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RE: My accounts are on the Hive blacklist

in #steemworld2 years ago

If you set the proxy before the Hive announcement then you have been affected by an error in the script. Please make your case on the Hive blockchain and I'm reasonably confident it will be corrected (but I can't speak for all Hive stakeholders).


I have tried to write a post on hive but it does not show up.
Seems that I am not able to post anything there.

Hive does not exist yet. The new chain launches in about 3 hours. There is a countdown timer on the web site, but I would wait for a while even after that in case there are some early glitches. With a brand new chain there is always that risk.

Thank you again. I am a little in panic mode :-)
So I will try my post later.

I gave you a little delegation to make sure you can still post on Hive (once it becomes active)

Much appreciated. Thank you.

I guess that happened exactly to me. I will write an post on hive.
Thank you ver much @smooth.

I guess there is a mistake also with adding to that list @soufiani . I know this guy. He wasn't voting for those witnesses. He supported steem all the time. What he needs to do to get the airdrop ?

After reviewing my witnesses vote I found that I unaware voted for some witnesses (bad witnesses) I thought all witnesses are against justin and he wanted to concur the steem blockchain for him alone lol

Yeah, never mind @smooth , he was doing a mistake by voting the wrong witnesses. I didn't know about that. I hope @soufiani you will learn from this to read about more details when you do something on the blockchain.

Yeah of course I should've asked you more details! Thank you so much for standing by my side and so sorry for getting you defending me while I'm wrong!

I was setting @berniesanders as proxy but removed him amd voted manually for witnesses from the top 100 (I thought all witnesses are good guys and fighting justin back) but know I found that I have unaware voted for some witnesses that support justin.
How can I appeal for the Airdrop, if possible!

You keep telling that you voted top 100. Did you know that we can vote only on 30 ?

Yes where's the problem? I voted 30 person randomly from the top 100, means I didn't search for specific witnesses s by typing their names. (as I mentioned I voted for witnesses from the top 100 not all of the top 100)

I'm just letting the world know that you did that by mistake. I trust that you voted just randomly. I'm even looking for how to create a proposal to help those who were there by mistake. I keep asking people how to create a proposal. That's the omly way to get the airdrop now. A lot are talking about that proposal but no one told me how to do that. Let me know if you find out.

Yes one of those mods on the hive discord told me that they will post soon explaining how to appeal for this inconvenience. I hope my case get well understood. And again I truly appreciate the effort you've doing man!

Also I made a video explaining what happened with me and how I get to vote for those witnesses.

Yeah. This is happening not only to you, but to a lot of steemians. They should help you all with that.

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