How a network effect has the potential to reach out to +100,000 possible new users to Steemit. #steemtalent update No.3.

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#steemtalent - Project Update No.3.

Project update after 10 days

As promised, I wanted to share with you the latest update for the roll out of the new #steemtalent project.

As I mentioned in the first update, I will try and fit in around 2-3 a week as the project is rolled out and will reduce their frequency as the project gets underway.

These quick updates will hopefully help you join me on this amazing journey as the project is rolled out.

Exciting times ahead - Things that dreams are made of

There are many things I talk about in this short video, but I guess the most exciting thing for sure, is the impact it would have if a Celebrity was to join #Steemit through this way.

To have a Celebrity join, that we have personally handpicked, approached, communicated with and helped to sign up, would be something that dreams are made of.

Coverage in a National Newspaper

Without doubt one of the most exciting things that I believe could happen pretty soon, is a news article in a National Newspaper.

As explained in the video, it would only take one journalist to cover this story and if others thought that the story was getting noticed, there would be an army of journalist fighting to get the story out.

If this did happen, then the network effect would simply explode and one that would have the potential to see a tsunami of new #Steemit Account Applications flood in.

+100,000 potential new users to #Steemit

In the video, I help explain how 50 handpicked and targeted Open Invitations to come and join #Steemit could potentially have a network effect to attract a possible +100,000 new account applications and that is just in 10 days.

If these last 10 days are anything to go by, then #steemtalent has the potential to be a very effective way to take #Steemit to Market as it can be done by anyone, anywhere in the World.

Once again a Massive #Steemit Shout Out

Without sounding like a broken record, I would like to once again say a Massive #Steemit Shout Out to each and everyone of you that has support this new and exciting project.

You guys simply .....ROCK..!!

Thanks again for reading and watching.


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Thank you so much for the shout out Stephen. I truly appreciated it. It means a lot to me. I am very excited to see your new baby flourishing. Tomas


Thanks Tomas. You are very welcome. Thanks supporting the #steemtalent project and recognising the potential value it could bring to the #STEEM Blockchain. Stephen

Thanks for your efforts. Steem need people like you, promo is the key in current phase for Steem!


Thank you. I really appreciate it. I love promoting #Steemit and have done for over 18 months but sometimes I feel that some don't get why it is so important. Thanks again for the support. Stephen

yes we are hopeful and pretty excited that good time ahead. #steemtalent already created a huge impact. Hopefully it will get more success in near future. I must #steemtalent is your best move. Thanks for doing so much for the promotion of this amazing community. Keep it up. You are the real star of this community @stephenkendal


Thank you, I really appreciate it. Stephen

Thank you for guve us a tool for promition steemit

Steemtalent seems a great initiative cheers to you your thoughts to promote steemit are great.

This is a great idea and i think one way to reach journalists would be to contact them on linkedin.


Thank you. LinkedIn is a great tool for connecting with journalists and is something I am doing. Thanks again for the support. Stephen

Thank you for giving update.


You are very welcome. Stephen

giphy.gifGreat, steemit has now improved a lot through you continue your Good work @stephenkendal


What a talent this is! This dlive was really good..actually nothing to say!

I love steem so much and hopefully steem is a great social side in the world

We will get there. Put the word out. One steemian at the time ;)