A brief overview of technological control of humans and our own potential to interact with all that is

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John Alexander in his book 'Reality Denied' suspects John Hutchison has an interaction with his experiments - though he does not know if he is influencing them or is able to understand what state they are in order to tweak parameters favourably in a sort of feedback loop.

John himself was told by replicators of his effects in US universities that certain frequencies (22-24cm microwaves) are able to direct the effects which are IMPO directly proportional to the scale and distribution of the active agents - however, the active agents have to be there first. The implication of what Hutchison was told is that the effects he demonstrated could be technologically achieved - and sensed.

IMPO, humans have the active agents in their mind/body at a certain scale (with the most intensity in a specific part of the brain), and so are able to use them to transmit intention. John was also told that these are the frequencies that the mind transmits on - TX/RX? If one knows the carrier frequency for the receiver in the mind and overlays data on that, then it makes sense that one would be able to use various composite frequencies to manipulate individuals and their senses, this is in line with Tom Bearden's presentations on black technology since the 80s. This same approach could be used to stimulate and control LENR, have one carrier wave onto which you overlay the intention for how the reaction should proceed.

Dr. Thorsten Ludwig is an example of someone studying the minds ability to flip the spin of an electron. According to Dr. Stoyan Sarg, when an electron spin flips (a process critical to LENR in his understanding), it interacts with the dynamic structure of the physical vacuum, drawing down energy, which in turn is replenished by the static structure. Anything that by proxy influences the static structure of the physical vacuum will in turn echo though all the universe, the size of that echo corresponds to the amount of change that is actioned. Therefore, the bigger the change, the easier it is for those that are sensitive to these things to be able to view them. In the physical vacuum there is no time, time is IMPO an attribute of matter and its changing states in the 'physical' world. Therefore, when information is placed as an echo/disturbance into the structure of the physical vacuum, it can be seen by those that are sensitive to these things, regardless of when it occurred, those things that are more significant will be easier to see. This explains the testimony of remote viewers.

The active agents can be grown in a fractal way, but they can be interacted with in the same manner and IMPO, their ability to perform actions is proportional to their organisational state/scale. Larger active agents can do more work/interact with more information both on this realm and in the vacuum, but are unstable.

In suitable matter, highly loaded with the active agents, such as a conductive metal, the matter can be directed by technological means or a capable mind. The concept of 'mind over matter' is just slightly more abstract than a person moving their own body - in fact, IMPO, biological technology would be better suited for interaction with the active agents than electronic/electro-mechanical systems as the latter would have their quantum balances disrupted and/or structure disrupted.

In a steady mind, the active agents are kept to a small scale, however, 'creativity, intuition' and 'learning' is higher in those that can create & maintain the active agents in a bigger fractal state or more effectively absorb their precursors. Children are one such group, however they have the advantage of having their local storage free of contradictory concepts. Those that have this ability but are unable to control their capabilities, may be subject to information overload and resultant 'abnormal' behaviour - a typical example of those that cannot handle this state are those with Bi-Polar minds. IMPO, the use of Lithium Carbonate (it is said to moderate neurotransmitters, however its action is something which has never been fully understood) helps around 50% of these hyper-creative individuals because, IMPO, it moderates the scale of the active agents keeping them in the useful domain range. It is interesting that the three components of Lithium Carbonate, namely Lithium, Carbon and Oxygen are all highly important LENR atoms.

Collective will

In my view, 'will' is an individuals intention for the future, 'will' is an outcome of conscious desire or decision making which makes it a conscious construct. When it is the will of a person that a certain outcome prevail, then the intention, as I have discussed above, can result in physical manifestation, kind of ontological in nature. Expanding on this notion, when the will of a group is focussed in a particular way, the probability of an outcome is likely increased, this is what may lie behind the power of prayer. Any common agreed understanding and mutual desire can lead in the same way to a higher probability outcome without the necessity for a religious underpinning - and the effect can be spread like bacteria divide. In this way, a global outcome can be readily manifested by a determined group of beings that have a convincing demonstration of a reality and truth, the bigger the psychological significance, the bigger the chance to enact change.

The real problem comes when the reality and truth behind a big event is masked and the shock of the outcome is used to misdirect collective will for nefarious purposes. Miss appropriation and hiding of technology that has changed global will must be outed. This will need some open and critical thinking and a willingness to share.


the real problem comes when the reality and truth behind a big event is masked and the shock of the outcome is used to misdirect collective will for nefarious purposes.


Lithium Carbonate is a two edged sword. it does help people control their moods but will destroy any chance of recovery.

People will never be cured if they take Lithium, if it's withdrawn for any reason another and worse manic episode will follow which can only be controlled by more lithium.

Every time its withdrawn this happens, over and over again and every time it gets much worse.

The medics will never come to terms with this, they are always the last ones to accept anything like this, if they ever will.

Maybe LENR could have a cure? Prayer perhaps.