SteemWorld ~ Weekly Support ~ #22

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This post is intended to cover the server costs for and to enable me to continue my development in the future.

In case you missed the first part:
SteemWorld ~ Weekly Support ~ #1


Dieser Post ist dafür gedacht die Serverkosten für zu decken und mir in Zukunft weitere Entwicklungen zu ermöglichen.

Falls du den ersten Teil verpasst haben solltest:
SteemWorld ~ Weekly Support ~ #1


As I mentioned in my last post, I'm currently working on my Open Source Steem Data Service and I've already made great progress with it. The old (current) SteemWorld backends both run on PHP (one dedicated machine for serving the account data requests coming from and one simple host for providing the page itself and for acting as kind of a backup storage). The new backend will use my coming Steem Data Service and it will be based purely on Node.js, which outperforms Apache/PHP with ease as shown in the following diagram:


I guess some of you can image that it's kind of an adventure to convert the existing backend logic from PHP to asynchronous JS, but I already can tell you that it's worth it without any doubt. Future is here and I'm finally working with JavaScript on the client and the server side without the need of switching between different languages anymore. In one word I would just call it: Brilliant!

Switching To New Server

I was searching for solutions regarding server costs reduction for quite some time now and I'm glad to have found a provider, that offers way stronger servers for nearly half the costs of my current setup. The funny? part is, that it is the same company but just a different way to establish the contract. In other words: Don't get fooled by server providers on Steem, which are just making the contract between you and the real world... You know.

The switch might lead to a temporary outage for some features on SteemWorld in the coming week. I will inform you about any details in an additional post in the next few days.

Open Source Steem Service

I guess you would love me, if you would know what I'm currently developing here. Time for explaining it in detail now is null, because a day only has 24 hours and ~ 17 of them already go into coding. 7 days a week. Builders of new worlds don't work just sometimes, they sleep sometimes. Focus and fascination are the key!

Some basic points I already can state here:

  • Can be run locally (even on your grandma's home pc) or as public web service
  • Enables each of us to analyze and work with the Steem blockchain data in a simple and very efficient way (SQL and custom queries can be used too)
  • Syncing is possible via available public instances (very fast) or regular Steem nodes
  • Provides automatic downloading of already parsed data (no need to start from block 1)
  • No need to setup any database services (all file-based -> no layers in between -> lightning fast)
  • Offers configurable datasets (if you just need a DB with all transfers for example, you can run an instance with only the desired parser module 'transfers' enabled)
  • JS developers can easily implement own parser modules (just add a custom script in the modules path and the service will call the parseBlock, parseTransaction, parseOperation and parseVirtualOperation methods within your script for each block)
  • Also 'virtual operations' can be parsed (or downloaded from one of my servers that will provide all parsed datasets in nearly realtime)
  • Highly compressed data (some crazy stuff and a bit of magic involved here, more details on this soon)
  • Interfaces to other database systems planned
  • Completely free to use, will be released under MIT license

In the making

  • Preparing the coming server switch
  • Open Source Steem Data Service
  • Post Viewer & Editor
  • Different views / no limit in the posts overview
  • Details for coming rewards (number of posts/comments, maybe a pie chart)
  • Improved coming curation rewards overview
  • RC costs calculation
  • SteemWorld -> Open Source?


EN  |  What is SteemWorld?
-> Welcome to!

DE  |  Was ist SteemWorld?
-> Willkommen auf!

Thank you for supporting my work!

Positive thoughts create a positive world. It all begins with connecting our thoughts with emotions. What we focus on is what becomes powerful. We are the creators of our world.

Much love,

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You have my upvote! Thank you so much for the great tool!

Tolle Arbeit!!

I guess you would love me, if you would know what I'm currently developing here. Time for explaining it in detail now is null

This sounds like an epic post with a cliffhanger :D Can't wait to see what it is you're exactly building - good luck and take some time off as well, please? :D Work-Sleep-Work-Sleep-Work...


good luck and take some time off as well, please?

As long as I live the life of a working slave robot here in Germany, there is no time for family or any other things in my life. I have been working for the last 5 years in full time at home only to be able to pay for my monthly health insurance (even if I didn't use their forced 'service' in all the years. Not once. So we pay for the unhealthy lifestyle of other people here. 50% of my monthly earnings goes to health insurance, the rest is being used to pay for my apartment and food). Same goes for the German television propaganda service. I am forced to pay for that (they really force you, I tried it) without me even owning a device for receiving their bullshit.

My next step is to leave this slave country to finally be able to live a real life. That's the whole truth about Germany. Small businesses are being suppressed and the 'normal' workers don't see the real picture of their own country, mainly because of the drugs they take through the daily 'normal' food and drinks and a manipulated world view, which is propagated through the mentioned 'forced-to-pay-for' television services.


50% of my monthly earnings goes to health insurance

That's crazy, we're living in neighbouring countries, but sounds like the differences are huge. Here in the Netherlands I pay 120,- a month (could go as cheap as 95,- but I need the 'extra' hehe) for health insurance, I would feel really bad if it took half my salary :-/

Same goes for the German television propaganda service. I am forced to pay for that (they really force you, I tried it)

Here often tv comes with the internet package and although options start to come up to ONLY pay for internet, it's striking me as weird that I always pay for tv even though I'm not watching it. Is that the same for you? Or do you actually pay an obligated fee for tv?

Just curious since we're living so close what the differences are :-) Never heard of this!

Sorry to hear it's so bad, really hope you find a way out of this - wishing you good luck.


The rates go higher from year to year without any extra benefits. For a business that means, it must earn more each year too, otherwise it will die. Additionally the costs for visiting my family or friends are also reaching crazier levels each year. We created a system, that only works when we shut up and pay for creating our own coming diseases.

When one tries to speak about this stuff with people, who didn't grasp the evil reality of their own life, it ends in anger and the plan of separating friends and family goes hand in hand. The whole deep truth is even more sad, but I won't talk about that here.

The Netherlands seems to be a bit more 'human', but I recently calculated the costs of living their to be nearly the same (devil is not far away). The 95€ for health insurance sound good to me, here in Germany you need to double that at least for the minimum rate.

Here often tv comes with the internet package and although options start to come up to ONLY pay for internet, it's striking me as weird that I always pay for tv even though I'm not watching it. Is that the same for you?

That's because the propagated world view shall enter the minds of as many people as possible. There is no easier way to accomplish this than by including it in as many services as possible. Many people will consume the shit and take it for real. No wonder why so many out there do share the same opinions, even if they don't make much sense, and why the dark truth seems so unreal for most of them.

Or do you actually pay an obligated fee for tv?

Yes. I have a separate internet contract. We are forced to pay an obligated fee for tv here.


He is referring to health insurance for a self-employing person and a special fee which has to be paid for consumption of TV and radio stations comparing to Great Britain's BBC - see this wikipedia page for a list while I continue to look for the English term for those stations. ;)öffentlich-rechtlichen_HD-Programme_in_Europa

You could go unnoticed by the company who collects the fee for some time but they have started to buy address data some years ago.

And being self-employed with a small business in Germany takes a lot of the earned money from anyone working and living this way.
Some weeks ago, other Germans here already opted for getting him employed for some time to overcome the financial struggle. I don't remember how this discussion ended.


Seems like Ms Merkel is on her way out, I hope.
If its any comfort to you. @SteemChiller, the world outside Germany is getting much more darker, as China ramps up its Belt & Road Initiative.

The essence of globalization under the control of communism is essentially about the rapid and widespread dissemination of all the worst aspects of both communist and non-communist regimes. The means of this dissemination include large-scale political, economic, financial, and cultural operations that rapidly erase the boundaries between nations and people. The goal is to destroy faith, morality, and traditional cultures, which humanity depends on for survival and to enable its redemption. All of these measures are aimed at destroying humanity.
Chapter Seventeen: Globalization: Communism at Its Core

  • Will Trump be able to reorder the world’s supply chain?
  • Is there an equivalent of Q, in Germany.

All the very best. @SteemChiller.

There’s a small, but growing, remnant of sovereign individuals still thriving everywhere in the world.
Thank you for the work that you do on @Steemit.


Thanks for the link - and, I subscribed.


Well, when Venezuela achieve it's freedom again (which will be very soon) you could move here.

Services are very cheap, food not but one's learn to manage, and public insurance is cheap too, there are private companies that offer insurance too, but you can take it if you want, it's not mandatory to have one.

Great weather, exquisite beaches, and nice people are the normal conditions here.

So, take this marvelous country into your considerations, again, not right now but in the near future.

Have an excellent and blessed day.


make sure you don't leave ANY leftists in the system...they are a virulent infection


jajajaja that's true! but sadly I can't do anything about it.

We 've to learn how to live together without harm to each other.

Like I love to say, I have my opinions, you have your opinions, they don't have to be the same, but please, don't try to change my mind, just: "let's agree to disagree". That's how I see is a perfect way and a good solution to this situation, not easy but it can be made.

You too are invited to come and enjoy this beautiful country ( in the near future)


I wish you the best in what is to come. Good Luck and stay safe!


Thanks! God is with us. Keep the positive energy coming ;)


Like I love to say, I have my opinions, you have your opinions, they don't have to be the same, but please, don't try to change my mind, just: "let's agree to disagree". That's how I see is a perfect way and a good solution to this situation, not easy but it can be made.

Sorry, but experience has shown, all over the world, socialists/communists marxists/lefties, whatever you want to call them, they do not believe you have the right to have an opinion different from you will fail if you allow them to keep educating your children (for example)


I remember that from when I was a student there. €106 for TV tax even though I didn't have one.

Who watches TV anymore? Everything's on the net.

My student visa was for six months, so we had to pay for everything up front. I have never seen so many unmentioned fees in my life, no one told us about many of them before leaving America.

This was my first time living in a socialist country.

Fortunately, I left for home without paying it. The German people were wonderful though.


Wow - I had no idea the situation in Germany was even worse than here in the UK. I don't have a propaganda box, so I don't pay for the propaganda (unless you count the tax money spent on the company that sends me ridiculous threatening letters about it every week). Small businesses are being suppressed here too - this has been going on for decades.
One sign that the Yellow Vest protests are making an impact is that petrol prices, which skyrocketed a few months ago, have quietly returned to their former level.


I for one @steemchiller appreciate hearing a little more about this and that you still retain within you the will and determination to resist. Don't give up!

While our situation is not as grim in America, not yet anyway, it doesn't take that much imagination to see it is not far away. If we continue on our current course ...

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Danke für diese Zusammenfassung.
Ist traurig aber es ist in großen Teilen wahr.
Ich sehe für mich hier auch keine große Zukunft.
Wir sind gerade dabei uns im Ausland eine zweite Existenz aufzubauen.


I appreciate your work and this is no criticism related to any kind of it but you totally overdramatize the situation in germany.

Costs for german tv are 17,50 Euros the month and a private health insurance is around 300-400 euros the month. This qualifies for high level medical supplies since a private insured is preferred in germany's two-class medical system. So you are telling me you have an income of 800 euros?

I can not believe this since the minimum wage is around 1.200 euros net the month including a health insurance!

I am not saying that germany is capitalist's paradise but in fact your description is wrong.


There is no minimum wage for self employed people in Germany and I don't use a private health insurance. My income is about 500 € on average. There is nothing wrong with my description.


Working for 2.89 euros the hour is ridiculous. You are not working but doing your hobby. You could even get additional money from the state for having such a low income. 9.19 is the minimum wage, working for less is not the fault of the state but totally your own fault. I can add my time playing computer games and call it full-time and then complain about the state making a slave out of me.

If you can not make money with your self employment you will have a hard time anywhere in the world. Going for below 30 euros the hour as an self employed is ridiculous and you go much deeper. This is clear, your self employment has failed hard. Pure capitalism will make you fail even harder if you go on calculating like this.


We live a minimalists life and we don't need many things for being alive and feeling good. You calculate the income for the average materialist here and you see any numbers below your defined materialists optimum as incorrect/inacceptable. That shows, in Germany it is exactly as I stated. We must behave as it is dictated, as the normal human needs to be, buy things we don't really need and live an ordinary life.

Otherwise the numbers don't fit, which shows that there is a defined line the average robot has to walk on. Many things, that you include in your calculation, are not included in my life, because I don't need them, therefore I don't have any unneeded self created expenses.

You could even get additional money from the state for having such a low income.

Did you ever try that yourself or are you just assuming everybody can do it, because it's a common law? By accepting money from the state you are signing a contract that takes away the freedom of choosing what and who to work for. You aren't even allowed to leave your town without calling the authorities in advance to inform them about it. As I stated, the normal workers in Germany don't have a clue about what is really going on in their own country.

If you can not make money with your self employment you will have a hard time anywhere in the world.

You really assume the cost of living in other countries to be as high as in Germany? My girlfriend and I would be able to live a way more peaceful life in many asian countries with the same monthly income that we now have (~1000 €) and we could even put some money aside.

Hey buddy been trying to claim accounts with Keychain but I keep getting an error saying no error from Keychain yet it does not claim the accounts with RC, had to resort to uninstalling Keychain to then be able to claim accounts with active key.


I don't know what their priorities are at the moment, but I reported this already in last December:

I hope that KeyChain will be actively developed on again, otherwise we need somebody to fork it and fill the gaps or build something new...


Alright thanks for the response 👍

Yea I hope they work on it again, I really like the project and it’s potential use cases! For myself with multiple accounts it really helps with the constant back and forth between my account and the community accounts.

Keep up the good work buddy 💪

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Good service to use. Glad I can contribute the little I can all the time.
Great service for steemians.
Keep on postin

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Thank you for continuing the development of this great service for Steemians! I am encouraged by the progress seen across the ecosystem which continues to establish a strong base for the future.

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Amazing work that you do (what I understand of it, which is also about null), but I LOVE that it works so well, and I use the site a LOT. I, and I'm sure most of the collective 'we', sure appreciate all you put into this, how helpful it is, and hope you get enough sleep as well. All work and no play gives us a GREAT tool, but also runs you ragged. Take care of yourself, and thanks again for the works you do. DD

Awesome work @steemchiller.
Full 100%, resteemed and send a little donation to support your work.
Why do you not try dclick in your weekly post ?
Should be a good possibility to show some steem love for minnows too ;-)

Awesome news though a great work must to be done to convert it as you mentioned. But of course it will worth it, go on!

Happy weekend!

You are an honest to goodness gem @steemchiller Love, Blessings & Peace to you. Gratitude & Many thanks for the good you do for the community of Steem Blockchain 💘


Your hard work is greatly appreciated.
Hope you have a smooth transition over.

Awesome work, as usual! Nothing but appreciation for all you add with SteemWorld, and how it makes using the Steem blockchain a better experience!


Thank you for everything that you do, @steemchiller. We love you now, we will love you more with that surprise thing you are doing for this community. You rock, @steemchiller!!!

Hey @steemchiller ...

"In one word I would just call it: Brilliant!"

... if you're happy man, that has to be great news for your fellow Steemians, for whom you do such a great job!

And the cost of your servers has been cut in half? Wow! Sounds like you have had an excellent week!

Thank you, as always, for all you do and for the encouraging update! 👍

Posted using Partiko Android

Yey, great way to say a lot and not really say anything lol, you really left us hanging there in expectation but some excitement is always fun. I am looking forward to seeing what you come up with. You have already done a HUUUUGE job and I guess there is no stopping your will for progress which is truly admirable. Do not work too hard, as much as I love your work, I also hope that you get some well-deserved rest now and again and treat yourself with something nice ;)

I used SteemWorld to create a new account - the $3STEEM was worth it...

As for your new product...I usually end up on the sidelines, as I often find the explanations are not meant for people like me, who know such a little about the new platfroms and technology.

I don't mind, as I also enjoy watching other people benefitting and being happy.


Thank you very much for your hard work! I do hope the price of Steem will go to the moon soon so that you would not be under so much stress!!

Stay healthy and cheerful!

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Friends all of us who use SteemWorld, we are really grateful is a great tool, there are many but I stay and I give publicity to this.
From Venezuela a country that fights for its freedom, I send you a big fraternal hug with thanks.

By the way recent use your tool to create an account and it was super easy ..

Thank you for that improvement.

This is a great Application, which I use daily, so I enjoy upvoting these posts. I claimed an account today, but none of the passwords are working. I can’t log into the account. Do I need to do anything to activate the account?


When you go to Tools -> Key Generator and enter the master key of the new account, you can see all the private keys. If none of them is working, I guess it has to do with insufficient RC and you may need to delegate 5 SP or so to be able to use it in the first days (until it has enough to be able to interact on its own).


Okay. I will delegate some SP and try again .
So to sign in is a transaction?


Not really, but it depends on what tools you are using for logging in. In reality it is not even possible to login to the blockchain, but most apps developed kind of an own login process by comparing the calculated public keys with the data that is stored about the account in the blockchain (the blockchain does not know your private keys, only the public ones).

Before you delegate any SP to the account, it might be better to ensure that the public keys (which are also shown in the Key Generator) match your actual public keys:

Your public owner key for example should be: STM5drUhUWPB7dyLSqcqjwUDBEdQ27u7Bz2RxyXi3p25y2C1qvd2z

It's something that intrigues me. How many people are paying for server costs... Although I understand the most costly part is not doable at home or personal office (which is usually the ISP connection), the rest is pretty cheaper compared with anything the enterprise or cloud world can offer. With one gotcha... you need to do all yourself (so mainly for that reason I understand every need to go and ask for a contract).

Anyway, anything above 10K$ per year is around two machines with 32GB of RAM and very fast IO... of course... options and being peaky will make things different (cost wise) but its sort of rule of thumb. CPU is almost free on any solution (and for most workload cases), Memory is usually the problem. For example, for two 64GB machines, it will be around 20K$ but if you go above 128GB, the prices fire up quite a bit! And then +512GB machines cost like a lot, because you are already speaking enterprise server level (dual socket and such). At work a deal with 1-4 TB single board machines, and these are very attractive machines, but for example, IO options are "sh*tt", because these usually occupy most of the space in the board with so many memory DIMMs, leaving less space for all the other nice stuff (but it depends, ok?, just generaly speaking here).

Anyway, thanks for all the continuous support with your tool @steemchiller. I really appreciate it and I wish I can use your tools more often teaching NEW users coming to STEEM. It's something I recently came up with, and although not very serious (not planning on making my life that sorry, but can easily support a bigger project with more people, lets see how it goes) due to my LOW popularity under STEEM, if I can help I will, and that was why the venture. Whomever wishes to check you will know where (sorry for the propaganda here 😋, it was not the initial idea)

Thank you for all you do for us!

Hey, I forgot to ask. How's your ankle? It's been a while so I hope is completely heal.


It's gone. To be more specific: My ankle is still there but the pain is gone... ^^
Feels like it is stronger than ever before.

Excellent work, Steemworld is a very useful tool for the Steemit community, it gives a lot of detailed and complete information, every day I discover new things that I had not specified. I do not know if it is possible to incorporate later alerts of new followers and those that stop following, as well as the period of inactivity of the users that follow and follow us! Greetings and success!!

Good work.

Have a nice weekend.


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You've got my 100% upvote. One of the most useful things on steem! :)

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Well done!!!! LGG

Good luck for the move of the software to a new (physical) server.

BTC am Boden und hier gehts weiter aufwärts.
Danke für Deine Arbeit.

upvote und resteem

Toll was du alles fuer uns machst. Und selbst ich die Tech talk als eine Fremdsprache ansieht, kann sehen dass es sehr gut fuer mich sein wird. Ein grosses Danke!!

I cheer you up!!.

hey, tell me please, are you a witness as well ? I'm updating my witness votes and I want to vote for you in case you are not powering down.


Not yet. The costs for running a witness (including the time effort) are still higher than the incoming producer rewards. But it's good to see that Steemit is working on reducing the expenses for running the nodes, so I will be able to get it going in the coming weeks/months I guess ;)


cool, glad to know that.

Thanks a lot for it is so u
Useful glad to see you still updating it

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Dear steemchiller,
Thank you very much for supporting us by steemworld, i use this apps dailys, it's really so much helpfull.

Always happy to support you!!

Great job! Thank you for keeping it for free.

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We have used steemworld during 90% of our time here on steemit. For what it's worth our little upvote is all yours ^ ^ Please keep up the great work!

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Hi! Its the first time I vote from this account. Thank you for the tools!

You are a genius @steemchiller I love your website

Great work! Greetings @steemchiller

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