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For these only 3 days, we had to pick 6 posts out of 170. The steemSTEM growth is continuing amazingly. I would like to benefit from this comment to emphasize that this also means much more work for us. We are trying to shed light on all the valuable posts that can be found. However, the flow is now what it is, and we are only humans. Please keep this in mind ^^

And of course, congratulations to all selected authors!


Wow, so many posts that distilled is bi-weekly now. Awesome!

Yeah, we decided to make the distilled bi-weekly so that we could feature 14 posts in total: 6 on Thursdays and 8 on Mondays.

I am no human

I knew it! :D

Human-machine hybrid? :D

Human-exotic animal hybrid with 2 penises.

Such a super-human effort! Well done and some awesome articles here! :)

I am happy to read that you liked the selection :)

This is a big achievement.Selecting a good article from the huge number of authors is always difficult considering you have a limited time.
Many congratulations to the authors.

All these things take so long... People have no idea (and you can imagine how I feel when people complain about votes) ;)

Choosing the publication is quite difficult, seeing such good content should be difficult to choose. Keep the initiative that wonderful.
I want to break the barrier of the virtual world to get closer to the real world, the bad thing is that I can not benefit everyone, it is restricted to the area where I live, but I want to make a raffle for a dental consultation with a free cleaning. (something like the challenges of steemit), I do not know what you think @lemouth or if you can guide me, I thought about doing a post explaining a bit of what I want to offer.

I don't know what a free cleaning could be without meeting you in person. But feel free to try. If you want to interact directly with people, you can also try to visit us on the chat :)

This seems like an amazing community you guys have made here! Coming from other alternative sites, I'm shocked at how active it seems to be.

Thanks! I don't know any other alternative site with a science community (mainly because I didn't look for it). Therefore, I am glad to read your comment ^^

I spend most of my time over on the website, Minds, at the moment. I personally enjoy it quite a bit (similar to facebook in use/navigation but different in format/moderation) but the science community has been slow growing. It's mostly just a handful of us with larger channels trying to encourage growth for smaller users. (A few of us tried out Gab but they didn't seem terribly receptive, haha).

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