Quick Set-Up Steps for Openledger (Used with SteemTrail)

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openledger.info account setup

  1. go to: openledger.info
  2. click: Enter Exchange > a new window will pop up
  3. Sign up by creating the following (write these down, you'll need them later)
    account name - needs dash or number
    repeat password
    click "create account"
  4. click: create backup now (you will need the backup to load your wallet later)
  5. click: account
    opens in a new window that shows your first transaction "create account"
  6. click arrow next to name in upper righthand corner
    settings - this is where you have access to wallet, account, password, backup

For Steem-Trail users

  1. goto: steem-trail on discordapp
  2. create user name
  3. in channel marked #open-ledger-account-add post your openledger and steemit account names
    OL: your-account | STEEMIT: @youraccount
    it is suggested that you make the openledger account name the same as your steemit account name

Now, you're ready to rock and steemit!

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Thanks so much, I've been needing to do this!

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No problem! We all gotta help a bit, eh?! Thanks for that info.


We all gotta help, because we all need help! - FOLLOWED!


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Just edited this post one week after it was uploaded! Thank you. Seriously, not being able to edit after 24 hours was rough. :D