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Seeing these rewards and someone flag without comment is really discouraging. Doesn't really motivate me to work on the code or improve anything.

Everyones account will stop working (and stop being used by us) until a TOS is agreed by each of our users.

You still have no right to use user's votes


I agree with you, in a perfect world.

In this imperfect world that we live in, i think its reasonable to give SV a few days to bring the site into compliance.

It says once the code is ready (twice)! Until then we aren't going to screw over our users!!! We have a lot of people that uses our system and we aren't going to kill their services for 2 weeks while we prepare the TOS. I thought that was clear.

consider this idea, power down the steemvoter account and use the funds to promote steemvoter at the top of the steemit promote page everyday, this would burn SBD and give back value to the community, it's like leverage for those who dont like the service

Thinking about it.

why can't you stop abusing the votes until you have a proper TOS ?

How is it abusing their votes? Everyone that is signed up and still on steemit would know we are using their votes. If not, their SP is so low that they are adding nothing but a number.

That itself is a abuse 😂

Do you require motivation from the community to code on your project to make it better? It seems you have 814 upvotes, and 3 flags.

Seems you are doing quite well. Not sure what to say that might help you find your motivation. Personally, I quit flagging the account on your word, that you were going to create an opt-in service, where you end-users agreed to be part of other projects.

Thank you. And no, I can manage with the current motivation. It is just hard to justify doing all that work for what amounts to $3-10 per hour when I can do client work that pays $120. My hope is that long term things will work out.

youre not making much money because your strategy is poorly thought out. Youre buying a bunch of votes in return for your services, then squandering them on a low content statistics post where they have as little value as they could possibly have -- which has the added disadvantage of generating ill will when its misunderstood, like your comment vote draining thingy. Or when people don't like seeing LC statistics posts on the front page.

What you should be doing is selling it to someone that actually has something to say and has a regular following, splitting the value and making like 5 times as much. And, as an added bonus, you wouldnt be on trending every day attracting flags.

seems you have a choice... get torqued over 4 downvotes or celebrate 800+ upvotes and get to work. You can't change other people's actions or reactions, but, you can change yours.

I think he uses his name instead of leaving a comment.
These days shows that I wasn't wrong when I've written about voting war.

I think we must implement a system, where every downvote must commented, and these comments would be easily accessible with a filter to show only them, set for 'reveal all' default.
Tracking potential harm and starting a conversation were easier.

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Do you think steemvoter would benefit from adding Hungarian as a language?

I already have spanish thanks to a user (but holding off until all the changes to add it).

It wouldn't benefit atm but on long-term, sure.
Steem doesn't have many Hungarians, but with ceasing the barriers (language, how-to's, contents, so everything available in their native language) there will be more of them, and that will generate a demand for SteemVoter too. Hungarians are really bad in speaking foreign languages, so a Hungarian UI is required for every services who targets them as well.

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