Heavy machinery moving and levelling !! My job for today!!#2

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Helloooo Steemians,

This week and the past i have been installing some machines.
Sometimes the machine's are so heavy and aren't any wheels attached to the structure , so the only way to move them is by pallet lifter and then lower it down using a long lever and large pieces of wood until it rests on the floor and final position.

There are many ways to do this, a great way to do it was if the customer has a forklift or movable cranes. This never happens...

So we got to do it old school style.

You have to be very careful with your hands and feet, this machine body's never weigh less than 300 Kg and can reach up to 1 ton or more, so if it slips to your fingers, they are crushed for sure...

Here i leave you some pictures of lowering a single body of one of the machines:






Here is a video i uploaded on dtube:


Hope you liked my 10 minutes of work.