Mind-Reading AI Can Eavesdrop On Your Mind

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It has been one of the earnest desires on humans; over these years; to be able to read minds and decipher what thoughts are going on there. Before now, this has stopped as a mere fiction; but thanks to technology, this fiction has turned into reality, as mind-reading AI finally emerges. Permit me to say that your mind is no longer an absolute prerogative of your confinements alone; it can now be accessed.

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Telepathy; In-view

This research has been age long, but recently, a major breakthrough was heralded by researchers from Carnegie Mellon University, which saw to the development of algorithms that would make use of patterns of brain activities to access the root of complex thoughts in the human brain. And this was the major leap in the realization of AI telepathy.

Neurologically, the mind forms complex thoughts from the fragments of other related thoughts and which can be detected by alterations in blood-flow and electrical impulses within the human brain. And these electrical signals vary distinctively from thoughts to thoughts.

This is actually where scientists leveraged their researches on. The first step into this was to design an FMRI (Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging) scanner that would be attached to the person's head. This scanner would detect the varying electrical impulses and blood-flows as they represent fragments of the individual's thought pattern, and also measures the activities of the brain. Once these impulses are detected, they will be transferred to a "neural network" that would simulate the functionality of the human brain.

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Now this does not stop there. A recent research conducted by ATR computational Neuroscience lab; Japan, has shown that this FMRI does not only track the brain waves but can also create a sequential stack of the fragments of these impulses to create an imagery of what the person is actually thinking (just like in the human mind). 

One of the most fascinating aspects of this particular tech is the fact that it is able to decipher and represent a thought (in form of imagery) of an experience it had never witnessed. You wouldn't be wrong to call this "telepathy".

Take a look at the image below: You would notice that the human test subject sees an animal, and the AI replicated the image entirely from the mind of the subject in real-time.

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How close are we to achieving autonomous telepathy?

In the same research at Carnegie Mellon University, it was observed that this AI can also be made to represent human thought in form of sentences and can be used to predict the next thought contemplated by the human. Now, this has gone way beyond just normal telepathy.

The research was comprised of 7 human subjects, and were given 240 sentences, but to premeditate on just 239. After the AI scanned their brain, it was able to decipher the 240th sentence with a precision index of over 87% through the algorithms produced from machine learning and neural links.

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Future researches

Currently, this AI only works when the human places the FMRI scanner on his head. But researchers are seeing to make the whole process wireless.

Also, with the advancement in this tech, it would give AI the ability to see the world from our own perspective.

Finally, advances in the neural networks of the AI can create the possibility of one's dreams, for example, being represented as computer imagery.

Applications of Mind-reading AI

There are many potential applications of this tech, but I would just mention few.

  • In law enforcement: Criminal interrogation is a very sensitive aspect of law enforcement. And sometimes, sentiments can actually becloud one's sense of judgment. But with this tech, all you need to do is to connect the FMRI scanner to the suspect's head, find your way into his brain, and take whatever information you need. I believe people would think twice before committing a crime. Even thinking of committing a crime can also be read from your mind :D

  • In medicine: A patient can be brought to the hospital, who; by reason of trauma, may not be able to give a description of what happened. But not to worry, the doctor can crawl into his brain and pick details from there.

  • In educational sector: Have you ever heard of this phrase: "Examination is not the true test of knowledge". Well, this tech would provide a better assessment of the cognitive abilities of students, without the fear of examination malpractice.


We are all aware that, as technology advances, some borders are crossed. One of these borders have been crossed again, and we have seen that the human mind can be accessed.

This has indeed proven that; no matter how complex humans can be, technology is moving to simulate and replicate these complexities.

Tech Rules!!

Thanks for reading

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This has indeed proven that; no matter how complex humans can be, technology is moving to simulate and replicate these complexities.

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