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I was fortunate to have met @marcgodard through a support query interaction on the login, since then we have chatted quite a bit and get on quite famously, I was proud to be given admin rights on the system and in turn help users who have queries as and when they arise.

I think this service is great because it helps minnows and dolphins attain access to an autovote bot to be able to automatically vote any accounts of their choosing, with vote level adjustments and vote delay features. allows us to emulate great Steemians like @smooth and @nextgencrypto who sponsor various authors on the platform with their automated votes.

Instead of your friends (who's content may be of a different taste to you) linking you their posts to vote everyday, now you can just autovote them and happily continue chatting while the votes happen in the background. Voting while you sleep is also super productive.

Steemvoter is currently supported by 400+ accounts, most under 100K SP and totaling 1.4 Million SP. A lot of my Steemit friends use the service too.

Despite the wide support base, Steemvoter has no real business model even though it is a great and useful service. Steemvoter relies on weekly post rewards to get by and currently @marcgodard doesn't even cover his server hosting costs, if you look at the @steemvoter blog you will see only 60 Dollars or so has been made across all posts.

For the above reason, @marcgodard will be shutting down the service soon as his attempts to sell it for 3000USD have not yielded any buyers, I really want to develop this service further with trails using posting keys instead of active keys and category voting options as well as other cool ideas.

Since I helped @marcgodard promote on every post of @steemsports and some witness posts, he would give me preferential development rates, 40% cheaper than to anyone else and I am really invested in this project and feel I am a good fit to have it reach its potential. Also whoever takes over the service will have access to everyone's emails and posting keys, I have access already and am a trusted witness, having joined Steem in June 2016, so you know your info will be safe.

I would thus like to appeal to the community to please upvote this post and/or donate any spare funds you may have to help me acquire this service from @marcgodard, I may have to put out several posts to achieve the 3000USD target, which excludes development costs of new features.

Let's keep alive so we can all be Curator Angels!

Please vote for thecryptodrive witness!


Yes I am on, the name is thecryptodrive

For some reason it's not showing up for me. :(

A good idea would be to go to @marcgodard page and use some voting power on some of his posts and/or comments to help fund it even further with Steem/SP. Preferably the ones that still haven't received the second payout.

already joined :)


With the upcoming changes to the steem power inflation rate, if the steemvoter service or something like it is not available for me to earn curation rewards then holding steem power is even less attractive, since earning curation rewards will be the only guaranteed way to get more steem daily, and without a bot it makes no sense. Steemvoter is needed for steemit user retention, without it my interest in steemit drops very low.

the steemvoter service could be implemented into as something users with more than ??? amount of steem power gets access to, it gives users a reason to acquire and hold steem power, it can even be that the more steem power you have is the more authors you get to vote on, so the service can be limited to 10 authors for ???SP, then 20 authors for ??? SP... ect.

I like this idea:

"it can even be that the more steem power you have is the more authors you get to vote on

Regarding implementation with, I don't know if that would be on their agenda, no harm in asking to have a visible button or banner. However I think steemvoter is listed on the Steem app store, if not I will get it listed.

yes, the steem power limit is something steemvoter might need to regulate the amount of users using the service, it does not make sense for a user with low steem power to use steemvoter to it's fullest extent, limited use so they can experience how it works, and more steem power gives more features

Agreed and this service needs to be developed with more functionality as well.

I wish the promote feature were active so I could give this an extra boost that way. I will send you some SBD direct instead.

10 SBD confirmed!! Awesome! I'll try the savings feature and put it there.

You're welcome. This should be preserved for the regular users.

Also whoever takes over the service will have access to everyone's emails and posting keys

This sounds rather alarming... maybe add some more protection to who you are selling it to? I am sure many users who have signed up and have had their friends sign up on steemvoter don't want their information being sold to a 3rd party that no one knows will do what with them.

(Yes I know you can change passwords and thus posting keys, but that means everyone would have to do that if it would get in the wrong hands so they could remain control alone of their account)

Hey Acid, you see the issue is @marcgodard can't feasibly spend any more time on development to even implement any extra features, with countless hours spent do date and less than 60$ overall rewards since implementation.

I must also correct one thing I said, I have access as admin to the email addresses only, not posting keys, however whoever gets the full site and bot code will be able to see the posting keys as far as I can tell.

I really want to buy this service to ensure it's security and I don't want to be looking at the posting keys, I want to get @marcgodard to make it in such a way that it's encrypted or something if possible.

For now be rest assured, @marcgodard is a trustworthy person, he is CTO of and I am trustworthy also, so all accounts are in good hands.

Thanks, that's what I wanted to hear. Hope we are able to help with the funding of maintaining it.

PS. I had that account followed and voted on some of them, guess I have missed a lot in between.

Resteemed. I would die if I did not have steemvoter. So keep it alive!!!!!!!!

Lool, that's extreme @giantbear will do my best! @theprophet0 and a few other people as also very keen in helping me run it and promote it when I do acquire it.

I don't do struggle....and without it I would struggle to get through all the posts. I am determined here.... so dying is the only option!

Upvoted and sent a few SBD to @steemvoter to help defer hosting costs.

Wow thank you! 7.304 SBD confirmed. Also @jamesbrown sent in 0.5 SBD with memo:

"Best profits that I've had on my Jamesbrown account to date, thanks to you :D I give you my day's earnings as your tip. Please don't allow this project to die. I don't have a lot of money but I'll do what I can to help you and show my appreciation for your service."

this is an absolutely essential service, lets keep it alive! I hope @ned and @dantheman can chip in to fund it, or even implement it on steemit itself in the account settings.

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Great article @thecryptodrive, nice information!

I will use the Votebot from time to time too, when Im not online.

As a very happy user of this service for the last several days I second your endeavour. I will upvote each and every post with content like this one. And make some more promotion. In fact I will edit my today's post about SteemVoter right now!

Thank you @ervin-lemark I appreciate it!

Will vote all the posts I see!

Thanks so much!!!

Great news, congratulations

Link to this post shared on my post to help spread awareness to those interested.
Will also be donating steem earned from my post towards this crowdfund rescue of steemvoter.

I am happy to support this initiative! From what I can tell you look to be a great member of the community and with Steem Voter under your management I would be happy to continue using the service and confident that it has a bright future ahead. I have seen my curation rewards increase vastly using Steem Voter, and love having this way to use my voting power to its full potential & give more support to those I follow. I can't imagine going back to life without it. I'm writing my own post to promote this service, which will probably be published next week.

I've sent you 10 SBD to help out with the funding campaign. Good luck, I hope it succeeds - and if not, I'm happy to toss my name into the ring as a potential backup option ;-)

Dear @cryptomancer that is a fantastic message from you, many thanks. It is great to see how many people actually value the service and don't want to see it shut down.

Thank you for your contribution, I will add it to the savings account! Look forward to keeping in touch with you.

I found your link thanks to @virtualgrowth
I've not been to yet but can you clarify the differences between Streemian and

I'm a mid-sized minnow throwing everything I've got into SP and a few other initiatives that are geared more toward quality and community building. I've got 10 SBD that I've managed to squirrel away to power up...or gift. I've got time, but maybe your project doesn't so I'm sending it your way. Good luck.

Streemian upvotes in your name the posts that the members you choose to follow on Stremian upvote.

(not a great definition I know :) )

SteemVoter upvotes the posts of steemit users that are on your SteemVoter list. You can also choose voting delay in minutes and power in %.

@all, please correct / improve my definitions. Thank you!

Keep this service Alive its a done deal to make every one earn some SP by following and voting your favorite authors. Once the update happens it will be easy to raise the funds for this great application.

Keep it up.

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I love the ease of SteemVoter.

Let's keep alive

it sounds good and i will use it. Thank you for the information.