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Several days ago I received the Steem torch in my wallet and message from @ironshield. What an honor and note of trust. I was unfamiliar with the project and read the rules and purpose. Indeed we have grass roots community who want to build the trust and community. Such a beautiful thing.

There are rules to follow.

Steem Torch Rules:

Add 1 Steem or lower amount or nothing at all to the amount received in Steem Torch transfer.

Do not decrease the amount received.

Use the original memo Steem Torch Experiment! Count: 1. Please read the Steem Torch Rules at https://steemit.com/steem/@geekgirl/steem-torch before passing it to the next user. and change the count number by adding 1. For example, if the ​received memo is Count: 20, your sending memo will be Count: 21.

Choose a Steemian who you would like to pass the Steem Torch to. Preferably someone you trust will follow the Steem Torch rules, is active, and you believe will pass the Steem Torch to the next user.

Not required, but recommended to inform the next Torch Keeper of the transfer and follow up after the transfer.

Send the Steem Torch with the new amount and memo to the next Torch Keeper as soon as possible.

Try not to send it back to the previous Torch Keeper or someone you know already was a Torch Keeper.

When Count reaches to 1337 the experiment ends with success. 1337th Torch Keeper can donate the total amount to Steem based charities, Steem projects, distribute to minnows, burn it by sending to @null, or ask the community what to do with it.

1337th Torch Keeper must not keep the funds or use for personal projects.

Well I followed all the rules. Except I had no steem tokens in my account of my own to ad. Zero. What a situation. So I had to wait until I had accumulated SBD that I could transfer to as steem token. It took five days but I did it! And believe it is a worthy project. I contacted him to let him know it would be a few days. Again I thank @ironshield for his trust in me.


Tonight I passed the torch on. I did not know who had previously received the honor of the torch so I was going into the transfer blindly. I chose @papa-pepper. He has an established reputation that is worthy and has much respect. As a man of God he offered the Spiritual Food 4 Thought Bible Series here on Steemit that I dearly loved. He is a good man to learn from and he will do well. Enjoy my friend @papa-pepper.

Transfer 645.000 Steem to @papa-pepper.

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Thanks for reading feel free to comment, upvote or resteem

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I was happy to pass the torch to you! I'm sure @papa-pepper will think of a good steemian to pass the torch to.

Man, terribly dropped the ball on this. My technological issues are killing me and I'm limping along right now. I'll get the ball rolling. Sorry and thanks for the patience!

Thanks for your kind post and words in passing the torch this evening. @papa-pepper.