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Almost a week ago, i received a great shock that almost got me crazy but made me learn much more. I made a post about something i saw on my way with the kids on vacation. Fortunately for me, cheetah came visiting even though i referenced parts of the post that were not mine.

I reached out to steemcleaners for help and @guiltyparties came to my rescue just as he has done for so many, with similar cases.

Whenever cheetah comes visiting anyone's post, nobody would want to visit such post no matter how good it is.
This wonderful witness @guiltypaeties made me understand the following

  • cheetah's comment or upvote on a post should not stop that post from been voted.
  • Not every post on which cheetah has commented is a bad one
  • Not every writter on whose post cheetah has upvoted or commented is a plagiarist.

He made a vindicative conment on my post and went ahead to vote the post.
How else can i say 'thank you' to him and also @maryfavour from whom i learnt a lot that same day because i turn to her most times as she is my steemit mentor.
She put me through the academic implications of liftung words from people and made me understand that i should study properly and have my own choice of words as well as add something new i.e my owm idea, to the research made. This, i have beeb thought in school but she sounded it once more to me and it sunk deep like never before.
Sometimes we need certain things to happen for certain reasons.
@guiltparties is a steem witness. I enjoin everyone to vote him as a witness

Thanks @guiltyparties, i couldn't keep silent, i just had to appreciate you because you deserve it

Have you been through such?

What was your approach?

Your comments and sincere contributions will be highly appreciated

Please upvote, comment, resteem and follow @trendyevents

Thanks for visiting my blog

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I was flagged by Steemcleaners yesterday for olagerism even though I referenced my sources and then also got a cheetah message and I was worried that I was doing something wrong too thanks for the post and clearing this up


Go to steemcleaners on and humbly make a request that they should look into the ugly incidence that can be disheartening. I'm sure @guiltyparties will respond.


I just replied to your post. You didn't get flagged. Your posts got reported to SC by a community member, likely because part is spinning, which in your case is just insufficient referencing.


Oooo, @chekohler, did you see @guiltyparties reply? Please dear, always reference everything that isn't yours to avoid problems.


Yes thanks, you and @guiltyparties have been very helpful :)

Thank you very much. Cheetah is a very misunderstood bot but she does a good job for the community, although sometimes she's blatantly wrong. I appreciate your understanding and your support.

thank you for your post .
cheetah is a good bot and people need to understand what it does .
as far as @guiltyparties goes . most of us have no idea the impact he has made not only to the platform but many , many individual users . he answers all that reach out to him.
I and many others thank you for you recognizing some of his attributes to our community