SteemSTEM Sub-Community Update Series: STEMng

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We'd like to welcome you to one of our largest sub-communities: STEMng. This initiative has been growing alongside steemSTEM for some time now and has truly become an independent force on the Steem blockchain.

As a sub-community of steemSTEM, STEMng - under the management of @gentleshaid and @greenrun - is focused on assisting the Nigerian community in promoting Steem through well-crafted, fun to read and fact-based STEM content that is devoid of conspiracies, gainsayings, untested hypotheses as well as copyright infringements.

Community Building: Both On Steemit and on Discord

Since its inception, the management of the Nigerian sub-community has been working assiduously to consolidate on the support provided by the parent community (steemSTEM) and other stakeholders on the Steem blockchain to further foster community building through various activities that would increase engagement both within their discord server as well as in the comment sections of STEM content on the blockchain.

One such activity is the Friday night hangout which usually takes place every Friday night and authors within the sub-community come together to have an open discussion on topical issues while cool music plays in the background. The hangout is occasionally garnished with the presence of influential members of the steemSTEM community; @justtryme90, @lemouth, the lovable @abigail-dantes, and @zest are some of the members that have graced the hangout.

STEMng community also has an educational, fun-filled and interactive weekly quiz session which has also been held every Friday during the hangout. As a rule, after the maiden edition of the quiz was hosted by @gentleshaid, the winner of 1st position in any particular week would host the quiz the following week. This coming Friday would be the 4th edition of the weekly quiz and below is the summary of winners of the previous editions;

EditionHost1st position2nd position3rd postion

Hence, the host of the quiz for this coming Friday is @emperorhassy. In order to ensure that the same set of people do not win every week, a new rule coming into effect this week has been put in place such that no member can win more than once in a period of 4 weeks. To further encourage engagement the 1st place position has a price of 5SBD attached to it while 2nd and 3rd positions have 3 and 2SBD attached to them respectively.

The STEMng Community Meetup

Recently, as the community continues her growth on various fronts, STEMng had a meetup at the Lekki Conservation Center in Lagos, Nigeria and it was a great success. 18 STEMng members graced the meetup, some of them traveled hundreds of miles for the community. Some of the members present include @realjosh, @agbona, @funmiakinpelu, @gentleshaid, @amazonaesh, @eurogee, @synick, @thurllanie, @emperorhassy, @herbayomi, @djoi, @bookie, @temitayo-pelumi, @rharphelle, @samest, @sogless and a host of others. We hope for increased participation in future meetups, as the community continues to grow in size and flourish.

Join us

Of course, you don't have to be from Nigeria to join us. Our Discord Server welcomes anybody to join in the fun, competitions, hangouts and more. See you there!

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Good luck. I've tried to help a few in the Nigerian community in the past. Even with STEM content. I don't think I was made to be a teacher.

There are a lot of people in the community that could create some great STEM content, but they need teachers to show them how to create STEEM STEM content.


People should reach out to our mentors for help. They are there specifically for that.


we already have a plan to have sub-community tutors as well. I believe having tutors within the community will go a long way in addition to the efforts of the honour members of steemstem. This would kick off in the next few weeks


Righteous words baba. Notin do u jare


Good! I was a bit tipsy last night, so I don't think I was fully clear...but glad you guys are doing what I was thinkin needs done! thumbs up

Omo, see as STEMng don waka cross the borders of Naija enter another ogbonge levels.
We make sense, no bi lie jare.
I wan take dis medium package ogbonge salute troway reach baba @gentleshaid and baba @greenrun. Una dey too much jare.
Better dey come, ah swear. Notin do us jor.


Loud it bruv

When I said we are going to d moon, u guys thought I was joking

@gentleshaid abeg us are @here and @everyone so I won't miss the next abeg. U know I love quiz and remember the AOC #WINKS


You know there no "i" in team, without you guys we won't get this far. Thank you.

How do one become a member of your communities @steemSTEM and @STEMng ?.
My scientific posts always go unrecognized by you despite the quality. And it is a bit discouraging.


despite the quality

Perhaps they are not as good as you think? You should try reaching out to one of the steemSTEM mentors for guidance ( on the steemstem discord) . They will help you grow!


Your content may be good but you were not active on discord. Relate more :)


Good contents hardly go unnoticed, authors active on discord or not. Perhaps he just thinks his contents are good but might not really scratch the standards of steemstem


Ok. Thanks.

This simply shows what commitment and dedication can do to a community if the members are united.
Joining @steemstem and @stemng has really taught me a lot about science. Indeed this is a platform that rewards creativity.
And I am really proud to be a member, though I have not been very active now because of exams, but as soon as I am done, I will bounce back to full action.
To all the management team of both @stemng and @steemstem, you all have Ben wonderful.
Steemstem will definitely reach the pinnacle of success and will be in future a compendium of great scientific articles.
10gbosa ✊ for @greenrun and @gentleshaid


The truth is, the community can't grow without you guys. Thank you.


20 gbosas for the authors as well...thanks bro

Waohhhh.... @stemNG featured on steemtem update
The Nigerian community is really growing fast
Thanks to @gentleshaid and @greenrun for making this happen
Kudos to @steemstem for the opportunity
Congratulations to all stemNG family...


Thank you for your contribution to the growth.

Up up you go @stemng. Thumbs up sirs @greenrun @gentleshaid


Thank you.

@gentleshaid and @greenrun chop knocku. U guys are d real mvps always a hit back to back

Stemng Issa Goal guys


We would like to thank you :)

It's amazing watching STEMng grow and the great participation and contribution from everyone. Hope the same for other sub-communities and also anticipating our future. Kudos to @gentleshaid and @greenrun.


We are proud of the accomplishments of our community and are humbled to serve it and assist in its growth.


You're welcome :)

Naija no dey carry last
STEMng all the way!!!
Thanks @STEEMstem for bringing hope alive.

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Excellent work. It is great to see a science and educational group working for the greater good. The world needs more groups like this.

Hi @steemstem!

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This is awesome! Great management by great men @greenrun and @gentleshaid, the leaders of agberos. Let love keep reigning

@Stemng is the best thing to happen to Nigerians and Africa. Grateful for the brains behind it
. @eurogee of @euronation and @steemstem communities

I'm so so happy to be part of this great community @stemng.

To the management of @stemng, you guys rock big time. @gentleshaid and @greenrun.

To our parent community management, you guys are simply the best. Thanks for the love and support you guys have shown to the #stemng community.

STEM is the community to be in.

#steemstem and #stemng to the moon.


Wow.... This is massive.
I'll continue to say it every time and every where that @steemstem is the best platform on steemit, @STEMng is the best sub-community and I'm always proud to be one of its members. I know Rome wasn't built in a day, just like @steemstem too. It was only able to reach this pinnacle as a result of the hardwork, dedication, selflessness, innovation and creativity put into it.

I really commend the management for the great work done. They are really doing a great work. I wish them more power. I promise to also put my best and help the community to move forward in terms of communication and exposure.
Long live @steemstem
Long live @stemng
Long live @lemouth
Long live @justtryme
Long live @gentleshaid
Long live @greenrun
Long live all the @steemstem members.


Thanks for the nice words towards the steemstem project!

The power of commitment, unity and good leadership make things work for good. This is. Very good one for us all.

I clap for you sirs @greenrun and @gentleshaid