Does it pay to believe in God? Math point of view on salvation.

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This is a really philosophical touch to a very interesting topic.

Well I want to show people that science is closer to God now, than anywhere in time before (simulation theory, math etc).

The idea of Pascal's wager is quite old - as are its objections. One of the most common ones is about the many Gods:
Pascal is assuming, reason can't really decide anything here - given this, other theistic concepts might apply as well. The probability, there will not be ne Christian but the old Greek gods, is quite likely. Cargile stated it in 1966 as follows:

for each real number x, consider the God who prefers contemplating x more than any other activity. It seems, then, that such ‘alternative gods’ are a dime a dozen—or ℵ1, for that matter.

Pascal's wager is not a logical valid way for deciding to believe in any kind of deity.

Interesting, need to explore more on this :)
But there is only God (preferrably), only their names are different

Well, that works only, if you have the assumption, there is a God at all :D
I remain sceptical, though ;)

There might be a crator of simulation we live in ;)

Good post. Interesting and inspirative

Thank you very much :)

I find it interesting. But the major rule is that we believe just because we believe soo.... if I believe because of probability .. does it still count?
Maybe it gives you fewer chances

Defo need some time to think about it

I see the point, you can find long disscussion in comments in my polish post -

Well, that's suprising..

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