Cant really upvote this now but it deserves my recognition.
I love "space stuff" and reading or watching about this topic is amazing.

Amazingly written once again sir!

Thank you, barbarian! :)

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Hi, I found some acronyms/abbreviations in this post. This is how they expand:

ESAEuropean Space Agency
GEOGeostationary Earth Orbit (35786km)
LEOLow Earth Orbit (180-2000km),Law Enforcement Officer (most often mentioned during transport operations)
MEOMedium Earth Orbit (2000-35780km)

Well, that's a start. If humanity doesn't remove space debris it's gonna get problematic indeed.

Thanks so much for the post. I have used this website for a long time to look at stuff in space - It is hard to imagine just how long we have been putting debris in space. You can click on any of the items and it will tell you what year it ended up in space. I have found some from 1972. Wow.

damn, I missed this when I could vote on it... but I have to say that was a very interesting read. I find it almost horrid, that we are littering space and treating it like we have treated our earth. With exponential growth and interest in outer space, I can foresee us fucking up shit we know nothing about. We need to clean our shit up. Loved this post