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RE: Author Spotlight Dec 20th 2016

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Hi again

1/ I have been supporting and voting for this a lot as you may know. I am still not 100% sure how to join or what is actually going on here LOL. I have gone to the links provided in the past - ie and really there is no explanation of all this. Where is some more detailed info, on this?

2 / Oh and can you have a look at this post I wrote, this is kinda big breaking news. TY very much!


Hi Barry, do you mean take part in the curation guild or use as a service? To join the curation guild just pm @thecryptodrive in, it hasn't officially launched yet, @thecryptodrive and @instructor2121 just choose some daily posts to Spotlight for now. The Steemvoter users aren't autovoting yet until we build an opt-out feature

I really don't know much about either, I don't understand all this stuff LOL, but message sent to him

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