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RE: SteemWorld soon to be back with all services!

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Thanks for the update! take care.

One request:

the recovery account changing option seems to be very important for many people at this point. Can you test whether its working as intended when you have sometime ? I tried and somehow it didn't work for me.


Hi, what were you trying to do?
Account recovery only works if someone has gone in and changed your account keys; it is not designed in case you have lost your keys. This may not be your case but just saying :-)

I was trying to change the recovery account from steem to something else. Too lazy to try cli_wallet so was looking at steemworld :)

Did you use the owner key? I will try it later today, but I guess it's related to something other than the SteemWorld code.

yes, tried with the owner key

I guess you changed your recovery account successfully, but are not aware of the 30 day waiting period. SteemWorld shows an outgoing account operation change_recovery_account, but it cannot show the new account as recovery account, because it takes 30 days until the blockchain switches to the new one (for security reasons).

I will add an extra hint to inform the user about the waiting period ;)

I found a solution to display a pending recovery account change.
This will be included in the next SteemWorld update:

@steemchiller - I was not aware of the waiting period :) Appreciate the information as well as the hack!

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