With love, about my native place !

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Hello again , , today I will tell you about my native village
I thought, when I was younger, looking at the traveling clouds, I thought there was no other place on earth. Not that my village was the center of the universe, but that it was, in fact, the whole universe. I did not even have any other landmarks, which is right. I had only battered the village in the long and wide, from the hill to the valley, and so it seemed to me enormous..

Since my childhood, my grandmother has repeatedly told me that wherever my steps lead me, I will never forget my place of birth, because nowhere is life more beautiful than home, in the simple color of the dawn of the country! and that whenever I find it hard, like a wounded bird that returns to the nest, I will return home to my village, and the wounds will heal each time

I'm thinking about the first years of my life.

What times!

I see myself in the yard of the parent's house with grass, knot and always clean as parents' requirements.

In the bottom of the garden, beyond the acacia fence, there was the meadow, stretching between the village and the commune, with a green grass, as it is not today's most modern lawn. On the meadow, Sunday boys and young men played football while a lot of children and people were assisting.

The divine nature here makes even the houses built by the hand of man seem to be part of it. And all of this merges with a miraculous combination with diligence, the good soul and the hospitality of the locals

The space in which this small village is built has a beautiful beauty, and every season of the year has its own specificity. Every season is fascinating in its own way. spring is beautiful through flowering trees, summer - through the smell of lime blossoms, autumn - through the multicolored Codrul and the aroma of grape juice. In the winter you can sit in the warm furnace, admire the snowflakes that turn the village into a fairy tale land and listen to the stories of the old people

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Thank you for reading !
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No place like home dear
This bringd back lots of beautiful memories
Thanks for sharing this lovely piece!

this post remind my childhood thanks alot and really nice article.

Thank you 😃

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