Physics: Straight Line Motions

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Today, we are going to learn Physics

Straight Line Motion (SLM)

Teacher: @princefizzy

Straight Line Motion can be said to be the motion of a body in a straight line. There are four parameters involved in the study of this motion of a body in a straight line. They are Displacement or Distance, Velocity, Acceleration and Time.

Displacement imagesource

This is the distance travelled in a specified direction. It is the shortest distance between two points. In kinematics it is represented with (s) and is mathematically related to velocity thus:
‬: s = vt

Where: s = displacement

v = velocity

t = time

The unit of displacement is metre (m).


A car with a uniform velocity of 10 m/s left Enugu at 10:00 am and arrived Nsukka at 10:30 am. Calculate its displacement.

First let’s write down the terms given to us. We have:

v = 10 m/s
T = (10:30 – 10:00) = 30 minutes, Note: we need to further change this time to be in seconds. So 30 minutes would be:

(30 x 60) sec = 1800 s.
So from the formula, we have that

s = vt

s = 10 x 1800

s = 18000 m.
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