Promoting Steemit - Going down inside the Large Hadron Collider at CERN with steemSTEM

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As you are all probably aware of by now, the steemSTEM community is currently organizing its first meetup. And as a group of science lovers, what could be better than meeting in a famous research location?

To achieve this, we chose to meet up at CERN, in Geneva, Switzerland! However our meetup will not just be about exploring CERN… We will also go underground, and see the Large Hadron Collider from a few meters away! A dream for many scientists from all over the world.

This is an extremely unique opportunity, and it’s one that the members of the steemSTEM project/community get to experience ONLY because of doors opened up by STEEM/Steemit! Because of how unique this is, we feel it’s a really great opportunity to promote STEEM, the steemit platform, and of course our steemSTEM community! For more information on the steemSTEM project, the best place to check is our winter update. The steemSTEM team will be documenting the tour, with the hope that future Steemit promotional materials will be constructed out of the images and video that is shot as the community members tour this world class research facility.

How is all of this possible? Well, we (@steemstem) have the right connections…

A group of 20 Steemians will meet at CERN, on February 8th - 9th, to have fun, chat about science and technology (we are steemSTEM after all) and visit the place. In particular, they will be allowed to go down inside the Large Hadron Collider (the LHC) and visit the CMS detector. CMS is a huge magnet that allows detection of what is going on in the very highly-energetic collisions that are happening at the LHC.

Some more practical details now.


Our 20 participants are, alphabetically ordered: @alexs1320, @ana.luiza, @aurel.proorocu, @bendelgreco, @ceybiicien, @dber, @ertwro, @fredrikaa, @grandpere, @howo, @justtryme90 (+1 guest), @kerriknox (+1 guest), @lemouth, @reggaemuffin, @saunter, @scienceangel, @suesa, @tristan-muller

When: February 8th-9th, 2018

Most of us will arrive on the 8th of February, and we will meet in the evening for dinner, in Meyrin (at a steak place or an Italian place, TBD). The CERN visit will start on the 9th in the morning (10:00AM) and ends at 6:00 PM, roughly.

The detailed agenda

  • We will meet on the 8th around 8:30 PM in Meyrin (Switzerland) to go to a restaurant and have food, drinks and fun. This event is open to anyone, but please let us know (on our dedicated discord channel) so that we can arrange the practical details.

  • We will be scattered across Geneva and Saint-Genis for lodging, but the idea is to meet at the CERN main entrance at 10:00 AM. We will have 5 cars available to help us to move around the place (the LHC is a 27-kilometers-long circular collider; definitely not walkable). Thanks in advance to our 5 drivers @alexs1320, @aurel.proorocu, @dber, @justtryme90, @tristan-muller.

  • We will visit the two permanent exhibitions of CERN, namely the Microcosm and the Universe of Particles. They are really worthy to visit. @lemouth will be our private guide. For this part of the meetup, any last-minute participant could come. Please contact us (again) on discord for details.

  • We will have lunch on the way to CMS, located in Cessy. There is a nice Indian place in Ferney-Voltaire (France). By the way, Cessy is also a place where Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the web, lived some time ago.

  • During the first part of the afternoon, @lemouth will give a particle physics crash course so that you could understand what you will be supposed to see during the visit of CMS and of the LHC. He has started to post some lecture notes on steemit. #1, #2, #3 and #4. The slides are (partly) available on google drive.

  • We will go down to the LHC and get a private tour of CMS from 17:00 to 18:00. We will get two CMS guides just for us so that the meetup participants can enjoy this as much as possible.

The meetup will end right after the visit.


There are a couple of things to keep in mind when visiting CERN. All visitors must carry their ID or passport when they are on site. Moreover, please read this document with the safety rules for the visit.

And for those not attending?

No worries. We plan to take plenty of pictures and also do some video recording to bring the experience home for you all to share as well. This looks to be an amazing community building event!

All SBD rewards of this post will be used to support the trips of the 20 participants, as well as to to fund the @steemstem project functioning and future activities.


Don't hesitate to come to us on discord for any question of any kind (or in the comment of this post), or if you want to join us for the activities where there is no limitation in terms of participants.

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Thanks I will join to the channel

Thank you for this😍 , I will join the link as well.

Just joined the channel, looking forward to updates :)

Thanks for the link!!

You're welcome!

Awesome! Thank you! I just joined on Discord ;-)

Thanks for the link @justtryme90

O thanks, I'll also join now

I wanna try you 👌( followed you to try your posts) 😎

Thank you, I will use it to discuss ideas in there

excellent, i will join this cannal.

Thanks for the link @justtryme90. Will join the channel.

I just joined the discord! Thank you for sharing the link.😍

Thank you for your interest in our community!

Thanks darhling
I have download the app

My pleasure. The invite link is given below :)

Hadron Collider is a must visit place for all

I just joined the discord! Thank you for sharing the link.

You are welcome :)

i was there last week :)

You missed us. Will you still be in Geneva in 10 days? :D

hello... i upvoted your blog and kindly upvote my blog as well...

Can't wait to go!
If ever there was a real example of a STEEM community providing a unique opportunity for its members to do something otherwise impossible, this would surely be it!

We are pushing the frontiers further ;)

I definitely wouldn't have expected something like this. Way to add even more value to the community!

This just goes to prove there is no limits to what can be achieved on steemit, massive congratulations.

Indeed, steemit just seems to open so many doors.

Next, perhaps, we can get a tour of the European Space Agency and meet an astronaut (wink, wink).

I for one am excited both to meet so many community members in person for the first time, as well as for this amazing opportunity to actually get to see this piece of equipment! Extremely exciting! I think this will be amazing promotional material for steemit, and I look forward to working with others to ensure that the material we capture becomes something that can really recruit people here.

count me in,im promoting our community here in my city even if im new to this.. :)
thanks for sharing..

I'm probably the 1st person in my country promoting steem, here in Republic of Moldova

That's amazing! Keep it up!

I join my voice to yours (as usual these days)!

I'll see what we can do ;) we have plenty of people with cameras and recording for sound, so you can at least expect a good amount of video and pictures!

That will be very interesting to experience something that detects the heart of cosmos.

Very excited for the meet up guys, I'll be tuning in for that.

Anyone ever tried to build a particle accelerator before?

I've never built one, and I've only ever seen a very small one before. The LHC is certainly a wild machine unlike anything I've ever seen before.

That would be awesome! Looking forward to it.

Looking forward to checking out the videos and pictures @fredrikka . Awesome choice for a meet-up location.

We will try, for sure. From the underground, I think this won't be possible, but for the rest I think it is fine (as the connection may not be that great when you are 100 meters under the ground :)

I'm improving at OBS. I'll give it a try in Dlive.

Yes please! :D

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Thanks a lot guys! This will give a boost to the entire steemstem project (and not only the meetup), which makes me very happy!

Thank you @booster team and also a huge thanks to @fyrstikken for this sponsored vote. We are going to try our best to make this meetup memorable!

Awesome indeed, happy for the discord link. Let me join asap

Amazing!! This community knows no bounds! Next Steem meetup...the MOON (or at least the International Space Station).

Well, that's a goal for the future I guess!

What an awesome opportunity! One day I'll be sure to make it to one of these gatherings! Maybe next year :)

Maybe consider hosting in Australia next. We don't have a LHC, but we have the one and only "The Dish"!


(no bias of course ;) )

This will be us in one or two years from now? :D

Not yet with people from the other side of the galaxy ;)


Are Nigerians invited?

I think we are full on the 20 slots at the moment, but there will be more meetups.

They can still join us for the food and drinks, as well as for the visit of the exhibitions in the morning. But this is a long trip from Nigeria for eventually not going down inside the LHC. Therefore, I am not sure I would do it in their case.

Everyone was invited, but for the visit down to the LHC, we are complete. As mentioned in the post, a bunch of planned activities have however no limit in terms of number of participants.

This sounds good to me, although a bit far :D

Haha, imagine what it's like living here... the whole world is a bit far :p

This being said, I'd kind of love a good excuse to hit up Europe again and CERN would be amazing! Have an awesome time guys!

Funnily enough, I am invited by an Australian institute to give lecture in Tuscany this summer :p

Tuscany?! That's pretty classic Aussie though, use any excuse to get away to Europe :)

Are they Canadian somehow? Tagging @Kryzsec :D

The whole world is a bit far, so accurate! Although New Zealand is further still.

I wish I am based in Europe so I get a chance to visit LHC. But I am based in Australia. I haven't been to the big dish yet so if it is hold here next time that will be awesome. Apparently we are also get the forefront of quantum computing research, although those labs are pretty boring to visit (trust me I have worked in one for three years)

It looks like it's going to be a blast of epic proportions!

It will! :)

"well, we have the right connections"

Steemstem meetup. February 2018.

Cool fredrikaa.png
I want my meme face to be like this! :D

I will make you those glasses in real life. They actually look cool.

Hahahahahhahaaaaa... Funny face

How did you find such an accurate picture of us all?

Not that difficult after all xD

Russian spies. They can get you anything these days.

Tch, damn spies are everywhere

My smile is so well represented on this picture :p

lol :D

I'm the one chewing cereal.

Sigh, I am the one raging in the background... I suspect.

I have an idea for my own meme. I still need to make the picture happen. :D

Hahahahah.. This is hilarious

Wow, thats an epic meetup! It would be great o go there one day as I have been running CERN particle collision data on #gridcoin for many years.

Maybe if we organize a second one in [email protected] But let's start on the first even for now :)

I'm actually helping voluntarily to make a website on WordPress in order to bring more people to the Steemit community. If every Steemian will bring one more person we will double the community!

@bitton I totally agree your suggestion.
We are doing the best we can to promote steemit in our community here as well.
The more the merrier.

This makes up for one hell of an idea! Science-enthusiast groups should have all the support the Steem community can manage! Will follow and will be on the watch for your posts, guys; education on science is of great importance in our current times. Great initiative!

This will be so much fun!! I wish you guys have a wonderful time and do keep us updated!! Those of us who can't make it will have to make do with your stories xD xD So yeah, really looking forward to the posts you guys make about the trip!!

I am confident about the appearance of many future readings ;)

Hehe for sure!! I'll also try to read through the discord channel from time to time!! I'm pretty sure there will loads of awesome chat too :D

I have actually been meaning to be active on the steemstem discord, but time has been too cruel to me :(

Time is cruel to all of us man! The juggling act of life is quite difficult.

Can you stick your head in their black hole they are hiding and tell us what's inside please? :P

your head would get sucked into a black hole.

Yes but at least we would know whats inside

Do you think there will be aliens?

Could you get your head back out to tell the story though?

Only I could because I'm actually Doctor Manhatten

Really? Well then put on some damn clothes. :P

This thread is hilarious :D

Let it never end :D

No black hole has been produced, as any other new phenomenon, unfortunately...

This is so cool! I'm looking forward to seeing and reading about the tour once you're finished ;)

I will take pictures ^^

And some will also film ;)

Even better! Will you film the particle physics lecture? That would certainly be very nice if you uploaded to DTube!

I can't film my own lecture, but I am sure you can ask one of the 19 others :p

Haha, that's a good point. I guess I worded myself poorly in my post, but anyway, I'm looking forward to it once it reaches us who could not make the trip :)

I will be bringing a gopro and plan to record the particle physics lecture. So that will work, but if someone has better equipment of course we will default to that.

Alright, that's great! I'm looking forward to seeing it :)

That's good to hear! :D

Buddy, I am waiting for your tour completion. I also want to read what you got there ^^

That's an exclusive opportunity ! I wonder what would happen if bernie & haejin attend this meetup, put them inside the Large Hadron and then collide both of them with light speed....LOL

Why so much violence? ;)

Can't wait to meet all of you guys! Going to the LHC is literally a dream coming true!

Glad to meet you too! 10 days left, give or take :p

It's going to be an amazing time! I look forward to meeting everyone as well.

It's really incredible to see a meetup in such an unusual place, difficult to reach for the common people and also known by all the best scientists on the planet! One of the most beautiful display case for Steemit! @ned ned should be angered :-D !

I took a look at your @steemstem blog and I am impressed to see all the work you are doing with your small team (at least not so small now.)!

Just this month I'm already taking over all this work, I can't even imagine for a year and this year is going to be a busy one because Steemit is growing at an incredible speed!

(For the first 3 articles, the quotations come from @lemouth's comments under each of the respective articles. They will give you a small idea of the work accomplished.)

I want to emphasize that with our bi-weekly distilled, we can shed light on 14 posts from 14 authors. This may sound a large number, but this is actually a selection of 14 out of 321 for last week :) ...

For these only 3 days, we had to pick 6 posts out of 170. The steemSTEM growth is continuing amazingly...

I insist on the last sentence of the post. Due to the difficulty to chose 7 posts out of more than 300 (we upvoted 331 posts last week), the distilled will be posted twice a week so that it could feature 14 posts.

I hope that the Steemit community will become aware of the quality of the work being done and, above all, the magnitude of the task! I hope that @steemstem will soon be able to fly on its own and be able to compensate the whole team correctly because since Steemit has grown the curation has become a (almost) full-time job!

Good luck to all the team for this year 2018 which promises to be very busy! :-D

Thanks for this nice comment. As I said to many, we are just a bunch of people trying to do some good here with the means we have. And to push the frontiers further! :)

All steemit fans and the Steemit community will thank you very much ! I hope get your further news. congratulate on you all

You guys are lucky for such an amazing site to meet!

If you know the right people, amazing things are possible!

We also made the right efforts to make it happen :)

That looks amazing! I've been interested in LHC for some years. Amazing breakthroughs happening there and I look forward to more in the not too distant future! Enjoy the trip!

Can't wait to hear how this turns out. Good luck travelling to CERN for everyone who plans to attend.

Sad you couldn't make it! Maybe to the next meetup we have?

I'll definitely try!

You will have to live with our pictures and videos for this time... It is a pity not to have you there, but as said above, maybe for the next one ^^

My son is studying electronics engineering and I hope to get him interested to join steemit and write. I am glad I found your page. Now I can coax him further. All the best for your meet and hope to see great photos and videos

Feel free to advertise steemSTEM to him! He will be welcome :)

Thanks, I will

Scientists failed to mention the most dominant particle in the multiverse.


Lol. This is a good one! I should add it to my slides :)

Thanx! Michio Kaku is no longer funny--let's make theoretical physics funny again!

Kaku.... Heh... After saying to the media things that were totally wrong, back in 2013 when the Higgs was discovered: no thanks...

Yep--Kaku can be sloppy not just sometimes but almost all the time. It's just getting worse every day and the sense of humor he brings is gradually diminishing. Given that, who do you think is the most legitimate physics popularizer these days?

I don't know exactly, but definitely someone who say correct things. The general audience needs facts. I think Brian Greene is very good (and internationally known).