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From the first time this Steemer reached out to me in March of 2017 I realized that I was dealing with a sensitive person with big ideas and an even bigger heart. We had a nice conversation via Face Time and have stayed on each other's radar ever since. I've been so impressed with what he's accomplished and how much he's helped others.

Did You Know? 

This entire SteemtradeCards Project started with @surpassinggoogle's project (at the time there was no website but just the tag) and that's why I pay homage to him at the end of every card presentation post!

Don't let my bias cloud your opinion though. Once again @wolfje has been assigned to profile this much loved Steemian. But before getting his viewpoint here's a reminder:

You can see all of our 2017 cards by clicking here and all of the 2018 cards, films and project information can be seen on our @steemtradecards site!

@surpassinggoogle The Big Hearted Steemer With The Big Ideas! (as told by @wolfje)

In our lives we deal with many disappointments and it is how we deal with these setbacks that show what we’re really made off. Some people give up, others rise like a phoenix from the ashes and come back stronger than ever.

@surpassinggoogle is a person that falls in the second category. Ever since I ran my first competition back in January I’ve been coming across his name through the Asian participants who mentioned him or referred to him.  

This guy is a celebrity on the platform. He is the equivalent of a modern disciple, people flock to him naturally as he radiates goodness. People want to be infected by his kindness and generosity … and it is working. He has launched several projects to make the world a better place and every person in the world a celebrity. “In my world, flaws are allowed. I will forgive a hundred times. I have seen too much "life," that many things are forgivable.” 

He is involved in many projects, if you have never heard of them, check them out. The best known one is where anyone can offer their skills or knowledge and get payed fairly for it. @teardrops is another fantastic initiative of his to give out “tears of joy” (tokens) and finally there’s his witness there to support all his ideas and to support us, fight our battles and be our voice. 

This guy is like a Mother Theresa, he keeps on giving to the community, whilst neglecting his own basic needs of food and sleep. 

Meet: Father Terry


(@SteemTradeCards guest writer)

Here he is @surpassinggoogle. He Wants to Help You!

@surpassinggoogle wants to invite you to join his helpful projects! Let's check things out a little bit better!

He's even friendlier than he looks!

You've accomplished a lot @surpassinggoogle and we're all benefiting!

Here's The Full Text as it Appears on The Card!


Type: SteemGigs 

Joined: August 2016

Location: Philipines 

@surpassinggoogle is a true steemit celebrity. This guy is the epitome of the beauty of humankind! @surpassinggoogle is a warm, caring, sympathetic dreamer who makes dreams come true.  

He is putting all his energy into the welfare of others, sacrificing his own biological needs so that he can use steemit to make the world a better place or in his words “"Donkeylife" for others must end!” He believes in the goodness of people with all his heart and uses his projects @teardrops & @surpassinggoogle to support this.  


Posts: He doesn’t post much himself, but he interacts with all his disciples, an average of 23 a day

Followers: Father Terry gains 21 new followers each day due to the work he does for everyone

Random Fact: Whilst working in a call center, he called the work "the height of slavery, you even get paid to sit on that chair, be endlessly a pawn in an anonymous person's dream; be stolen from your very self, for the price of peanuts" 

A Special Mention Goes to the Following Members!

  • @airmatti for his awesome design. I have sent him 15 Steem as part of this ongoing @steemgigs which has already paid out 100's of Steem to this talented artist. 
  • @wolfje for producing the text for this card. @wolfje will receive 10 Steem for his awesome contribution!
  • @surpassinggoogle for the @steemgigs tag and the opportunity that it gives to so many!

Please Also Support The Animated Version of The Card

@airmatti has also produced another cool animated version of the card which feature original music by one of our other amazing Steemers! You can find it at our official page @steemtradecards

What do You Think?

  • Who would you recommend as deserving of a Steemit Trading Card?

I hope that you enjoyed this presentation of SteemTradeCards featuring the amazing @surpassinggoogle
Until next time, 

@kus-knee (The Old Dog)

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Very timely bro. And thank you for not forgetting me and being in my story from day one, even physically. This is giant and very timely. My dad is with me now too and it all got harder but i am still here. I hope we catch up soon. On the side, i don't get to promote my witness much but if someone desires to support me and among other upcoming things, my witness name is "steemgigs" and it is so called to represent community. Simply visit and you can type in "steemgigs" in the first box for witnesses


this is awesome, thanks for sharing this wonderful post. Mr. terry boy deserves this honor to all steemians because for showing love to fellows steemians especially Filipino steemians.

Steem on, and more power to you terry boy


What a pleasure it's been to present this card and to see your great strides on the platform! A big hug to you and your dad!

Please private message us with a mailing address as we send 10 printed cards to each recipient!


I no longer wonder where you draw your strength from cos you have an energy source of your own.
Permit me to tag friends who I think haven't done justice to STEEMGIGS as a Witness.
@jacobite, @bosscharlze, @kevwealth, @oguns, @roman3, @ojumah, @kingsniger, @otos, @phaethy, @igweno, @olusolaemmanuel, @rosyblessing.

Oya come and do the needful


@yungchief, thanks for the mention. @surpassinggoogle has really helped my growth on steemit.I have done the needful, you earned it through hard work. @kus-knee, can I get one of these cards


Oops didn't even know I haven't voted for @surpassinggoogle witness account; @steemgigs.

I have done the needful now, he truly deserves it.
I remember my first breakthrough on steemit was when I participated in @surpassinggoogle's #untalented-me contest


You have my support. Done voting for steemgigs.

I'm glad the old Dog has etched @Surpassingoogle in the steemittrade card, honestly you were asking for who deserves this? I'd say we give him again the second and third time.
I consider this the hall of fame of steemit, like an oscar of cryptocurrency, and why shouldn't I? It's given to people who have cut their teeth strived hard and also influenced the life of people both morally, financially and in all ramifications, this is exactly Terry here.

For the record however I'd say @anomadsoul is one who deserves this gift card as well, I think someone who knows how influential he's been will tend to agree.


Thanks for the suggestion. I'll look into it!


I love this comment! Hall of Fame/Oscar of Crypto, I couldn’t agree more, these are all people working for the benefit of the community and working their ... off. They deserve all the honour and respect that is put in these cards!


Thank you for acknowledging too, I think @anomadsoul should be considered too, you and the old dog are doing a wonderful job here

What a wise decision - one of the best Steemians on this platform indeed - I have the undeserved honour of knowing Terry already from times before Steemit - a great guys that always helps everyone! Thanks for all @surpassinggoogle and @kus-knee - two of my all-time favourite humans!


Wow. You knew him before Steemit! Amazing!


Yeah - from a time where we did not know anything about blockchains :-)

@kus-knee you said nothing but the pure truth. @surpassinggoogle is like a father to all on steemit and one great idealist. The modern day Aristotle always full of ideas and he is friendly and wants everyones growth. Thank you for reminding us of this remarkable man


Thanks for your lovely comment!

@surpassinggoogle really helps all newbies and does a great job. I remember my first steps here and his support.
And as I consider equally worthy @anomadsoul and his team @ocd, which really give support for high-quality content and make Steemit more fair and unique!

@surpassinggoogle действительно помогает всем новичкам и делает большую работу. Я помню свои первые шаги здесь и его поддержку.
А так же я считаю не менее достойным @anomadsoul и его команду @ocd, которые реально дают поддержку качественного контента и делают Steemit более справедливым и уникальным!

Cheers Thank for presenting @surpassinggoogle to us, I am happy to find very interesting things about him.

Absolutely right @kus-knee
@surpassinggoogle is the big hearted steemer with the big ideas..
He is my first steemit hero...I think, Every new steemians can follow @surpassinggoogle... He has a leadership quality that he proved. He works hard for @steemgigs platform...

A great long time Steemer. A fine choice Old Dog.

Say nice to see some positive advancement on the Steem price front.

You have a minor misspelling in the following sentence:

will recieve 10 Steem for his awesome contribution!
It should be receive instead of recieve.


Thanks. Do you like the card?

I will check him out. i appreciate you showcasing these steemians and it is a good way to get to know folks. Thanks @kus-knee


Thanks for your support!

What a fantastic card! It gives so much joy to read all those positive comments, I really like the comment about ‘steemits’ Hall of Fame most! Gives me even more pressure to create fantastic texts.


Great job! You'll be even more excited once you see what @the-beard brings to the video presentation!


Thanks. Now I’m nervous : )

Excellent choice! There are few people more deserving of recognition from the community for all the work he does.

As you said, Our Boy Terry is practically Mother Teresa!


Yes he has done a lot for the platform!

Again I have to say I am impressed with the presentation.

I came across @surpassinggoogle not long ago and the ID was what attracted me. I have checked his works and I must say he is really amazing at what he does.

When are you coming to Nigeria sir?


Definitely. He's like a moderator here in steemit who continous to spread good things and news to make steemit more worth it to share.


This would be a dream come true for me!

Wow @kus-knee

@surpassinggoogle must really be a generous person. I'll follow him now. All thanks to guys like you and him. Without people like @surpassinggoogle and you, i wonder how steemit would be. Probably like an island.

I'll support any project you all bring up in this platform. You have my 100% loyalty.
All the best...

I made a post about what you shared.


WOOW!!! :) I can't agree more to that. He really have a very BIG heart for everyone. :) And that is why he have touched a lot of lives and have so many people dream big because of the inspiration and motivations he give. :) He really deserve this! :) :)

for me this is a very amazing challenge @kus-knee.
I'm sure it must find a new science in this post.

Sir,you really a wise can present our The Old Dog Presentation course.i appreciate that.i upvote you sir

Very timely sir. And thank you for not forgetting me and being in my story from day one, even physically. This is giant and very timely.

I am happy that you Added @surpassinggoogle to SteemTradeCards and in your last post i also recommended his name because he really deserves this.

thank you for presenting this
keep it up bro

My appreciated to @surpassinggoogle.

@surpassinggoogle is a good man I see.

I've learned so much about the amazing people here on steemit. I think the world is full of good people until they have an opportunity to show who they really are..
I may have seen the faces of these people in magazines and have no clue what they've accomplished and where they're going.

Thanks to Steemit and you @kuss-knee for taking the time to organize this event.. Also my friends @wolfje and @airmatti 👊🏾


Thanks bud, I’m glad to see that you like it


Oooh it's been a real pleasure!

Thank you for presenting @surpassinggoogle to us, I am glad to find very interesting things about him. Congrats for his work! Cheers

No doubt @surpassinggoogle is the one of the best steemer and have a lot of idesa like steemgigs is my favorite he have alot of other ideas and many other things for community and also appereciated for the work of steem to add in coin-asia love his work

excellent post ..loving to your blog.thanks for sharing..

This is great publishing and great writing experience.

It's really....Perfect review and I agree

One of the most beautiful

Hey @kus-knee , great post! I enjoyed your content. Keep up the good work!
It's always nice to see good content here on Steemit! Cheers :)

@surpassinggoogle is a huge man with huge heart!
I agree that he is a celebrity on steemit platform which radiates goodness.

Such big help he is to everyone!

My volbac

Wow. He's really great. I heard about the steem summit in Cebu and all what he's done on this platform. Keep doing what you're doing sir @surpassinggoogle.
He truly deserves this and much more.
Kudos to the old- dog @kus-knee for this.

Amazing person with a kind heart

It's really our honour to know more about this person here in steemit @surpassinggoogle.


Great news @kus-knee, very interesting. Thanks for your post

This is really great and I'm happy for this guy.

Couldn't agree more!! He's a boy who has big heart and with lots of ideas. I actually can't imagine how @surpassinggoogle is able to manage his time!! But I just wish him all the best and may he be blessed even more!

Thank you for acknowledging his hard work ☺️

Woooow awesome the card from Terry :) all star

Life is full of ups and downs, but must continue to fight for the better, to work hard and never give up.
Thanks you

excellent choice of the whole team, our friend @surpassinggoogle has more than deserved this honorable mention. congratulations to the whole team for the great work done.
Thank you very much dear friend @surpassinggoogle for supporting and disseminating the outstanding people of the platform
I wish you a beautiful weekend

Wonderful card for a wonderful person who is taking steemit to everyone and developing communities : )

tnx for resteem and upvote

extraordinary compared to other steemians on this stage indeed.I have the undeserved respect of knowing Terry sir as of now from times before steemit an awesome folks that dependably helps everybody.
A debt of gratitude is in order for all @surpassinggoogle

I am one of his biggest fan!
He is such a kin guy i never seen ever in ny life!
Congratulations @surpassinggoogle :)

Brilliant idea for trading cards. I am all over this!

good post.
many information this post
thanks for sharing..