Lowering machines old school way with lever

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Sometimes the machine's are so heavy and aren't any wheels attached to the structure , so the only way to move them is by pallet lifter and then lower it down using a long lever and large pieces of wood until it rests on the floor and final position.

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Hello, the steemSTEM tag is meant to be used for Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics posts. From my view, I don't think this post is related to the topics in any way. You could get into trouble with steemcleaners.

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Hello @pearlumie,
Thank you for your comment, sorry if i misunderstood the content acepted by steemSTEM.
Altough i also think that this type of content of manual work involves the practice of the four pillars you have mentioned.
This is an experienced show of professional workers that have been doing this for decades with minimal to zero damage either for person or machine, and with hundreds of machines installed( I'm not sure if im at hundreds , i dont know i really lost count)
In fact this post was mainly for uploading the video for the following post.(Do you know of any other video repository?)

First of the series was this one - https://steemit.com/technology/@jskronos/machine-troubleshooting-my-job-for-today-1

I will start to use steemSTEM on discord and would also like to contact you, How should i reach you?


Also this is the only type of content that i can share of my work...i'm obliged to not show publicly any internal info and i also don't feel like i should. Maybe in 10 years from now...if i can still remember and explain what i was doing back then. ahah