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RE: Sex Differences: Do females and males have different brains? Pt 2

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Your descriptions on intelligence distribution pretty much sums up the stuff I've been telling people since middle school.

outperformed some of my tutors, if finding mistakes in their tests — and having to explain it to them at length until they finally got it

That's just so much relatable. I actually ended up quitting highschool because it was too stupid of a place to be. Burnt some serious bridges in the process. Looking at how the rest who went for college and jobs, I can say I stand tall and proud with no regrets under my parents roof.

My personal experience is that when it comes to that genius level, women make up only about 10% That's just my personal experience. I don't really have much of a social circle. Either way any country/corporation that enforce those 40% minimum quota of women in executive positions are doomed to fail miserably.

Also I have to add that competent women despise incompetent women more way more than men. So gender quotas are actually going to drive away the kind of women who actually deserve those executive positions (I make this claim based on personal experiences based on a limited sample size)


The education system should be redesigned from scratch!

Anecdotally, I can confirm your claim about competent women despising incompetent women more than men.

It's been a trope the last few years, almost a meme in blogs, that executive positions in general attract sociopaths, so I guess your last point about the wrong people getting the important jobs holds for men too.

I'd say even the definitions of mental conditions should be redone from scratch. If you look at a checklist for sociopath or psychopath, an Arhat would perfectly fit many of the criteria. I'm a huge fan of high functioning sociopaths like most of the characters written by Steven Moffat (who is the best thing ever happened to television IMO).The problem is that the kind of sociopaths that get into the power positions are pretty much like those looser pick up artists who are faking it till they make it (who are never going to make it.) Some people develop certain qualities out of insecurity and need for survival. I had lots of interesting conversations on this topic on the comment section of this post:

That's an interesting take, since I don't generally like socio/psychopaths. But your distinguishing them from the other kind, the insecure/PUA/con-man kind, makes me see that maybe that's the kind I've had most dealings with, and maybe formed my opinion based on them.

Founding Fathers and Ron Paul were all politicians too. It's really like the bell curve for males. Only few reach exceptional levels and many turns out to be bad to absolutely terrible.

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