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Welcome to the 15th exposure of SteemTuner's Featured Post series - A manual curation project aiming to support the undervalued posts on steem blockchain.

The steem blockchain receives thousands of posts every day. The growing number of user activity in steem blockchain is making it difficult for potential new authors to get recognized and flourish in the ecosystem. As a community, SteemTuner posses the ideology of supporting potential undervalued articles and helping out original content creators in steem blockchain. This featured post series will promote three undervalued content every other day. The general perception of getting featured in this series can be outlined as followed:

  • The content must be original and plagiarism free.
  • The article must not contain any copyright violation material (image, gif or anything).
  • The article should be well formatted and nicely presented for the readers.
  • The article should contain the source of images used (if any), mention personal ownership if its your own captured snap.
  • With the goal of supporting the undervalued content in steem blockchain, StemTuner's curation team go through hundreds of posts daily and selects Three articles for every issue of this featured post series based on the mentioned criteria. The best way to get featured here is to promote your article in SteemTuner's discord server.

    Featured Post #1


    This amazing Dtube vlog by Sara Campero teach you how to make a beautiful gift box in the shape of a heart, using inexpensive materials and very easy to get. Take a look at his article from here.

    Featured Post #2

    Pholiota aurivella - Чешуйчатка золотистая -#ccc

    This wonderful article of Barski in where, He found some mushrooms and tried to prepresent by his article. His writing and photography skill will surely amaze you. Don't forget to check her blog from here.

    Featured Post #3

    95 Vlog | If you have money, You have the real POWER

    This article by Hafiz Ullah is about his experience about the power of Money. He Tried to represent the theme of it by his Dtube vlog. Our 3rd featured post can be read from here.

    The Selection Process

    The featured posts are picked by the "SteemTuner Curation Team" composed of experienced members of the community. To maintain transparency within the selection process, articles of the curators are considered ineligible to be featured. The complete process is moderated by the 'Admin Panel' (@mdshahin786, @habibrahad, @sherbanu) of SteemTuner community. This issue is published under the editorial authority of @ied from "SteemTuner Curation Team".

    Feel free to join the SteemTuner community and participate contests to win exciting prize. Check out the discord server of SteemTuner for more details.

    Please note that SteemTuner welcomes delegation from the supporters of this community in voluntary basis. Check out following links to show your support towards the community: 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 300, 500, 1000.

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