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Green Bay, WI - A local Steemit poster, who goes by the name @contentcrusader, has been campaigning for the flagging of content a user feels unworthy of rewards. What @contentcrusader was not prepared for, however, was his content being flagged.

Recent developments have once again left the local poster shocked.

@contendercrusader had spent months and weeks driving people away from the platform if they were rewarded for content that was vulgarian, not sophisticated enough and generally common.

On January 15th 7:32pm, his 437,000 word essay about the long term implications of a post-Trumpian world on the quantum gravity theory received a flag.

Steemstreet Journal reached out to Mr. Crusader for comments.

"This did not go at all according to my calculations. I spent hours doing precise mathematical determination of the amount of value my post would bring to the community, pinpointing it to exactly $432.88. This makes me feel like my 12 years in academia were for nothing. I'm angry. Angry and disappointed."

When asked whether or not he feels its hypocritical to to feel angry about receiving a flag after campaigning for the use of flags in these exact situations, he would go on to comment the following:

"See, it's different. These people here. They don't have my intellect. They can't possibly be trusted to determine the value of information. Ask any academic and they will tell you that academics know best. We have formulas for these sorts of things. And definitely not Formula 1s, that's a sport that should never drain my reward pool."

@contentcrusader swears that he will not let this setback to sway him away from the battlefield for high quality content. Instead of focusing on his content, his strategy for upcoming battles is to poison the community further, so that ultimately he will be the only member left.

He went on to let us know about his ideal 2017 roadmap for the Steemit platform:


"This represents the ideal situation."

Steemstreet Journal will keep you updated on all the latest news, as usual.

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ha ha! I love the picture!!!! I'm dying!

Yeah the pic is pure gold ;D

Hilarious!! It took me a minute to realize this was satire... yes I clicked on the user name @contentcrusader.

Yeah, its gone lol

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Haha! Lmao. I try to stay out of controversy. Buh this is so hilarious.

I know I'll live to regret sticking my spoon in this soup.

Thanks for the update! This was highly informative and I have left feeling much smarter than I was before I got here. Again, thank you!

Lol, funny af. Are you sure you ain't a writer from the onion? Anyway I think there's a typo here (sorry) -

On January 15th 7:32pm, his 437,000 word essay about the long term implications of a post-Trumpian world on the quantum gravity theory in a received a flag.

Btw here's an old post by another Steemian. Not related to the topic, but very funny and it's still about Steemit - just want to share :)


Ah, thanks for pointing that out. Fixed. I was originally going with a different structure, and did sloppy work.

More humour on Steem please ^^
Let's make Steemit fun again :D

Don't get your feelings hurt on the Internet, haha! And don't expect your steemit post to reach $400...

This is funny, especially the picture! Very classy of you to make up a username for this character!

Yeah, the intent of this was never to attack anyone, or anything like that. It was just about having fun.

Indeed, that is why it was awesome. Keep on doing that classy fun stuff, I enjoy it ^_^

Damn! This was hilarious! :D

I used to be like you, and then I took a whale to the knee.

Stop complaining, Captain Whinebags.

Love this. :D And it's probably about to be me... i even look kinda like the guy xD

Nah, this isn't about anyone specific. Even if it is based on real life drama.

haha just my small bit of self-reflection, no offense taken

this was great lol thanks for the laugh!

The pleasure was all mine. :)

I believe in Karma, I dont want to say anything bad to mr crusader, but heres a perfect bible verse: ;)

Matthew 7:12 ~ do to others as you would have them do to you. For this is the essence of the Law and the prophets.

Or earlier, "Judge not, that ye be not judged. For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again." Matthew 7:1-2

amen :)