SteemSTEM Sub-Community Update Series: de-STEM

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This week, the spotlight is on de-STEM, our german-speaking sub-community. Active since half a year, this initiative works on promoting STEM content within the important german community of the steem blockchain.

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The Team

De-STEM is managed by @sco, who also serves as a language group curator. Also, several steemSTEM mentors/honor members, like @egotheist or @lesshorrible, are actively supporting german authors to improve the quality of their publications.

Account and steemSTEM votes

Our sub-community independently runs its own steem account: @de-STEM, which has grown consistantly since its creation and has long passed a voting power of 1000 SP. From there, outstanding posts posted in #de-stem are resteemed and upvoted. If german posts follow the criteria of steemSTEM, they will be forwarded to the steemSTEM curation team and - upon being reviewed - receive our generous upvote.

Community Building


Every one or two weeks, a dedicated post ("ReSTEM") informs the community about ongoing developments, changes or challenges. Also, it provides statistics on given upvotes and a selection of particularly valuable posts for all people who don't have the time to follow the #de-stem category on a daily base.
Just as with steemSTEM's "Distilled", this aims at further motivating authors to publish quality content in regular intervals.


A key to every community is - naturally - communication. De-STEM has its own discord chat, where you can hang out and discuss the latest STEM topics. You don't even need to bring german language skills - the community is always happy to teach you important german every-day words like Behördenantragsübersetzungsformular or Rindfleischetikettierungsüberwachungsaufgabenübertragungsgesetz!

We can't think of any reason why you shouldn't speak german fluently within a week of chatting with us.


You speak german (or you did the discord class), and you are interested in reading, writing or discussing science, technology, engineering and mathematics? Then join us!
Until then: Steem on!

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This is nice . I never knew that you German guys are doing great there. Welcome me to your discord server.!!😁😁.

Gut gemacht Jungs @sco, @egotheist and @lesshorrible.


I might speak (a kind of) german as my mother language, but I have to insist that I am Austrian. ;-)

Welcome, welcome, we will teach you highly important stuff. Just ask @kingabesh, he really enjoyed his lessons.


Lmao well I look forward to more of those lessons 😇😂

Thanks @steemstem for coming with plans intended to rich far reaching authors.

I appreciate this community

STEM contributor

Hello sir, I want to join de-steem but I do not have the knowledge of expression in German language, as if I'm interested in mathematics, please help me.


Hi @divram
Join us on discord here
You dont have to speak German to join steemstem!


I‘m one of the german speaking members from de-stem who is also interested in math and I‘m also posting about math. So maybe we see us on discord XD. But there are also english speaking and posting members on steemstem which are covering this topic.

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Team @steemstem

I am happy with your organizational strategies in growing the community. With your tentacles spread across diverse languages and subcommunities, it will enable fast onboarding and encouragement to those who would not have been discovered organically.

Indeed this community is one of the few pillars of steem ecosystem.

Thanks for all the supports

@eurogee of @euronation and @steemstem communities

Rindfleischetikettierungsüberwachungsaufgabenübertragungsgesetz!??? 😨😨

Why does this sound like incantation to me? Or maybe because I don't speak German (yet).

Nice job de-stem

I like the German language : it has a pleasant tone to it :)

Nice one @steemSTEM, my wish for us, is that we conquer more groups and make thissure world a better place.

long live @de-STEM

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Germans are one of the most active part of this STEM journey. Wishing de-STEM a great success. 👏👍

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