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RE: My accounts are on the Hive blacklist

in #steemworld2 years ago

I don't think there is anything wrong with the list, except for one technical error I'm aware of.

People should take responsibility for their actions. If you support centralizing a chain in any way then don't expect a new chain built for the entire purpose of decentralization to give you free coins.

Everyone on that list or not still has their Steem. Nothing has been taken away.


I'm sorry @smooth, but I'm calling bullshit on that one. Go back to the article I wrote 3 years ago when I told you this place was centralised.

You said it wasn't and I was wrong, you even flagged me for daring to suggest that Steemit was centralised.

Now I see why, because you and a bunch of the other whales were made so because you were allowed to mine Steem, thus giving you and the other members of the cabal a ninja mine.

But the fact is, you sat quietly and enjoyed the fruits of your ninjamine. Now when Ned sells his share of the spoils, suddenly you and the others jump on your soapbox and bang the decentralisation drum.


Now and your buddies can have all the power on the new chain, whilst claiming decentralisation, and the lost sheep who want you to vote for them will agree with you.

Well, not me, I'll always call it like it is, flag me, vote me, ignore me, at least I'll be able to look at myself in the mirror for not ignoring this hypocrisy.


except for one technical error I'm aware of

Are you going to fix that prior to taking that list live? Because that's a thing fixed in 3 Minutes if you know what you are doing.

Otherwise I think we can peacefully disagree on that. I don't have the stake to change such things, so I'll have to live with what you are doing...

No, it isn't feasible to change the code so soon before a hardfork. There are already exchanges running the release, and they already complained that getting it only a day or two before was way too late. (Ideally hard fork code is frozen and release a month before, but this was considered an emergency situation.)

This will need to be addressed on the Hive side.

That's very bad for all the users which are affected despite not applying to your criteria. I expect a quick solution for those accounts from the top 20 hive witnesses. ASAP after the hardfork. Those users shouldn't have to do anything more than others to get what they deserve.

I'm in favor of a quick fix for that, yes.

Nothing wrong with it? I didn't vote anybody anymore and I am on the blacklist honey....

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