Solving Food production crisis(starvation) in Africa with Artificial Intelligent in Agriculture

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A commercial Farmer preparing his Drone for crop Analysis

Programmed Drone and a heavy Harvester

There is a saying ; When starvation is removed from abject poverty.Poverty is done!.........Nigerian adage

Majorly in all 3rd world countries,feeding is the utmost problem the masses is facing.A starved population is malnourished and is defunct of thinking and performing productively.

Agriculture is the trade that accompanied the evolution of humanity from pre-historic times to modern days and fulfilled superbly one of its most basic task: food supply. Today this still remains its core mission, but it’s integrated in a more complex than ever mechanism driven by multiple sociological, economic and environmental changes.


Artificial intelligent is a major tool to drive the war against poverty (Food deficiencies) in developing Nations.The era of mechanized farming is evolving thanks to amazing innovations courtesy of blockchain Technologies in executions of projects like vertical farming.

It is possible for machines to learn to solve any problem on earth relating to the physical interaction of all things within a defined or contained environment using machine learning plus artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence in this scenario is one where a machine can read its environment, and through a certain capacity of flexible rationality, take action to solve a specified task related to that environment. Machine learning is when this same machine, according to a specified set of algorithms and protocols, improves in its ability to address problems and goals related to the environment as the statistical nature of the data it receives increases. Put more plainly, as the system receives an increasing amount of similar sets of data that can be categorized into specified protocols, its ability to rationalize increases, allowing it to better predict on a range of crop production.

No farmer needs to weed the soil,cultivate the soil,apply fertilize after planting seeds,prune the crops manually anymore before achieving optimum crop yield as all is controlled artificially by super computers in the case of vertical farming technology.Since all is done in a controlled environments,time and space is maximize and so is productivity.Farming process from planting to harvesting is done on super large scales with limited resources which can produce food for the bulk part of a population.


  • Highly Capital intensive
  • Skilled personnel are required for support.
  • Multiple training needed for farmers.
  • Lack of Government support.

Some of this challenges are mild because with adequate funding channeled into this,most of the challenges are solved.


I implore @ned and other big guns in the Blockchain Technology movement to try a new ground in Africa,invest in vast Agriculture,and trust me your investments will yield in folds.Am new here,but i'm old in my country,i @oluwoleolaide is willing to champion any trial required in this proposition article.......Stay Blessed Steemians,have a Blissful week ahead.

Upvote,Resteem and help this crusade of Feeding the hungry Nations of the World

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Nice you find it cool mate......

Political issues are more important than technical issues; Try permaculture instead of AI and drones

We should leave politics to politicians.We are IT oriented individuals trying to fix what the government damaged.
In Africa's perspective anyways

My opinion is that it is a big mistake to leave politics to politicians, especially if you are IT oriented individuals. It is the people who should tell politicians what to do. I understand that it is more difficult to do it in Africa.

You said it all well sire......i agree never to disagree anymore

Very interesting!

Thanks for finding it interesting mate

The problem with famine in Africa as elsewhere isn't that there isn't enough food to go around... it's being kept from those that need it for political reasons! Over 90% of world starvation is politically engendered. In Somalia, for example, boatloads of food arrived and was diverted by warlords to buy arms and ammunition.

wow......thats another perspective to look at it.I'm really imploring private investors and parastatals.Government intervention will be like expcting Snow in East Africa.

Here's the problem... Government (or the UN, world govt.) will oversee the distribution. The people that need it won't get nearly enough, if any. The corrupt parasites that run the governments (mostly military strongmen selected by the UN) will sell it to buy arms to maintain power. I fear for the people of Africa... they are being raped for their vast natural resources. With the wealth of resources in Africa there is no excuse for famine, or poverty for that matter. Corruption is Africa's problem, neo-colonialism via the UN and western corporations!

You said my mind.It's a pathetic situation we got at hand mate.

One to which I wish I had the answer, my friend!

Great news. Thank you for sharing. As our world climate, continues to increase in change, more new innovative techniques are needed to meet the challenges. Here is one such solution: Vertical farming using aeroponics for micro-greens. Also on Youtube.

thanks for the link @bilbop.Will check that out ASAP.

Thank you mate.I appreciate you reading through.