Beautiful USA - Sunset

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Beautiful USA

Recently my boyfriend, Jeff, and I we're able to fly into Erie International Airport to take part in a birthday party for my nephew, Mitchell. Mitchell was visiting Erie, PA in between his job as a trucker. My boyfriend owns a small Cherokee Piper airplane and occasionally we take small hops to local airports. This beautiful scene was captured on the way back home. I love watching sunsets and sunrises from they are. On this particular date it was raining and you can see the orange area is the rain over by Pymatuning Lake. Few things that I have seen in my life and surpass these moments in the air I hope you enjoy the view as much as I did. This photo was taken approximately three weeks ago.

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Very lovely and breathtaking!

It has been a long while since I've flown in a small plane. Those times that I did are some of my life's most memorable moments!

Thanks for sharing my friend!!


I have to agree with you! They are memorable moments that I will never forget... I love to take the photos and I wish that they turned out half as beautiful as the actual scene is.

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A nice snap, Some photos from planes can give you such an expansive view, and so many contrast, like the bright sun, and the rain. Bonus is you get to look down on it all, and see the lay of the land.

Thank you for stopping and commenting... I agree there's nothing like the expanse from a small plane. Larger planes do not give you near the view.

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It almost makes me want to fly - to see this kind of view. But not really LOL

Thank you @marriannewest! The view from above is just more breathless than I can ever describe. Photos never give Justice to what I'm seeing with my two eyes. Thanks for stopping by and for commenting. Much love!

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That's a stunning cloud! Nice photo!

Thank you for stopping and commenting... It was one of those views that I wanted to keep snapping! I really clogged up my gallery with them.

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Great photo @wandrnrose7. I am glad that you get to experience the beauty from above! I changed my show to Spice4Life would be great if you can come by sometime!

Thank you, dear. I will try to stop in one day soon. <3

Is everything okay? I haven't seen a post...

I've been getting migraines with the weather changes 😵. Thanks for checking in.

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