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RE: Balboa Park San Diego

Hey, @mariannewest.

We've been to San Diego twice. We went to the San Diego Zoo both times, and somehow missed Balboa Park. At least the second time. The first time was long enough ago I don't remember it nearly as much.

At any rate, I'd love to go back to San Diego and do more looking around.

The last time we were there we ended up at the Hard Rock Hotel. We were going to stay at a cheaper hotel (Best Western), but there WiFi wasn't working and we somehow found out about a room special Hard Rock was having, so we checked out that same day. I needed access to the Internet because I needed to work while we were down there, or we probably would have stayed at the other hotel.

I think we had the Southern California Pass, which at the time included two things in San Diego (zoo, safari, Legoland and/or Seaworld), and we ended up at the zoo and at SeaWorld. We also went to Disneyland/California Adventure that trip, as well as Universal Studios. Can't remember now if that was a part of it or not.

It was a great trip, though. Really should try to go back down to San Diego one of these days when we're down visiting my wife's family.


For sure!! And the good news is that you were in Balboa Park. The Zoo is part of it too :)

the Hard Rock Hotel sounds like fun!

I saw that Balboa Park was right there when I looked on the map, I just don't remember it, I guess. Or it could be we were wandering thought it when I thought we were in the zoo, which would account for why we didn't see as many animals for a good stretch of ground. :) Just kidding. It was more likely the heat of the day.

The Hard Rock Hotel was fun, but it's not really a family place, I don't think. And while the rooms were discounted, the meals in the restaurants downstairs were definitely not discounted. :)

I'd recommend it, though. Very fancy, cool decor in the rooms and in the hallways that you won't find anywhere else, and since it was fairly new, everything was just, well... new.

I don't really remember what the service was like, which probably means I was treated okay, but no one really went out of their way. That I would remember. :)

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