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@whatsup has started a giveaway to come up with a #newsteem slogan. Apparently @inertia came up with the slogan the pulse of crypto which made me think of the slogan of the city I used to live in The Crossroads (Victoria, Texas).

The Crossroads of Crypto

The reason I think The Crossroads of Crypto is a good slogan for Steem is much of the same reason I think The Pulse of Crypto or The Bridge to Crypto could be good slogans for Steem. It's because I think Steem could be the starting point and the central hub for all of crypto from beginner to expert.


As you can see from the google maps image Victoria, Texas is about 2 hours away from Corpus Christi, San Antonio, Austin, and Houston, Texas, all large cities in Texas.

Steem could be the central hub for all things crypto, dapp, dex, and blockchain related.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, Steem can be the bitcointalk of the future. The place where projects come and pay creators to advertise on there posts, where projects come to make announcements of new projects and airdrops, and a hub of ideas for improvements to new and existing projects.

The Crossroads of Crypto Transactions

I recently saw a post where Vitalik talked about possibly using the Bitcoin Cash network to help with some of the scaling issues Ethereum is having short term.

What if Steem could also a similar type solution. Think how much the value of Steem would go up if projects like Ethereum used Steem to help solve short term blockchain congestion.

Just think the year is 2030, and Crypto Doggies are plugging up the Ethereum network bringing it down to it's knees. The Ethereum Foundation log onto Coinbase and purchases a few hundred thousand Steem over the counter and power it up within a few minutes.

A smart contract on top of the Ethereum network then starts accepting the gas payments for the Ethereum transactions and starts to work on the backlogged blockchain.

The Foundation uses the Powered up Steem for a few months to figure out some optimization they can make in the short term to solve the issues while leaving the Steem Power powered up until they feel confident the issue won't happen again or they came up with a better long term solution.

The person who created the smart contract earns the Ethereum gas for all the transactions using the Steem Power and the Ethereum blockchain is able to clear up the chains constipation in less than an hour.

(I know very little on how to code or how blockchains work, but just using my imagination. I'm sure what I described is pretty complicated and even maybe impossible.)

The Crossroads of Crypto Professions

Steem Gaming is one of the top tribes on the Steem blockchain. It has become a collaborative hub for all things gaming on any blockchain.

The community has many writers, voice actors, graphic designers, marketers, etc. Anything you can think of that maybe required to launch a Triple A game to compete with the likes of Blizzard and EA.

Most of the people in this community are paid in the Steem Gaming token. This token gets it's value as it's the token that is used in 90% of the games created in the community indirectly. In game skins, loot boxes, items, power ups, monthly subscriptions, etc. are all purchased using this SGT.

This helps keep the coin liquid and the small amount of inflation is nothing compared to the number of games that are developed and released per year that are using this token.

The price of Steem also continues to rise as those creating games on the platform are either purchasing Steem to convert into Steem Power to run there games on the blockchain or leasing Steem Power from investors.

The Crossroads of Crypto Projects

SPI Steem Power Investments and Steem Leo have worked hard with Steem-Engine to release the first ever Steem DEX.

Complete with a step by step process on how to create your own token and get it listed on the DEX or to get a peg of any existing cryptos or crypto collectibles listed on the DEX as a one stop shop for all things crypto trading.

The part where SPI and Steem LEO collaborated was setting up Index Funds for different crypto markets and a simple way for anyone to set-up an automated crypto index fund.

To date they have a smart contract, cryptocurrency, top 10, top 100, masternode, POS, large cap, mid cap, and small cap index funds. They also have over 20 other index funds already set-up with easy performance tracking and reinvestment options for passive earnings.

The Crossroads

I know some of my examples are probably reaching, but Steem is a great way for projects to start earning some funds to help them get off the ground and started with upvotes and delegations.

Steem is a great way for creators, coders, and others to start posting content to help build up an online resume.

If you have a great idea for a slogan for Steem be sure to check out @whatsup post here as he's giving away some amount of Steem to posts up to 100 Steem total.

This could be a great way to get the word out about Steem and to help change peoples thoughts on Steem and a great way to continue the #newsteem initiative.

If you can't think of anything and like what I've written feel free to post a comment on his posts telling him how awesome you think this post is as well ;)

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This is a very good post and I like some of your ideas. I think steem engine and steemleo are the new additions I like the most. Thanks for sharing

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Yeah I will have to agree that they seem to be the 2 new projects to compete with. I hope LEO continues to innovate and kind of be the beacon that other tribes strive to be over the long term.

A great example of how the community will make the potential become a reality!

Thanks, I completely agree!

Edit It's awesome to see most of this is going on now, but just not to this degree.

another good slogan


Great Entry and very well thought out! I like it.

We all need to think about what we want to say and who we want to present it too.


We all need to think about what we want to say and who we want to present it too.

Definitely agree with this. A well thought out message goes a lot farther than pointless arguing.


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