One Last Kiss

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She cried herself to sleep again.
Heads messed up, hearts in pain.
She pops another pill, it helps.
To drown the demons in her mind.

Her pillow wears well, her mascara eyes.
Stained from the tears that she cried.
But no one hears her crying.
Though pillows talk, hers will never tell.

She hopes to escape another lonely night.
But she can't turn off her bedside light.
That's when the demons come for her.
She doesn't like the darkness, not when she's alone.

The darkness always feels so cold.
She needs a man someone to hold.
But there's no one there to hold her.
So she pops another pill.

Soon the pills start taking hold.
The darkness starts to feel less cold.
She slips beneath her blankets
Like a corpse sleeps in a grave.

She doesn't care she has no fear.
No one now can hurt her here.
Even her loneliness has gone and left her.
But she no longer seems to care.

In her mixed up mind she dreams she's leaving.
As her mascara eyed pillow is stopping her breathing.
Stained now by her red lipstick.
As if she kissed the world goodbye.


This is a very well-written work. I love reading poetry that also tells a story and is filled with emotion and meaning.

Thanks for sharing and keep it up!
Spencer Coffman

I'm happy to see were impressed by this. Thanks...I have been rewriting most of my poems and gathering perfect pictures along. So i'm pressing ahead in forcing nice comments and upvote from you afterall. LOL

Yes, you did a nice job with it. Poetry is an amazing thing that can get many people to feel many different things. Yeah, I'll try to comment whenever I can. Hopefully, on the majority of your posts ;)

Thanks Spencer. You're no1 here for me.

That's great to hear!

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