crazy and I think to be paranoid actually is kind of a sane state, but sometimes it's really time to make an update and to enter the new world of amazing possibilities. Trust me, you would be way more secure with a Linux system and a browser with enabled uMatrix Addon ;)

you will never "arrive"

No developer will ever "arrive". Devs have more problems than most other people can ever imagine, mainly because a developer's job is to solve problems... Nearly all developments begin with a problem for which a solution must be found. Additionally there are many new problems being created all the time while working on the main solution.

And of course, there are many external influences, as you stated, which can lead to serious unforeseeable problems. One needs to be fast, flexible and kind of a perfectionist for mastering coding stable products in long term.

Having a life full of problems is not the best way to find peace and in today's world I would not recommend to many people to start working as a software/web developer in full time. There are more important problems to solve in life and one really needs to be a full time freak to be successful in the world of coding... ^^


I have recently downloaded Mint. Thanks for adding the tip about uMatrix Addon.

I have used my OS for many years because, at that time, I had made some hacker friends and one of them made this XP version available. He has stripped it of all reporting, taking out things like Media Player and, watching my friends, I realised I rarely got hit by a virus.

I have moved on to Win7 as I needed to create a wallet for some tokens I was given as a gift...but I find I'm having more problems there. Every time I shut down and re-start, Firefox has lost all the addons, themes etc plus all the tabs I had used, despite my setting it to start with previous sites.

As for programming, I cannot program, but my brother and I, about 18 years ago, bought a small company which was developing some new technology. We rented a big house and gave to the programmers each a bedroom and if they went home, they did not have to be back at work until they felt ready. I doubt they took off more than 5 days over more than a year. We also hired a cook and made certain they ate.

The program was a great success - it could run a virtual character real time and by using a glass screen, for example, you could show on stage Elvis (as an example) and he could move around and talk and sing, old and new songs. We actually had a Saturday evening show with our virtual girl having chats with an audience and by phone, giving advice. It was extended for a season, but then we I explain below

By the time we were ready and went to USA to find some funding, we were running short and the business was bankrupted. I still have the hard drives with the coding...but this year I saw another company has just managed to create what we had so many years ago.

I am also trying to start another startup and will need to find coders, but in South Africa, there are many with the knowledge, but little experience, but as soon as I have raised the capital, we'll get working. It has to do with crypto (in a different way from all others) and will work on the blockchain...let's see how that goes.



Hello @steemchiller! Sorry for talk here something out of topic but I didn't know what else to do and since and new to steemit this is the only way I know to contact you. If you have some spare time could you see my last post about a bug on steemit platform? I think I found one but I'm not 100% sure, if you can evaluate it please and give me your opinion I would be much appreciated. Thanks and sorry to bother

Hey @steemchiller!

Wasn't sure how else to contact you.

I received this error using SteemWorld with my main account gadrian:

Assert Exception:available_shares >= op.vesting_shares: Account gadrian does not have enough mana to delegate. required: {"amount":"50031657207","precision":6,"nai":"@@000000037"} available: {"amount":"-73535878093","precision":6,"nai":"@@000000037"}

There's some sort of error, available RC mana amount is set into a negative value while I have a full RC mana.


Sorry, I forgot I was logged in with my Steem Monsters account.

EDIT: I think I figured it out. It must be because I have the power down running to route my SP to my SP holding account. I guess I have to wait until my next power down cycle completes and delegate from the SP holding account.

Thank you for everything!