Steemwallet's Embeddable Signup Widget - Instant Steem Account Creation On Every Site!

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Last week I introduced's document hashing service. It was a humble succes and thanks to all your votes we reached the number 3 spot on ProductHunt's daily ranking, thanks for that!

I received a couple of comments about the fact that, as is a product very much for mainstream (or at least beyond the current Steem user-base), it should have the option to register Steem accounts for newcomers instantly on the site itself to make the onboarding as smooth as possible.

I found it a very compelling comment, so I thought about what it would take to enable just that!

Not that long ago I launched my API node for registerring Steem Accounts by processing payments, as used in the in-app payments for the SteemWallet mobile apps, so the private account registration RPC API was already in place. All I needed was to connect it to another payment provider to get card payments rolling and then make it work on the site.

During the brainstorm process I thought it would be more useful to go for a generic approach instead of making and offering the Steem Account Signup widget only to's website. By keeping this in mind I built a widget which can be customised and added as an instant Signup Service to any site or project by simple adding a link(s) and a mere 5kb javascript-src to launch the widget on site, without the need to leave that site.

The end result is an customisable embeddable widget or "On-site Signup App" which you can use straight away to register Steem accounts for a small fee using a Mastercard, Visa or American Express (credit or debit) card (and expandable to other forms of payments in the near future).

Customised signup widgets embedded on 3 of my Steem projects

The widget works by launching a fullscreen overlay to any site where the code is embedded. This launches a foolproof (imho) and straightforward signup process with realtime account validity checking, password validation, optional random password generation and offers a way to download all keys generated, prior to checking out. Then, by submitting card details, the service tries to charge and create the account instantly. Once done, the user has a final chance to save their backup-key file and the account is ready to use.

Here is a video displaying the account signup process on the fly using the embeddable widget (in this case on, but could literally be any site):

Add the Steem Account Creation Widget to your site with one line of code!

I've already customised and added the Steemwallet Instant Signup to some of my project sites such as,, and SolicitingPower. The integration feels natural as you can customise the links displayed and furthermore you can add your own site-name, site-icon and referrer-account to the widget, all easily setup, previewed and live-tested via the Steem Wallet Account Signup Widget configurator.

Benefits of having an embeddable Signup widget on your site:

  • Potential new users don't leave your site
  • The widget itself is customisable with your name, referrer and image
  • You help grow the Steem chain with new signups!

Calling all Steem Site owners who want to offer in-site Instant Steem Signup

Make it easy for new users to signup to the Steem blockchain while keeping them on your site! Add the SteemWallet account signup widget. It's as simple as adding a a href-tag (or multiple), style them as to how you like and then add a small 5kB including javascript near the /body-closing tag.

Screenshot of the Account Signup Widget Configurator

Click here to add the Signup Widget to your site!

Many questions are answered in the FAQ

Ps. If you like what I am doing here, consider a witness vote for '@roelandp' - Thanks!


This is awesome. Going to add it to in the next week or so!

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hey thats cool!

Unstoppable @roelandp ! Joy to watch you launching new things and great too see how you are listening to comments and building things the community inspired you to build!

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Developments on the steem blockchain keeps pouring from all directions everyday.

The steem devs are the best!

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This is brilliant and should be featured on every STEEM site! Look forward to seeing integration across the board

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ty jeff! spread the word :)

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For your efforts here on #Steem blockchain, you deserve not just my witness vote.

Thanks @roelandp

Very cool! Well done, Roeland!

Great work!
$rewarding 100% 11min

This is great tool, combining with in-app registration, I see where this is going 👍 Keep up the good work!

Wow! Thats just dam fucking awesome!!!

I have no tech skills, and really appreciate it when devs come up with something amazing like this, many appreciate the work as we have no clue about dev work ourselves!

Thankyou !!

Edit: @offgridlife, is this something for you?!

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