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RE: My accounts are on the Hive blacklist

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The criteria were widely supported by those creating the Hive blockchain. THE ENTIRE PURPOSE of the effort was to escape the centralization that destroyed Steem. Including people who actively supported that centralization does not make sense.

That being said, there is an appeal mechanism and if anyone believes that they were unfairly excluded they are free to appeal to the Hive stakeholders to reverse the decision. This could even be done to reverse the entire list for that matter.

I deem it obvious that a @steemchiller doesn't have his place in that list.

I don't think it is obvious at all. He voted for the sock puppets and never removed that vote until after the Hive announcement. You may not have strong views on centralization vs. decentralization but the people who volunteered their effort (an enormous effort at that) to make Hive happen most certainly do have strong views on that. If they didn't Hive would not exist.


Strange. I don't understand your criteria. I voted for 4 witnesses and only one is running 0.22.5.

It's not my criteria, I was reporting what is in the code and I also think it is quite reasonable.

If you feel your account was wrongly included in the list you can appeal to the Hive community for a correction.

That your hiding behind a community it's a little pathetic. Don't you think. I only have 4 votes. Maybe only one does not meet your criteria. That's not a clean start for you guys.
Shady start once again.

What do you mean by one again?

@blockbrothers supported Sun and said they would agree to all his demands. They said if he wanted they'd upgrade to 22.5 if he asked them to, but 22.1 did the same thing for him so otherwise they'd stay on 22.1

So @blockbrothers and are the two witnesses opposed to decentralization that you voted for.

If you didn't realize the views @blockbrothers supported, you are welcome to uses the SPS system on hive to request your airdrop from the community.

Don't you see how stupid this is? How can I know what is in their heads? They are real people not a sockpuppets. I voted for @blockbrothers because I respect @exyle who has been the most positive person here for all these years. Why do I have to explain this at all and to whom? What about (decentralization) democratization?

You explain it to the community because you supported witnesses that are against decentralization and Hive we didn't know what was in your head when you did that. I believe the witnesses are planning to make a post about how you do that soon. After you make the post, the community on Hive would vote whether to airdrop you funds or not.

Also, this is what @blockbrothers said:

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