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How annoying is it to look for images on pixabay to use on our scientific posts and come out with cat images or other stuff totally unrelated to what we are trying to say? Well, @steemstem is trying to give us some tools and is supporting the release of images to the public domain that could be used on our posts! 

In this post we wish to release an image to the public domain depicting different types of neurons:

Image released to the public domain

CC by 2.0 

made by @elvisxx71 and commissioned by @davinci.witness

Brief description of the image:

In the drawing you can find 3 different types of neurons:

  • Motor neurons: They carry the impulses from our central nervous system towards our muscles
  • Interneurons: These connect neurons to one another, releasing inhibitory or excitatory neurotransmitters
  • Sensory Neurons: These are neurons that transmit impulses from the periphery towards the central nervous system

Please note: SteemStem and the artist that made this drawing are set as beneficiary of this post, by voting this post you will support this initiative and help us releasing more images to the public domain.


Awesome initiative! It would be cooler if you can create a website (like Pixabay) to distribute your own image for scientific purposes (at the same time serve as your own publishing and promoting site).

Thank you, we will probably do something like that with the steemstem website, right now we are building a portfolio

YEP! That is 100% the long term goal. However its a bit of an undertaking, and will take us time to develop and bring it to fruition.

Very solid... Maybe the dendrites are a bit thick, but I like it

Thank you for the feedback, we will keep it in mind for the next drawing!

To listen to the audio version of this article click on the play image.

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And now, we can glue some of these together to get a neutral net picture for our machine learning guys :)

This being said, the image is very neat and it forced me to investigate again what were dendrites (cf. @alexs1320 comment). My biology lessons are very far behind :)

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