SteemWorld ~ Weekly Support ~ #21

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This post is intended to cover the server costs for and to enable me to continue my development in the future.

In case you missed the first part:
SteemWorld ~ Weekly Support ~ #1


Dieser Post ist dafür gedacht die Serverkosten für zu decken und mir in Zukunft weitere Entwicklungen zu ermöglichen.

Falls du den ersten Teil verpasst haben solltest:
SteemWorld ~ Weekly Support ~ #1


Since I'm heavily working on the new backend, there is currently not much to tell about my recent developments. I was thinking a lot lately and I came to the conclusion that I'm still caught in the old world of restrictions and centralization. It does not serve anybody to build a new wonderful, centrally governed world, which can be shut down over night by any of the existing self-chosen world leaders out there.

The only way to build trust and to help creating a more peaceful world is to work together, to open-source everything, that can enlighten humankind but has been kept in the dark for so long, to eliminate the old way of thinking and destroy the devils inside by making 'em obsolete. Period.

The revolution takes place now, not tomorrow, and each of us has the choice of working against it or freeing oneself from the old habits to be able to achieve the higher state of mind and to finally reach the bright side of life. We rise by lifting others!

Open Source Steem Data Service

I guess you would love me, if you would know what I'm currently developing here. Time for explaining it in detail now is null, because a day only has 24 hours and ~ 17 of them already go into coding. 7 days a week. If you don't believe this to be true, you also don't know how people like @dan accomplished all that crazy, awesome stuff on his own. Builders of new worlds don't work just sometimes, they sleep sometimes. Focus and fascination are the key.

Some basic points I already can state here:

  • Can be run locally (even on your grandma's home pc) or as public web service
  • Enables each of us to analyze and work with the Steem blockchain data in a simple and very efficient way
  • Syncing is possible via available public instances (very fast) or regular Steem nodes
  • Provides automatic downloading of already parsed data (no need to start from block 1)
  • No need to setup any database services (all file-based -> no layers in between -> faster than light)
  • Offers configurable datasets (if you just need a DB with all transfers for example, you can run an instance with something like parser.parse_transfers=1 and parse_[things you don't need]=0)
  • Also 'virtual operations' can be parsed (or downloaded from one of my servers that will provide all parsed datasets in nearly realtime)
  • Highly compressed data (some crazy stuff and a bit of magic involved here, more details on this soon)
  • Interfaces to other database systems planned
  • Completely free to use, will be released under MIT license

In the making

  • Open Source Steem Data Service
  • Post Viewer & Editor
  • Different views / no limit in the posts overview
  • Details for coming rewards (number of posts/comments, maybe a pie chart)
  • Improved coming curation rewards overview
  • RC costs calculation
  • SteemWorld -> Open Source?


EN  |  What is SteemWorld?
-> Welcome to!

DE  |  Was ist SteemWorld?
-> Willkommen auf!

Thank you for supporting my work!

Positive thoughts create a positive world. It all begins with connecting our thoughts with emotions. What we focus on is what becomes powerful. We are the creators of our world.

Much love,

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I just read the post by @gadrian (which I see you've spotted and resteemed) and learned about what you are currently working on.

As a utopian CM and contributor to the Analysis category I am very interested in this new data service. I don't see a mention of SQL though, and so i'm feeling a bit outdated :)

Will it be all web-service based?

Thank you as always for your hard work on Steem!


I'm working with regular relational databases, so of course, you can use SQL for querying the desired data. Since there is only a single process, that needs to write to the DBs at a time, I don't need to run any extra DB services like postgresql, mysql, mongodb or others, which would add an extra layer in between you and the data (always leads to extra performance costs). Many developers don't know that SQLite on SSD outperforms these big names with ease (as long as only one process writes data at a time). But I've planned to implement interfaces to other database systems as well (will come later).

The data service is based on Node.js, therefore it can be started locally or as a public web service without the need of running any additional servers like apache/nginx with php or so. I will also publish a documentation for the web service API. For local analyzing it won't even be needed to use the API, because the DB files are directly accessible and SQL queries can be executed via a direct connection from any app or via ODBC in a local network.


Nice! Thanks for the info and the service, looking forward to it :D

Great work 👍

Your vision and selflessness are inspiring. Thank you. You mentioned Dan, and another thing you have in common with him is the desire for easy access for the masses.

Thank you once again for this awesome application, which I use everyday.
Merci Beaucoup.

SteemWorld is the best website to manage our accounts :)

Hi @steemchiller

Sorry to interrupt your busy dev. schedule.

Today I tried creating an account from one of my claims. I used a generated master key and tried to use SteemConnect as the auth. When I got to the 'create claimed account' page on api.steemconnect:

I click OK and get the 'something went wrong' message.

Is this a steemconnect issue do you think? If you need more details let me know and I will try to provide.



That looks like an issue within SteemConnect. The operation seems to be detected correctly, because otherwise there would show up an error message on their page prior to entering the password.

Here are some (still unanswered) issues from last year which could be related:

Hope this helps in any way ;)


Yes I thought it might be on 'their' end. Thanks for the reply and the links :)

The account i tried is 11 chars, and i am getting feedback of error. I will text some more.


Thank you for the work you do for all of us.

Builders of new worlds.

Builders of new worlds don't work just sometimes, they sleep sometimes.
Focus and fascination are the key.


Very interesting and awesome, @steemchiller.

When you enjoy doing what you do, and you feel it's important or beneficial to others, no amount of time is too much to spend on it. It sounds like that's where you're at.

Having what you call an open source STEEM service that's lightning quick for parsed data sounds great. With all you've got already, adding to now, and in the works for the future, this truly is becoming Steemworld. :)


So here is where all the cool kids hang out!! ❤🎶🐷🐉🏮


Hey, @yogajill. How goes it?

Just chillin' it with steemchiller. :)

Or something like that. Since steemworld is the best UI for all kinds of data, and improving every week, I think it's only proper to show some appreciation.

SteemWorld rocks! I'm glad to support it!

Hi @steemchiller

thanks for your updating

Your post brings a big smile to my face. Glad to hear people like yourself contemplating the risks associated with the centralized models and the dependencies on those models. <3 Keep up the great work.

I have a feeling that if you had lots of money, you would still be doing what you do, because it is something you love doing.

I've long felt that for people to make an effort to excel at their job, they need to work either for themselves, or for a small company where the owner takes pride in his quality and loves producing the best products he can.

You prove the theory for me.

Focus and fascination are the key.

Oh yeah!

"The revolution takes place now, not tomorrow, and each of us has the choice of working against it or freeing oneself from the old habits to be able to achieve the higher state of mind and to finally reach the bright side of life. We rise by lifting others!"

I'll put this in the frame and hang it like a painting!

... and another thing: I already love you, even without knowing exactly what you are currently developing there! ;)

A huge hug from @amico!


I love you too, @steemchiller!


I use SteemWorld all day every day. I am happy to give the little that I do for the service. But I am really excited to see your new back end. Sounds like a game changer to me!

Thank you for all you do. I really appreciate it.

This sounds madly fascinant @steemchiller .... can't wait for your news. I'm in alert now XD

Thanks so much for your efforts!

It makes me happy that you have created this initiative by your own self, rather than sitting around and waiting for a "conference" of people to all come together and try to reach consensus. Not to criticize a central consensus structure, but sometimes it just takes too long to get everyone to agree before actual action happens. You have provided a really good thing for the community here — happy to support with my micro-vote (but hopefully growing!) and encouragement!

Thank you for all your hard work, as always! This is a better community for all, because of what you do.

Great to see how the awesome service continues to seek ways to improve and help the community become an integral part of the ecosystem!

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This sound so cool. I can’t wait to use it. Thanks for your unwavering hard work.

Good to "hear" from you again @steemchiller.

"Since I'm heavily working on the new backend, there is currently not much to tell about my recent developments."

Certainly not a problem for me, as I know whatever it is, it will be good. Oh, wait a minute! You have provided us with a bulleted list, most of which I have some idea about, but not in detail. Except this one:

"... faster than light ..."

Yes, that sounds wonderful, as I don't think one can go faster than light, so you would've reach the pinnacle of success! 😉 👌

Seriously, I do hope you are getting sufficient rest and staying in good health. Until next time, all the best to you! 👍

destroy the devils inside by making 'em obsolete.

As far as I can tell, you and I agree that the devil is manifested in the minds of humans. When all humans change their thinking to love and respect, the Devil will have been vanquished. People will work together and create paradise on Earth. The world will be saved from the current dog-eat-dog style of looking out for just ourselves. I wish to be alive to see that day. Thanks for doing your part @steemchiller.

Sure do appreciate what you do, keep up the great work. Such a useful tool that I use a LOT. Thanks for creating and maintaining it for us. Cheers

I am trying to make a small delegation of STEEM15 and I keep getting this message:

Assert Exception:available_shares >= op.vesting_shares: Account arthur.grafo does not have enough mana to delegate. required: {"amount":"30086541594","precision":6,"nai":"@@000000037"} available: {"amount":"-121280454179","precision":6,"nai":"@@000000037"}

I do not understand it, since what it says I need (30,086,541,594) is smaller than what I have (121,280,454,179)

Am I not understanding something?


I've never seen such a message before. It says that you don't have enough mana, so it looks like it is related to an issue with the resource credits calculation within the connected Steem node.

Please try to connect to a different node in settings and let me know if it works afterwards ;)


Thanks. I did as you said, trying 3 other settings, but with exactly the same results.

Do you think it may correct itself over a couple of days?

PS: To make certain the recipient account is a valid one, I posted a comment from it and it worked.


Do you think it may correct itself over a couple of days?

I hope so...

available: {"amount":"-121280454179","precision":6,"nai":"@@000000037"}

I think there is something wrong with the calculated available amount. As far as I know, it is impossible to reach a value smaller than 0. Would be interesting to see, if the number changes over time. Let's wait a day and see what happens.

If it shouldn't resolve itself, we should post the issue on GitHub, so that the blockchain devs can take a look at it.


Okay, thanks..had not noticed the amount was a negative.

SteemWorld is on my bar
One window always open
My go to
It is already great and you keep making it better and better...
How amazing...
Thank you :)

Wow! You never stop thinking about new things to do to improve and extend our experiences on Steemit.

Your energy and creativity know no bounds!

Thanks so much for all your excellent work!

hallo, werde Dir die zusammengekommenen steem und sbd morgen überweisen aus den beiden blogs ... ich schätze Deine arbeit wirklich sehr und wir als community müssen sehen und uns immer wieder was einfallen lassen das wir Dich unterstützen. liebe grüsse michael

@SteemChiller SteemWorld keeps getting Better + Better... AND there is much Wisdom in Your Quote near the bottom of Your Post...

Positive thoughts create a positive world.

It all begins with connecting our thoughts with emotions.

What we focus on is what becomes powerful.

We are the creators of our world.

Well done @SteemChiller !!

I am looking forward to the "Post Viewer & Editor".

I still keep hoping that the Steemitdev's will add to the available HTML code in making post such as frames, IMAP's, font style, and font color, but they are not there yet, maybe one day.

Thank you for a great tool.

Much Love & Many Blessings #steembro Thank-you so much for your dedication to good. Here's some Lucky Money 🎶🐷🔥🐽❄❤🐉🐖 🏮🐲

Positive thoughts create a positive world. It all begins with connecting our thoughts with emotions. What we focus on is what becomes powerful. We are the creators of our world.

love it! Thanks, vote und resteem!

Great Job again with SteemWorld @steemchiller!!!

I wanted to point out that some transactions for boosting posts seem to not be detected, specifically those using @smartmarket with a time delay, since it adds some code to the memo after the URL, I guess steemworld fails to recognize it.

Example MEMO: {"delay":{"time":"12","unit":"h"}}

Also @smartmaket and @smartsteem are both acccounts of the same service

Usually if not always when the post promotion doesn't use the entire sent ammount, it returns the user the difference using the @smartsteem account, without referencing the promoted URL in the memo...not sure if something can be done there to allow SteemWorld dectect a returned balance.

My only clues are that, when @smartsteem returns a balance it uses some generic messages like:

"Promotion was successful. Check for available votes and/or send a lower transfer to receive smaller votes."
"Your previous transfer is already on the way of being processed. Please don't send multiple transfers for the same post in a short period of time!"

Just informing of what happens, if it cannot be fixed or improved No problem, the app/web you've developed is already doing really great! :D

Oh and on your point of decentralization hehe it would be cool If we could just add or reference the transactions associated to a particular post...but my guess is, this would require some serious changes on how the site is currently operating hehe....just an idea from someone who is not a programmer hehe.

Upvoted! 👍😁🍀

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I use your product all day and upvoted at 100% for the quality you provide

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Thank you so much!!! I check steemworld several times a day for sure and love that I can transfer from the site!!

Thanks for the work that you do, @steemchiller!

Bravo for open source!

Thank you for the consistency.

Danke dir fuer alles was du machst. Und es ist wirklich so wichtig das wir etwas auf die Beine stellen dass die Politiker die in ther ganzen Welt verrueckt spielen uns nicht so sehr controllieren koennen.

Excelentes novedades @steemchiller, felicitaciones por tu arduo trabajo y compromiso con la comunidad, nos aportas una magnífica herramienta a todos los usuarios de Steemit!! Gracias!!

SteemWorld is fantastic. Use it all the time. Happy to give this 100% every week.

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Thanks for your amazing work. I wanted to signal what looks like a (small) bug to me. The "all time" curation rewards calculation seems wrong (underestimated). At least for my main account (18 month old)


The 'all time' rewards are not (yet) calculated by me and they come directly from the Steem nodes. That's why the columns 'STEEM' and 'SBD' are empty there. The total author rewards include the earned SBD (converted to SP) and there is no other way currently. With my coming data service it will be possible to show the exact amounts ;)


Thank you for your answer!

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Thank for keeping updating and doing the coding for betting steem platform @steemchiller, I am not the one who will understand about it, but I am using the tool you have made. Really appreciate what you are doing for better future

Upvote und Resteem!!
Danke Dir!

I just saw this and just because I came late I brought some cookies... :D

Wow! I had no idea about all of the effort being put into this. My upvote isn't worth much these days, but here it is. Thank you so much!


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Very good

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