Some steemSTEM animated signature gifs for your science posts

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At the end of last year I created 6 signature gifs for the awesome #steemstem community that I shared in the channel and then promptly disappeared into non-steem related end of the year stress. What I managed to catch in the chat before that was that what was missing was an option for math and even started creating one along with another option with a bear chemist. Alas, I never got to charing them back then.

But now when life has gotten a little easer, I'm happy to be back to steeming and I also got to finishing what I had started and add even more variety to the set. I even managed to add something that has a vague connection to math - a calculator.

What is #steemSTEM?

This is a tag and a community that also has a curation account that helps reward good content that fits the topic. the STEM part in the name stands for a group of scientific disciplines. The abbreviation stands from science, technology, engineering and math. This means that the best usage of those signatures would be for content that is suitable for the tag. You can learn more about the initiative by checking out its account - @steemstem - not just the #steemstem tag.

The Old Ones:







The New Ones:



I hope you like them and you end up using them for your awesome STEM posts! :)


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Great work mate. I already placed the last one to one of my posts.


#steemSTEM is a tag supposed to be used for STEM content which is an abbreviation for science, technology, engineering and math and generally speaking those signatures are meant to be used by posts that fall into this category using the tag.

If you feel like popularizing the tag within other content, that's great, but keep that in mind.

I'll also edit the post to include a bit more what #steemstem is.


@abigail-dantes & I need one for psychology-related posts. Would you like to have provided some ideas? I would go and ask her. If not: no problem. I do not want to take over your precious time.

You got a follower ;-)

I'll see what I can do. As I'm using pre-made animations, I'm quite limited in what I can do, but if I come up with something suitable, I'll add another gif to the set.

Thank you! I am having no expectations but if you come up with something, I'll be delighted.

Welcome back, btw - happy steeming!

I'm thinking about it and looking thorough my library. We can kick ideas around in, I'll come in there later today.

Thanks for your cool gifs :) They are appreciated :)

I'm happy to hear that. It's nice to see that they are already in circulation especially under the posts of stars like @mobbs and @fredrikaa :)

I don't sign my posts, so that I may not use them. But I will advertise them, don't worry ;)

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ace gifs. thanks a lot. is there a way of pinning this post somewhere in my account for future reference?

Not really. But you can always bookmark the link in your browser or just copy and paste the codes into a plain text document. Please keep in mind that those gifs are meant to be used for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics content.

OK. I am a STEM professional. Will use them with care.

Oh, that's great! Then there's no chance you would misuse the goods really, is a caution that makes sense only for people who are not really familiar with the term. What do you do if you don't mind the question? :)

You can also join the steemSTEM chatroom on

I used to be a biomedical researcher and currently work in oilfield microbiology. I actually want to write a rant ... erm ... post about this transition. Haven't gotten round to it yet.
I considered the chat. Thanks for the suggestion. However, time is at a premium just now and I already spend way too much of it on soc med. I'll see.

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