Forklift maintenance - oil change!! My job for today!!#2

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Hello Steemians,

Today during morning time (which tends to be more calm) and with some help of other colleagues, we performed the minimum maintenance that you can do in any engine: -
Replace oil + oil filter!!

So our subject was our forklift.. Nobody cares about maintaining(the persons who use it..) and this can lead to possible expensive repairs and downtime on loading unloading merchandise from and to forwarders/dispatchers.

It is a Mitsubishi forklift from the year 1998, it works on propane and can lift around 2.5 tons if I'm not mistaken.

Procedure was the following :

Step 1 was to drain the old oil to a pan by removing the plug. IMG_20180220_101716.jpg

Step 2 was to let the oil drip for a while until most of it gets out

Step 3 was to replace the old filter for a new one, here is a shot of the very very very very dirty old one.

Here is a shot of the filter that was used.

Step 4 fill the with new oil (15W40 In this case, and recommended by the distributor)

Here is a shot of the oil removed from the engine. This is a no no guys...

This took about 45-60 minutes of my day, and I am sure I gave way more than that in terms of time to this forklift.

Hope that you liked it, and also learned something..




That looks like more sludge than oil! Especially for 15w40. Someone leave the cap off and pour water into it? Sorry you had to deal with the extra trouble that comes with that much sludge.

Hi rodthrower18,

I am sure I it wasn't changed for many years...luckily the forklift only works for loading and unloading merchandise on very short periods, I am also sure this has prevented further damage...
The sludge is for sure due to water presence, my theory is short runs not eliminating humidity from air and causing more and more condensation inside, because radiator tank is OK.. Let's see what happens ahah

Thanks for commenting!! Peace!

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