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I will start wishing you an excellent day to all my dear readers whom I respect and I greatly love, the following publication aims to reflect a bit the situation in which my country is, from the point of view of a simple doctor who He works in a public hospital, I hope and you can give me your opinion at the end of the publication.

Venezuela is currently in a very difficult situation for all its inhabitants, for no one is a secret that the bad situation in which the country is has led to a deterioration in the quality of the health sector, which directly affects all State health institutions.

The Venezuelan government has stopped importing the health of Venezuelans, and this has been noted by the marked lack of interest and the notable abandonment of their functions as managers and promoters of health, or at least the leaders in charge of this sector.

However, I do not intend to talk about politics in my publication, because this situation in Venezuela is well known internationally, and what I really want you to be able to interpret is the great effort that Venezuelan doctors make.

Currently the economic system of Venezuela and the great devaluation of the currency do not allow many people to have access to medical care, and this is because the minimum monthly salary which corresponds to approximately $ 1, is not enough to meet the needs of people who merit medical attention.

This great problem has led to the collapse of public hospitals, which also do not have the minimum requirements to provide quality care, which leads to an increase in the frequency of diseases in the country.

Currently I work as a specialist in orthopedic and trauma surgery at the central hospital in the city of Maracay, where I am also a specialist attached to the orthopedic and traumatology service and postgraduate, my duties as a doctor involve me directly in the resolution of the pathologies that directly affect the musculoskeletal system.

Through the specialized consultation every day we value an approximate of 300 patients including also those who come for the emergency, who are given medical attention in the best possible way, even without many of the implements and medicines that are available. require, which makes it a little difficult to care, because most of the time patients end up buying many of the drugs to be treated, or simply we doctors who value them we bought many tools to try to work properly.

Many of the specialists and resident doctors who work in this hospital, practically work to honors or rather all for free and that is drunk because what we earn monthly for our work does not help us or pay for a lunch.

Every day we perform the assessment of patients who are hospitalized through medical journals, which can often take up to 4 months or even much longer waiting for surgery, due to the large deficit of the material to operate and the reagents to perform Laboratory studies, when they are taken to operating theaters, we end up treating the complications of the initial injury.

Being attached to the postgraduate of traumatology, it is my duty and that of all specialists not to stop fighting for what we want, which is primarily to help our Venezuelan patients, and the big question we ask ourselves is: How can we help them?

The answer is easy, and practically is based is always look forward, and not decay in the face of difficulties, we do daily academic activities, developing excellent discussions of clinical cases, really that the residents of my trauma service are admirable.

There is something that I can truly say, and even though we have a great limitation to help our patients, we are able to carry out large surgeries where, with our knowledge and tireless encouragement, we provide enormous help to those most in need.

The training of a doctor in Venezuela every year is more difficult, because even being able to go to the hospital affects the residents, since the problem of Venezuela can be seen in any sector of the system.

However, our job is to help the needy and for that we trained for years, we gave our word to the Hippocratic Oath, we swear to provide health and help the needy under any concept, and that is why even without profit we work hard with the heart in the hands.

This situation that doctors live is not only in the hospital where they work but also in each of the country's hospitals, currently the situation in the country and the bad management in the health system affects all the workers in the environment, right now the Nurses from all over the country are in protest, demanding a better salary, which is just because they only earn maybe $ 0.5 per month.

The problem we all know where it comes from, but I think if we all put a grain of sand making a great effort we can help our Venezuelan brothers, the idea is to try to improve the way of thinking and not be selfish, the problem we have all Venezuelans, but let's try to prevent this problem from affecting patients even more, since that would be a greater burden adding to the diseases they already have.

It should be noted that much of what is generated in steemit, I use to invest in materials that can help in the treatment of patients' diseases, in this opportunity donate a surgical team to the residents of the service, where I am sure that they make the most of it, to carry out the appropriate treatment for many diseases.

First you have to put your hand on your heart, then you have to help the needy without expecting anything in return, and surely one day you will be surprised how many times patients have surprised me, giving me their infinite gratitude with a big hug.

I hope that my publication has generated interest, because what I just told you is the sad reality we live, however it should be noted that together with @drmaizo and my person we do a great job, the project we have raised has high projections in the future, where the most needy patients will benefit.

Drafting, Design and Photos were captured and created by @romulexx

Note: Banner titles were created by @romulexx in PowerPoint 2017

A graphic tablet brand Genius mousepen 8x6 was used to create the drawings

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Man you are a good writer. this was awesome. I found this post on the esteem discord. just to let you know people really do use that discord channel. glad I found this post.

@romulexx thanks friend thanks

Excelente Post Colega, de verdad que hacer medicina en este país es una labor muy difícil, que solo los que todavía lo hacemos sabemos entender, después de todo esto quedaran los grandes Héroes que lucharon y cuidaron de los pacientes....

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