SteemSTEM Distilled #50

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Welcome to the 50th issue of SteemSTEM Distilled, a curation effort by the members of the @steemstem team.

SteemSTEM is a community driven project which seeks to promote well-written and informative Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics posts on Steemit. The project involves curating STEM-related posts through upvoting, resteeming, offering constructive feedback, supporting scientific contests, and other related activities.

For more details, a recent update on the steemSTEM can be found here, and a not so recent one there. Moreover, if you ask yourself about what it means to be part of steemSTEM, please check here.

Our team scours the platform for original and quality content.

After working through thousands (literally!) of STEM-related posts and upvoting more than 150 that we deemed to be worthy, we proudly present you our top 8 handpicked choices for this Thursday-Sunday period.


Geology of Iceland - Part 2: The Iceland hotspot

After Hawaii, Iceland is the next "stop" on @sooflauschig's posts. An interesting piece of writing that will teach you more about the geology of the area.

Alternative Energy Solution: Bionic Leaf Interacts With Bacteria To Convert Solar Energy Into Liquid Fuel (Research-based)

And from geology to technology. @eurogee has brought us a very interesting post on a new technology that promises to create liquid isopropanol fuel using a bionic leaf and an engineered bacterium as a catalyst.


Visits from Lost Loved Ones & Out-of-Body Experiences

In her new series @abigail-dantes goes deeper into the sphere of obscure worlds and tries to break down the mysteries of ghosts and out-of-body experiences. Don't miss the first episode and stay tuned for the next ones!

Licking Rocks for Fun and Profit

Let's go mineral tasting with @mountainwashere in this post. You will be surprised to learn what those geologists have to put in their mouths for the sake of their science.


Ionospheric TEC Variation: Importance to Scintillation Study and Radio Signal Propagation

An interesting physics post by @obamike is here. This one discusses the importance of studying the ionospheric Total Electron Content data. Check it out!

Exploit your Learning Style

@conas has given us a very helpful post on the various learning styles there are out there. Once you figure out yours, the learning process will be so much easier as you will be able to develop much more effective learning strategies.


The Quest for A Total Annihilation of the Killer Mosquitoes

Little flying, blood-sucking vampires, AKA mosquitoes are the main topic of this post by @bitfairy. Read it to learn more about how and why scientists have been trying to get rid of them and what would happen if those insects disappeared for good.

The control of Ebola Virus Disease in 2018

An extended and well-written post on the deadly Ebola virus is here by @nonzerosum. Read it to learn more about this plague and the new vaccine that is being developed to use in the fight against it.

A few words about the nomination process

For the sake of transparency we feel we need to clarify how our nomination process works; each issue is compiled by certain members of the SteemSTEM community. This week's editorial team was comprised of @ruth-girl.

The editorial team chooses their favorite posts for the week and each issue is the result of their joined effort. In order to keep the process fair, posts written by the editorial team are excluded from the nomination process.

Don't be discouraged if you didn't make it on this issue. The competition is harsh and there is always a next time :) In the meantime, you may wish to check these guidelines for extra tips on how your writing can be more effective.

Authors That Received a Curie Upvote by the SteemSTEM Team

In the same spirit of being transparent about our actions that are now supported by @curie, we will release every week a list of authors who have caught the attention of the @steemstem curation team.

If you want to discuss this with us, please do not hesitate to join the steemSTEM discord server or to follow our curation trail (just ask us for more information on the chat for details).

From May 06 to May 13, we rewarded 124 different authors who have written a total of 170 different articles. The authors who received both a @steemstem and a @curie vote that week are:

@aamin, @abumaryam, @addempsea, @adeosunadeyinka, @adetola, @afolwalex, @agbona, @agmoore, @akouta, @alexander.alexis, @alexdory, @anaestrada12, @anomalogy, @arrrados, @aurackle, @azulear, @biologist, @bitfairy, @carlosgerdet, @chloroform, @churchboy, @crypto-bird, @cyprianj, @davidekpin, @davidrhodes124, @davinci.times, @deboas, @dedicatedguy, @deholt, @dennis.bacchus, @derbesserwisser, @dexterdev, @doctorcro, @drago18121996, @drifter1, @drtobi18, @duke77, @edwin10, @egotheist, @eliaschess333, @emily61, @ennyta, @eurogee, @event-horizon, @fabiob, @florae, @funmiakinpelu, @germanmontero, @gra, @greciaamidala, @hadji, @henrychidiebere, @highonthehog, @humbledeen, @ideas-abstractas, @ied, @issavets, @joelagbo, @josedelacruz, @kharrazi, @khrisaeroth, @kingabesh, @lauch3d, @lawkay, @lefactuoscope, @lesshorrible, @lordneroo, @lorenzor, @markovicmarko, @masterwriter, @mathowl, @maurelvys, @menoski, @micro24, @mountainwashere, @mrbreeziewrites, @nicotinamina, @noble-noah, @obamike, @olajidekehinde, @onyima, @pangoli, @polaleye50, @pratik27, @procrastilearner, @proteus-h, @psicoluigi, @real2josh, @rharphelle, @rickie, @rnunez09, @robertoromero, @rubies, @sakura1012, @samminator, @scienceangel, @siavach, @sogless, @sooflauschig, @soulesque, @spaghettiscience, @star-vc, @steemzeiger, @steep2308, @steepup, @sustainablyyours, @temitayo-pelumi, @terrylovejoy, @tfcoates, @thethinkingdr, @tking77798, @ugonma, @ulisesfl17, @valth, @vanessahampton, @viannis, @vic0617, @whentone, @whileponderin, @wisdomdavid, @yan8018, @yann85, @ydavgonzalez, @ysabelbencomo

[Credits: @elvisxx71]

All curation rewards earned will be used to fund @steemstem project functioning and activities.

See you all next Thursday (or Friday :p)!


For more information on our activities, see the image below :)

This was a super-late distilled... I know...

Better late than never :)

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We are here at last! (better late than never)

Congratulations authors!! And well done to the whole community!! :D

No time is late on steemit :)

The better late than never will become our leitmotif soon :)

As long as we keep getting the job done, it is fine :)

Job is coming... job is coming... but being in a high-speed train between France and Belgium us not helping this time... ;)

Thank you so much for your invaluable support @ruth-girl and @steemstem :) Also, I would just like to add that @conas’s post is incredibly informative and worth reading! Congratulations to all the other authors who featured in the distilled this week 🌷
All the best everyone :)

We thank you for your lovely lovely work Abi! We love you and you know it! 💖

Steemstem community doing a superflous work in rewarding STEM authors, great work indeed.

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Congrats to everyone featured!

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My family was never entirely successful at teaching me to not put random stuff in my mouth.

Big congrats to everyone featured and also to everyone that got voted. SteemSTEM can only grow bigger.
Go SteemSTEM!!

Nice job again by team @ruth-girl

We can grow bigger and stronger if we all try together @samminator!!

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Congrats to everyone~
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Stay awesome people! Good job once again @ruth-girl!

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Congrats to all those those that made it to the list. Congrats. It really nice seeing people bringing science to our finger tips here through steemstem. I hope to be on this list soon. Though still a noob. Thanks @steemstem @ruth-girl

This is quite educative and the right resources were pulled off. Congratulations to the winners. I am @timmyeu of @euronation

There is not really any winner. We support everyone, but only add some spotlight to some :)

Yaaay! They deserved it! :)

Congratulations everyone!

Don't be discouraged if you didn't make it on this issue. The competition is harsh and there is always a next time

Yea, that is the message
There is always a better time for diligency
[email protected] on your effort

Everyone's good work will eventually make it in an issue. It is just a matter of time and personal effort! Kudos! :D

With patience, everything happens :)

Congratulations to all the featured authors and every member of this amazing community... Keep steeming guys!

Thank you!! Steemstem on! :D

@steemstem don come again with unbeatable selection of highest quality post in the mist of good post. I learnt a lot especially while reading @eurogee post , that post is something else, very informative and educative.

Hello there! Thank you for the encouraging words!

The mist is heavy... believe me :)

@steemstem, a life changing community that seek to advance the frontier of scientific knowledge and technological innovations. I am very grateful to this community and her leadership.

@eurogee of @euronation community

Congratulations bro, I’m so happy for you

Thank you for the so lovely words @eurogee! It is nice to have you here! :)

Whao sweet distilled is out. Congratulations to all selected authors. Keep it up. Well done @ruth-girl for this wonderful selection. @lemouth well done. Entire management and curators, I say well done to everyone. Let's not stop the quality work. Congratulations to @conas a newbie yet a good post 😁

Thank you @steepup!! Big congrats go to everyone of us that support this community the way we can :)

Yeah congratulations to everyone of us. Well done for your sefless effort and your time @ruth-girl

Thanks a lot for your nice message! We do our best, as always :)

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This community is great, well done @ruth-girl for this wonderful selection. @lemouth well done for the distilled release. This community growth is our collective effort. Congratulations to all the authors presented.

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You are welcome @lemouth

I love the posts in your list specially that "Alternative Energy Solution" thing. Good read and sounds very interesting!

Thank you! It's nice to hear that you liked our picks :)

Great Work... Steemstem progressing every day and author get rewarded for their efforts.... Kudo's. @teamstem

We are all getting better over time! Kudos! :)

Congratulations to my boss @eurogee of Euronation community. He worked tirelessly and selflessly and it's pay back time. Enjoy the rewards boss.

Hard work always pays off! Kudos! :)

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Caught this one in the bud.
Excellent work everyone!
I see the list is getting bigger, which is good since there were a lot of good articles in this last week.

Thank you! We are growing and this is very encouraging @alexdory! :)

Congratulations to all of the featured authors.

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Congratulations to the awarded authors. Thanks to @steemstem for the excellent work.

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My blog got featured! This is good news! I read most blog featured here hoping one day to make it here too. Thank you steemstem and able curators.

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It's you that deserve the thanks. Thank you.

50th Episode :o

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Congratulations to everyone.... You guys rock and one day I will make it to that list

Thank you! You are so many that I wish we had more places left for each day! One day everyone will make it though!

Awesome picks as usual. Well done #steemstem team and congratulations everyone. Good to see @abigail-dantes once more. Congratulations @bitfairy, you deserve it.

We all appreciate your tremendous efforts <3

Hey would you look at the, I made it to distilled! What amazing news to wake up to this morning, thank you so much for the support! I really appriciate it

It's true! You're in! Enjoy the extra promotion to your good work! We hope to keep seeing it in the steemstem tag :D

Congratulations @eurogee... More grease!

Congratulations to all featured authors! It's not easy! 🎊

It's not easy but it's not impossible either :D

congratulations to everyone contributing to the stem community and nice work by the curation team

congratulations everyone.

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Congratulations to all the respective authors including me!! 😋😝🎊

Thanks to all the members of #steemSTEM for their support!! 😇

We all deserve congratulations for our good work! ;)

Hola. Gracias por el apoyo. Excelentes post. Sobre todo me gustaron el de la búsqueda de una aniquilación total de los mosquitos asesinos y el del control de la enfermedad del virus del Ébola en 2018.

Hola y gracias por partcipar en esta comunidad! :D

Interesting collection as usual. Well done @ruth-girl and big congrats to all featured authors

Congratulations to all featured and curated authors. Kudos team @steemstem for always trying to promote good content !

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