Will Human-AI Merger Save Humankind?

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We are not unaware of the waves of technological evolutions that have found expressions in this era, even as it is evident in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI). And these technologies have been seen to edge-out the natural abilities of humans. Then the question is this:

What would be the hope of humankind to survive through this evolution?

Well, the solution has been proposed to be in the merger of humans with these AIs. Join me as we take a little survey of these, as I bring you the opinions of some foremost and prominent proponents of AI.

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Is AI taking over?

There is no doubt that AIs have started beating the best of humans in intelligence. Just very recently, we saw an AI; AlphaGo Zero (from DeepMind) beat Lee Se-dol (an 18-time world "Go" champion) in the game of "Go".

Does this send a signal? If not; look at this scenario too: Virtual personal assistants are rising astronomically (the likes of: Cortana, Alexa, Siri, Bixby, and even Google assistant), and one of the sole purposes of these, is to simulate the human experience using Augmented Machine Learning (AML). And not only that, these AIs have been seen to match human abilities in very complex tasks; and even better.

Here's a very witty remark made by the CEO of DeepMind (the makers of AlphaGo); Demis Hassabis, as paraphrased by me:

Before the end of next decade, Artificial Intelligence would be working together with people in furtherance of the development of science. Demis Hassabis. Source [Paraphrased by me].

But in my opinion, this has already begun, as we have seen some trails being blazed towards this direction. AI revolution is "now here". And this revolution would see the creation of AIs that would surpass human cognitive and psychomotor abilities (not yet certain of the efferent abilities though).

To buttress this point, permit me to give you a list of just 5 AIs that have beaten the best of humankind in games, and the name of the games:

  • In the game of Chess: In 1997, Deep blue (from IBM) beat the world's chess champion; Gary Kasparov. This came a year after Gary had beaten the AI, but it came back strong and defeated him.

  • In the game of Go: I mentioned briefly about AlphaGo beating Lee Se-dol. But not just him, it has be seen beating 5 top best players of Go.

  • In the game of Checkers: In 1994 Chinook was seen to beat Dan Lafferty in checkers.

  • In the game of Poker: Libratus the AI has been seen to beat 4 top best players of poker in the world since its design.

  • In the game of Backgammon: This was actually one of the first times where an AI would defeat humans at games. In the year 1979, BKG 9.8 beat the world's best player; Luigi Villa, in a whopping 7-1.

Now this is only in gaming, but make no mistakes; this effect is being replicated in other fields

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Hope for humankind

In the face of this edgy situation, what would be the hope for the sustenance and survival of humankind and to maintain our supremacy?

According to Elon Musk:

AI and automation is set to make humans obsolete, and the only solution is to merge with machines. - Elon Musk [paraphrased by me]

No wonder; in the proposition of this human-AI symbiosis (or merger; as the case may be), he has initiated his third company; Neuralink, which is set to blur out the dividing line between humans and machines, as it establishes an advanced BCI (Brain-Computer Interface).

Elon Musk is not the only proponent of this AI-human merger. We have other futurists like: Ian Pearson, Peter Diamandis (founder; Singularity University).

As you may have known, Machines (AI in this context) can communicate and process data at an incredible speed, far beyond the organic humans. So in creating this proposed symbiosis between AI and humans, we would still maintain our supremacy, with the added computational power of machines. In that way, we have gotten the edge we seek.

According to Ian Pearson

AIs are set to be billions of times smarter than humans, and one way to make humans keep up is to link the human brain with AI. - Ian Pearson. Source [paraphrased by me]

[Image Source]

Augmented humans

One of the ways of actualizing this merger, if you ask me, is by cybernetic augmentations. And we have seen the rise of many cyborgs (cybernetic organisms) in this era.

The foremost of them being Neil Harbisson (who can literally hear colours using brain antenna implant) and Viktoria Modesta (the bionic pop star).

All these enhancements are pointers to the fact that we are sitting on the edge of a major revolution in the history of AI. And make no mistakes, the revolution has arrived.

[Image Source]

Together we shall all herald the future of technological advancements.

Thanks for reading

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